👊 ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Plays ‘Know Your Chris’ 😂 | MTV News

– Let’s see how well
you know your ‘Chris’es. – Okay.
– Okay. – Which Chris did this, okay? – We’ve got some propage for you. Raise the appropriate Chris. – Oh, Fun game. (Letitia laughs) – Props are always good. – Clearly the one that
didn’t get all the nutrients. (Josh, Zoe, and Chris laugh) – Oh my God, they all look exactly alike. – They could so be brothers.
– Seriously. – People, surely, on the internet have Photoshopped these faces together. (upbeat electronic music) – Which Chris was voted People
Magazine’s sexiest man alive? – Only one of them has won? – [Leticia] I think it’s this one. (bell dings)
– Yeah. Yeah. – My brother from another mother. – It’s not this guy? (buzzer buzzes) – Not yet.
– Wow, weird. – Controversial.
– It’s this one. – Well, yeah, of course. – Which Chris loves taxidermy? (buzzer buzzes) (buzzer buzzes)
– Nein! – What’s that? – They stuff the animals, right? – He looks like someone that
would do that. (bell dings) – Does he? (men laugh and yell) – Boy, boy, boy! I know my weird people. – Which Chris was voted Most
Theatrical in high school? – Theatrical? This one. (bell dings) (laughs) (bell dings) – Evans! (bell dings) – I mean… – Definitely.
– Darling. (bell dings) (bell dings) (bell dings) (bell dings) – Why does everybody know this, like– – Because, something about those tap shoes that lately’ve come out. – Yeah.
– He can tapdance. – He does West Side Story all the time. ♪ Who knows ♪ Yeah, we’re like, we
know, stop. (group laughs) – Which Chris knows conversational German? – Conversational German?
– Sorry? – I’m gonna go with. (buzzer buzzes) (buzzer buzzes) – Yeah, why am I? He’s Australian. (Letitia laughs) – [Josh] They’re allowed
to know German, too. – Evans, Evans. (buzzer buzzes) – Oh! – Ah, (laughs) I think. (bell dings) – I’ma go with this dude. (bell dings) – You know conversations? (Chris speaks German) (Zoe laughs) – Conversational German? – Yeah.
– That’s pretty good, man. Thanks. I’m awesome. – Which Chris competed on
Dancing with the Stars? – What? – Uh… – Um… – No, none of them. (buzzer buzzes) – [Tom Hiddleston] I’m
forgettable. (bell dings) (Josh laughs) – [Tom Holland] Oh, Hemsworth did. Hemsworth did, and it’s amazing. – No way. – Did he really?
– Yeah. – Come on, did he win? – I don’t think so. (Chris laughs) (Letitia sings happily) – No he didn’t.
– I swear. – How recently? – Before this all, before the Thor fun. – Oh my God.
– Go get to Youtube. – I have chills.
– Yeah. Which Chris won the fantasy
football league recently? – Okay. (group laughs) – You mean the American football? – It’s definitely not this one. – They play in the same league. And they talk about it
all the time on set. And I know when they bring up football, I’m just like, I can’t be
bothered with the conversation. I don’t know. I think, actually, Evans won. (bell dings) – They talk trash about it
incessantly, never let it go. – Which one? Evans?
– Evans. – Boston in the house! – It was this one. (Josh and Zoe laugh) – He talks about it all the time. – Which Chris is the tallest? (Chris groans) (bell dings) (bell dings) – It’s close, it’s very close. – It’s not that close. – Which Chris is taller? – Oh (bleep). – You don’t measure them every day on set? You don’t– (bell dings) – Not by much. – No, no. – Not our Hemsworth, I think
it’s Hemsworth. (bell dings) – I don’t know, I’m gonna go for Pratt. (buzzer buzzes) – Trust the other one. – Oh. (Josh laughs) He’s got smarter eyes than me, I’m old. – Do you know which Chris is taller? – Yes. (bell dings) – This one, this one, easy. (bell dings) – He’s the tallest Chris (bell
dings) in the world. (laughs) – Not Hemsworth. (bell dings) – Oh yeah, maybe you’re right. – [Josh] Yeah, it’s Hemsworth by an inch. – He’s like 7’1″. – Is this in height order? – Yes. (laughs) You don’t get bonus points. Oh yeah, exactly. – There you go. – Who’s the most charming Chris? – That’s just too easy, I’m
gonna add myself to the Chris. (Josh laughs) – What’s that mythical beast
with three Chris heads? (hums) – I’ma go with him. (Josh laughs) – [Josh] She’s so happy about it, too. – ‘Cause he’s my soul brother. – Why won’t you hold yourself, man? Come on. – ‘Cause he’s humble.
– I’m sorry, I was… (Josh laughs) I was lost for a moment. – [Josh] No, I get it. (upbeat electronic music)

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