10 Spoiled Kids Of Social Media w/ Teens & Their Parents | The 10s

10 Spoiled Kids Of Social Media w/ Teens & Their Parents | The 10s

– Oh my goodness.
– He didn’t even get– did he already get it?
– He sound like a baby. He’s not even a baby. – You don’t think there are
people like this out there, but there are. – ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’re doing
a special holiday episode of the 10s.
– Aw, that’s always nice. – I’m here with my daughter, Sophie.
– Hey. – This is my mom, Melissa.
She’s really cute. – (FBE) We’re gonna be showing
you a social media trend revolving around kids
and their parents and their expectations
around the holidays. – Holiday?
– Okay. – Oh no.
– Oh yeah. – (FBE) Here’s your first one.
– Okay. I’ll read it out.
“I told my dad that if he got me the iPhone 4s
instead of the 5, I’d throw it at him.”
– How do parents raise that kind of a human? – I’m not like this.
– No, you’re not like that at all. – How entitled.
– Yeah. – I just think that’s rude. – You know, it’s ’cause
it’s hard to know are you trolling
or are you for real. I think that’s really where
my mind goes. – You can not throw things
at your parents when they buy expensive toys
like iPhones. – That’s not even a–
that is a toy. – It’s a toy now. – Kids kind of expect
that kind of stuff these days, but that’s just wrong. – I got a flip phone
for my first phone, so… – Sophie got one of those
blade ones that drug dealers have. That was her first phone. – (FBE) Mom, what would you say
if that was your daughter? – She would not be getting
any iPhone for Christmas. – Hell no.
She’d be getting grounded. – What kind of kid, right?
Oof. – That’s bad. – (boy) This how I open it.
– (camerawoman) Yep, that is how you open it.
– Aw, that’s so adorable. – He’s cute. – What did they get?
It’s so exciting to watch children open gifts. – What was it?
Aw. – Oh, wait a minute now.
Hold up. Give it a chance.
– I don’t even know what it was. She just threw the box. – (camerawoman) Uncle Tim
put a lot of work into that. – Wow. – What is it?
What is it? – It’s a toilet cleaner. – (girl) I don’t want it!
I don’t want it! – I don’t want it either, baby. – Oh no.
– No, give it to me, shoot. – Don’t be ungrateful.
It’s a nice gift. – (camerawoman)
For cleaning toilets. – I would have been upset.
– Yeah. – Not in a spoiled way,
but I don’t want a toilet brush. – I don’t think she was spoiled.
I think she had every right to cry. – (FBE) Was that mean
or good parenting? – I mean…
– I think it’s great. It’s funny.
When she’s 20, she’s gonna show this
to her kids and they’re gonna laugh.
– That is true. – This is the gift
that keeps on giving. – It was a mean prank,
but I also think that– I mean, the little boy
was on the side opening the present.
– Yeah, he’s like, “I love a toilet brush cleaner.
That’s the best—” That’s the difference between
boys and girls. – (FBE) Here’s your next one. – (boy) A remote control Ferrari.
– Wow. – All right. – (kid) No, I wanted
a big present! – Oh my goodness.
– He didn’t even get– did he already get it?
– He sound like a baby. He’s not even a baby. – So, this is a lesson
for the little kid maybe? – Maybe, yeah.
– ‘Cause it’s just– yeah, it’s a present
that he wanted. – See how fast they can
turn off their cry though. They’re just whiny for two seconds.
They’re fine. – Don’t give up hope,
little guy. – (kid) What’s in this?
– It’s so small. It can’t be good.
It’s gonna be terrible. – Why are you [bleep]
with your kids like this? – (camerawoman) Look at
what you get. – The little clementine.
A cutie. It’s a cutie.
– Oh my gosh. – Aw, he loves them. – (kid) Cutie!
– Aw. That’s adorable. – No, this is wholesome.
I wasn’t expecting it to be wholesome.
– Yay. – He’s awesome.
He’s a cutie getting cuties. – (FBE) Okay, so this one
is from the rich kids of Snapchat. – “Ready for my holiday.”
– Ugh. – Okay, if he wants to be
part of the rich kids, he’s flexing with tens.
– I know. – How much do you wanna bet
he’s never worked a day in his life? – That’s not even a lot
of money, bro. That’s not even rent right there. – I only have a dollar in my pocket.
That’s all I have. – What if his parents
are really cool and humble and they have no idea what
their kid’s doing on social media? – What’s the point of flaunting
your riches? Why do they have to show it off
like that, you know? What do you gain from it?
– Followers. – Oh my God.
– No kid needs that much. – That’s completely insane. – What kind of life is this?
It’s a complete 180 from my life. – Unless she got 30 people
in her family, then she shouldn’t have
that many gifts. That’s a fire hazard. – (FBE) So, this photo
sparks an outrage online with the mom who posted this
being accused of spoiling her children after giving them
87 presents each. – Each? – That’s a little extreme.
– That’s a lot, because you have to top yourself
the next year for birthdays. – If I woke up and saw this,
I would look at my parents and I would have an interventions.
“Are you guys okay? What’s going on?” – I like presents,
but I feel like that’s just too much, so overwhelming.
I wouldn’t even know what to do. – “Wanna know why I hate Christmas?
‘Cause my parents never get me [bleep]. Last year, I literally got nothing.
My parents [bleep] suck.” – (speaking Spanish) Ooh, clap back.
Oh my gosh. Why’d you put it on
the internet, bro? – “It breaks our hearts that you
would even come on here to lie about something like this
for no reason. You think pretending to have
bad parents makes you seem cool?” – Nobody needs to read that.
– No, you don’t need to be ungrateful. – You would never do that.
– I would never do that. – You would never go and
disrespect your parents. That’s so disrespectful.
– It’s pathetic. – And it’s hurtful. – (FBE) Are you friends
on Facebook? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – We are. – Yeah, I’m on it
more than her now. – Is that me?
– No. – No, right?
– No. – (FBE) Okay, these next ones
are all about kids complaining that their
Christmas is ruined. – Okay, the girl said,
“My Christmas is ruined. Thanks, mom.”
And then someone said, “What happened?”
We got a side face and then, “How can someone
ruin your Christmas? It’s the happiest time of the year.” – “Well, my mom signed us up
for serving Christmas dinner to the homeless.
I know it sounds super conceited, but I just wanted to have
a normal Christmas.” It’s so conceited
to not wanna help. – As a parent, you want
the kid’s heart to be in the right place.
It’s just probably really disheartening that they’re
so rude about it. There probably should
have been a conversation beforehand. – Christmas is a time
for giving. – Giving, literally. – If you’ve ever given
something like that, you always wanna go back.
Giving something hot to someone who is cold
is the most fulfilling– you don’t want anything
for Christmas but that, trust me. – “Welp, my Christmas is pretty
much ruined. I’m not getting my car ’till
after tomorrow.” Oh, the world is over.
– Yeah. – “So much for a car
with a big red bow in the driveway.”
What the hell? – But you’re still getting
a car. – It’s the kid’s, but it’s also
the parent’s fault for raising that kind of a kid. – You did that to your child.
You made them into that terrible child,
spoiled rotten. – They can’t even be patient.
Relax. – You don’t think there are
people like this out there, but there are.
– And now you get to know all about them on social media.
Thank goodness for social media, ’cause back in the day,
people just got to say that under their breath. – “I’m so pisssssed
and my mom was lke, are you mad you didn’t
get an iPhone? Like yes, bitch.
Are you kidding me?” – She called her mom a bitch
on social media. You are in trouble. – ‘Cause that’s the way
every girl should talk to their mom. – Yes, bitch. – In my book,
that girl deserves an ass whooping.
– Yeah. – I’m sorry. – She deserves a flip phone Razer
and you know what? That’s all she gets. – I could never do that
to my mom. – I know, it’s so rude.
I can’t even… – (FBE) Okay, here’s the last one.
– (girl) I broke one of my MacBooks. – Oh, hello princess dress. – (girl) The reason I need
four MacBooks, – Can’t relate.
Can’t relate. – (girl) This one’s for
receiving messages. This one is for
blocking messages. – Bless. – (girl) And this one right here
is for leaving messages on. – Ah, come on.
– Is this a joke? – (girl) And as you can see,
there’s some marks on it. They’re very faint,
but it still really affects the quality of the computer.
Another bad thing that happened was my favorite key,
the W key right here, it fell off.
– Oh no. Now she can’t type
“What the [bleep]” – (girl) Really need
a new MacBook or money to fix to this one.
– You can put it back on! – That’s gotta be fake.
– It has to be fake. – That’s not real. – (FBE) Thankfully,
this is a fake. – Oh, really? – (FBE) Even though she was
just poking fun at the likes of Tila Tequila,
Kanye West, for having GoFundMe campaigns,
it’s reported that this girl raised over $65,000
with this video. – That’s amazing.
– Would you donate? – I’m in, man.
I’m in. And then I can buy
all those presents to drown our entire Christmas tree. – (FBE) After seeing all these
posts, is there anything you wanna say to each other?
– I am very grateful that you raised me to not
expect lavish things like this and to not be so ungrateful,
because I am grateful for everything I have in life. – I’m so grateful for you, mom.
Can I get a hug? – I love you.
– I love you. – (crowd) Aw.
– (kid) Cute. – Thanks for helping us
decide who’s naughty or nice. – On the React Channel. – Subscribe.
– New shows every day. – If you like this episode,
hit that Like button. – Bye.
– Bye, guys. – ♪ (upbeat outro) ♪

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  1. 6:18 I've always wanted to give to the homeless but where I live we never see any and when we do its usually when my dad is driving me and my sister to school and we only have our backpacks with us or when we take walks and literally have nothing but our phones and the lint in our pockets.

  2. The girl in the pink princess dress with 4 MacBooks, the video was a joke but the story following that would leave you speechless 😭 the girl committed suicide at the end of May in 2018 😭😭😭

  3. Bruh: I'm just happy to wake up on Christmas morning with a loving family who bother to buy me anything at all. I'm just so happy and thankful to have clean water, food, and hot water. A bed to sleep in.

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  6. Tbh, I just love waking up Christmas morning and having a cup of Joe while watching some Christmas classics. Haven't received a present in 8 years and I'm fine with that.

  7. When I was around 15 my brother once gave me a pretty big and heavy Christmas present, but when I opened it there was 5 layers of paper and other boxes within boxes. I was suspecting something cool in the end, but when I opened the last box I saw a plain old brick. I was so mad yet now as 23 I just laugh and joke about it with him.

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