10 Dumbest Social Media Posts of All Time

10 Dumbest Social Media Posts of All Time

– Man, this party’s great. Hey, you think Mr. Jones would like it if I sent him a selfie like, “Hey, Mr. Jones, suck it.” Oh, I sent it to him on Instagram. I shouldn’t have sent him that. Okay, so we’ve all had moments
of regret on social media. Maybe not that bad,
but we’ve all had them. We went out and we posted something that the next day makes
you look at it and go, “Oh God, no, delete!” But the rule of once it’s on the internet, it’s on the internet forever, is something that we
should all take heed of, especially these upcoming people. See, while you may have just posted a status that some people
frowned upon a little bit, these people posted stuff online that lost them their job,
lost them a lot of money, or in some cases got them thrown in jail. So, if you’ve ever posted something that you’re not exactly proud of, these’ll make you feel a
lot better about yourself, because I’m about to show
you the worst of the worst. And this video’s sponsor, the video app Kamcord, is
going to help me do it. You’ll see in a second. So, without further ado, here they are, the 10 Dumbest Social
Media Posts of all Time. Number one is taunting the police. 25-year-old Daniel Damon became a wanted man in
Australia in early July of 2015 after failing to provide bail for traffic and drug-related offenses. Now, he tried to keep a low profile, but he just couldn’t help himself but to comment on the Victoria
Police’s Facebook post, which was asking the public for help as to finding his whereabouts. So, the police post this guy’s picture to which he responds, “Can
you use a better photo tho. “This is a horrible mugshot.” To which the Victoria Police respond, “Hi Daniel, please visit
the nearest police station “and we’ll arrange for a
new photo to be taken.” Later that week Damon was
arrested, who woulda guessed? But hey, he got exactly what he wanted, a brand new mugshot. Number is violating probation. A Michigan woman named Colleen Cudney had a drunk driving incident in 2012, and was ordered not to
consume anymore alcohol. But, she decided to have just a few on St. Patrick’s Day of 2014. And hey, her stupid probation officer would never find out, right? Yeah, that was until she
decided to talk about it on Facebook the next day. This woman who is on
probation, may I remind you, decides to post on Facebook, “Buzz killer for me, “I had to breathalyze this morning “and I drank yesterday
but I passed thank god “lol my dumbass.” Yep, she posts that she had
passed a breathalyzer test at a Westland probation office despite still having
alcohol in her system. But, you see, a local police officer saw this status shortly
after it was posted and made a call to her probation officer. She was later arrested for
violating her probation terms. I think the saddest thing
about this entire situation is that she was just plain impatient. Her probation was expected to end in only a few weeks after that incident. Number three is bragging
about a hit and run. Jacob Cox Brown, a teen from Oregon, went out drinking on New Year’s
2013, as many people did. Except he decided to
forego a designated driver and allegedly got behind the
wheel of car while intoxicated. He ended up side-swiping another car, but never stopped to ensure
that everything was all right. So, he got away with it. Well, mostly, that is until
he did the next best thing. Instead of checking to see
if the car was damaged, he just decided to post
about it on Facebook. May I remind you, yes this
is a real Facebook post, “Drivin drunk… classic 😉 “but to whoever’s vehicle
I hit I am sorry. :P” Two of his friends, however, saw this post and contacted the police for which he was later arrested and charged with failure to perform
the duties of a driver. Now, you might be asking
the reasonable question, but Matt, why wasn’t he
arrested for drunk driving? Well, that’s because
a simple Facebook post can not be presented as evidence enough to prove that someone
was drinking and driving. It is, however, more than enough evidence to prove that he’s just a huge jerkface. Number four is death threats on YouTube. Latasusha Nedd, a woman from Georgia, was a strong supporter of the
Black Lives Matter movement, so she decided to make a
YouTube video about it. Now, unfortunately I can’t
show you the actual video because it’s extremely racist, but basically she says that
it’s open season on white people where she holds a gun and
threatens violent acts against the police and more white people. Soon after the video went viral, she was arrested on September 24, 2015. She ended up being a $70,000
bail by Judge Wanda Dallas after being told that
she was being charged with a terroristic threat
and criminal solicitation. Now, of course, Nedd
argued against the charges, stating that she was simply exercising her First Amendment rights by showing a gun and
machetes in her video. Oh, and of course, asking
for African American people to take police officers’ guns, take over police stations,
and kill white people. Have you lost faith in the world yet? Number five is breaking confidentiality. In November of 2011, Patrick Snay in Gulliver Preparatory School
had reached an agreement due to an age discrimination complaint that Snay had filed after
his 2010/2011 contract was not renewed. The agreement had the
school pay Snay $80,000, which included $10,000 back pay. Now, the important part
to pay attention to here is the confidentiality agreement. That means that the results
were only to be spoken of between Snay, his wife, his
attorneys, and his advisor. His daughter, though, she just couldn’t keep a secret. Get ready for this one. “Mama and Papa Snay won
the case against Gulliver. “Gulliver is now officially paying “for my vacation to Europe this summer. “SUCK IT.” But hey, guess what? The school found that status and decided to send a
letter to Snay’s attorney stating that he would not be
receiving the money after all, because they broke confidentiality. So, put quite simply, his
daughter cost him $80,000. That was an $80,000 status. Hope it was worth it. Number six is showing off a gun. Despite having spent two years in prison, Denzel Biggs didn’t really
learn to stay out of trouble. Just 12 days after his
release on July 9, 2015, he posted some questionable pictures on his Facebook account. This is one of those pictures. As you can see, Biggs is
pointing two separate pistols at the camera. Keep in mind, just got out of jail. Might not be a good idea. That wasn’t all, because just
two weeks later on August 2, he uploaded one of him sitting on a couch with the same pistols. Due to his being in jail
previously because of a gun charge, he then became a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, and on September 16 of
2015, he was arrested again. Man, what a shocking outcome, this is M. Knight Shyamalan
twist stuff right here. Never saw that coming. Number seven is an assault rifle threat. James Austin Stumbo and Kevin
Norton, in August of 2015, decided to jokingly post
a picture on Facebook mocking the Pokemon World Championships. Yeah, let me explain to
you what’s going on here. In order to threaten the
Pokemon World Championships, they jokingly put a shotgun and an AR15 assault rifle on the trunk of this car saying, “Kevin Norton and I are
ready for the worlds “Boston here we come.” Police claim that the two drove 25 hours from Iowa to Massachusetts
just to attend the event, and that they had made other
violent threats online, even referencing the 1999
Columbine school shooting and the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. They were both swiftly arrested on Saturday, August 22, 2015 at a hotel near the event. Number eight is animal cruelty. On November 27, 2015, Catherine
Lemanski of North Carolina posted something to Facebook that had her own friends
writing hateful comments at her. This woman got sick of her dog barking, so she decided to wrap
duct tape around his mouth. Now, I’ve decided to pixelate the picture because I don’t wanna upset you guys, but believe me, if you want to see them, the pictures are out there. Now, she swears that the
tape was only on there for about 15 to 20 seconds, but it doesn’t matter
because she was sentenced to 12 months probation for animal cruelty. But I think what’s most
mind-blowingly amazing here is that she was allowed to keep the dog as authorities found him to
be well cared for otherwise. Some idiots are just very lucky. Number nine is a murder plan confession. On May 25, 2011,
38-year-old Indiana resident David Voelkert decided he was going to mess with his ex-wife big-time. His ex Angela had created
a fake Facebook account in order to get information out of him, so he figured he would
use that to get to her. First, before he even began, he signed a notorized affidavit declaring his attention
to mess with his ex-wife so that he could legally protect himself, and then he went to work. This guy decided to go on
this girl’s Facebook account, which is actually his
ex-wife in a fake name, and decided to tell her that he was hiring someone
for $10,000 to take her out, and that he also had a
tracking device on her vehicle. Angela handed those messages
over to the authorities, and David was arrested. Now, he later had the charges dropped thanks to the affidavit, but he still had to
spend four days in jail because of his social media game of wits. And number 10 is a bank robbery. Yeah, this guy. On the morning of August 24, 2015, John Mogan decided that he would walk into a savings
bank in Ashville, Ohio, and successfully rob
it for bundles of cash. Now, having got away with it, he simply laid low and
lived happily ever after. No. Just four days later, he and his girlfriend Ashley Duboe decided to post pictures all
over their Facebook accounts of them with stacks of the cash that they stole from the bank. Yeah, that’s a picture of Mogan holding a tall stack of cash up to his ear that was freshly stolen, may I remind you, as if it were a cellphone. Clever guy. Following the uploads, tips started flowing in to
Central Ohio Crimestoppers, which led the police
to seeing the pictures and promptly finding and
arresting the couple. Oh my God, so many Facebomb moments. Well, those were the 10 dumbest
social media posts ever. And if you guys enjoyed this, you should definitely
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I hope you enjoyed it. And I will see you all next
Tuesday with a brand new video. Have a great day. Peace.

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