10th Anniversary DBZA MARATHON | TFS News

10th Anniversary DBZA MARATHON | TFS News

Hey everybody it’s your friendly neighborhood director and editor Scott Frerichs A.K.A Kaiser Neko. Since it’s been months and months and months since the hiatus went public we’ve been busy working on a bunch of different projects. Final Fantasy 7 Machinabridged has continued as par of the course. Hellsing Ultimate Abridged dropped its 8th episode We developed and released an entirely original video game with a new team brought on by Howard Wang We begun and nearly finished our dub of the official Madhouse feature film Hell’s with Sound Cadence and we’ve been seriously working on original animations as well as some cute other side projects in the meantime And, to the obvious question I know plenty of you are going to ask we have been working on episode 60 of Dragon Ball Z Abridged. Today I’m happy to announce on our main channel that episode 60 has moved into recording and preliminary editing Which means I’m not just sitting on my hands while recording is taking place. Currently I am working my damnedest for a summer release. Note: We are notoriously bad with deadlines. When it’s finished we’ll have a three week premiere with each part of episode 60 airing on Friday live on Twitch before it goes up on YouTube. I am ecstatic that we’re finally into the editing process, but I would like to take a moment to apologize for the lack of updates on the main channel in the meantime. We’ve been updating people on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook, but we were hesitant to just post video after video saying “we’re scripting, we’re scripting” we swear we’re scripting.” Luckily now that we’re into recording and editing things will speed up quite a bit. For those of you who are worried about how long it took to get written, there was a lot of pre-planning that had to go into it and some attention that had to be split in order to get other projects rolling, but you will see the fruits of our labor soon enough we promise, but something else I wanted to bring up with you guys in the meantime concerns a special little celebration we’re having this month See we’re about to hit our ten-year anniversary also, we just tipped three million subscribers if I come off as subdued at this information it’s only because it’s still sinking in. Both of these are tremendously unbelievable landmarks for us and when we started on all this we never in our wildest dreams expected to hit them so to celebrate, over on our twitch channel: twitch.tv/streamfourstar , we’re going to do a marathon of every current episode of Dragon Ball Z abridged and you can expect commentary throughout the entire marathon provided by Lanipator, Takahata101, and myself, as well as other members of the studio. It’s going down Sunday May 13th at 12:00 p.m. CST We’re looking at a whole 12 hours here, and you could bet your ass we’re excited. Thank you all so much for your support. We know it’s been a hell of a wait, but we want this to be the perfect ending to this saga. It means everything to us. I’ll have another update for when editing for part 1 has been completed. Thank you all once more! This project means the world of us And I just hope what we deliver is a satisfactory for you as we have so desperately tried to make it. See you soon

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  1. Tbh, I'd prefer yall to just what you want and focus on hellsing. Dont get me wrong, I love DBZA but with all the shit Toei gives them and the fact that they cant directly monetize it, I can see why they dont want to put tons of effort into it.

  2. This is quite a joke , for fans to wait so many months for the next episodes of DBA , i had never seen something like that on any yt channel.

  3. Well….it's been a good ten years but since dbza is ending I'll be taking my leave as well. Was really hoping to see what could've been done with Buu, and the little taste of Super we got was pretty awesome, but whatever.

  4. I was in elementary school when this series dropped I’m now going into my sophomore year of college and only 60 episodes have passed wow

  5. For episode 60 to be satisfying, its going to need an act of every god from every religion ever.

    Reality will always disappoint and when something has been causing this much blue balls, it is going to need one unbelievable payoff in order to be worth it.

    (I dont know why I watch these update videos, a they do is frustrate me)

  6. Thanks TFS for making my life even more fun than it already is, this is my favorite manga franchise and I can't thank you enough for putting so much time and effort into making these possible. I want you to know that you can always count on me to support you and that take as much time as you want, just never stop making this amazing series that you have.

  7. Dont believe it folks. Theyre just jerking us off again but this time with more fx. There will NOT be any more DB Abridged. The “holdout” is just bullshit so they can get more subscription. Theyve been “promising” us DBA for like more than A YEAR now but coincidentally there’s always some new cheap-ass excuse. So again, NO DBA. Do yourself a favor and dont believe their constant BS.

  8. It's like Borderlands 3. Constantly in development and right around the corner, but will never actually happen.

  9. All i really wanna see is how they do gohan's ssj2 voice and if they will remix the gohan's anger OST Mainly the first 1 But in all honesty i love tfs and i love DBA so even if they give us the worst episode ever of just piccolo yelling GOHAN DODGE! ill still love Tfs no matter what happens

  10. I was 8 years old. Now im about to hit 19. Man it has taken some time. I dont know how I found the first episode when it came out, but ive been here the entire time. Maaannnnn

  11. I'd just like to say… International Copyright Law is getting out of hand. I am genuinely depressed that Hellsing Abridged and DBZA have both come under assault for copyright infringement. Hey Toriyama? You wanna know a surefire way to alienate any business with me?

    -Keep pulling the shit you're pulling. Oh, and fuck you, master of unoriginality. Japanese entertainment marketing must be in a sorry state if it's ripping itself off. What's the matter? Half a century of ripping off and replicating the west, and you're already out of foreign original ideas to label as your own? Do the world a favor, and jump up your own ass and die.

  12. These guys are going to stop making more DBZ Abridged episodes after this Saga. They're obviously so done with it.

  13. I’ll be rolling in my grave before this episode actually comes out. Or I’m sure they’ll find a way to make another FF abridged and then make another video on why this isn’t done yet. I appreciate what they do, but I’d be focusing on the things that made my channel big is all I’m saying.

  14. I hate not knowing what is summer in America for us Australians January is summer along with December and febuary

  15. IM SORRY … I've been a subscriber for years. That's how long I've been watching this show. But fuck it. It's been way too long. Unsubscribed. Good luck to you all.

  16. Yea yea tbey say this all the time. I remeber when they said oh well have a dbz abridge epeisode once a month well thats a lie like always

  17. Welp, they got a little less than a month left until the fall equinox, and I honestly consider summer to be over at the end of August. Chances are, it's not coming out "Summer 2018."

  18. Guys… dont go into animation.
    Look at what happen with RoosterTeeth. they started as a group of guys that just did Halo parodies. and that grew into a massive story. it was AMAZING. but then the idea to bring on a new system of animation for the group, turning it into a company rather then just some guys having fun, the story of RWBY started out just like Red Vs. Blue from Halo, fun quirky shit of the lives of these few people. Then turned into a massive great story. The problem, is what im seeing from you guys at TFS right now… Is scripting… RWBY's last season got low ratings, it was a good wrap of of the series, yes. But, the general scripting of the story went from "lets just come whats natural, and try to put in some jokes" to "we need to cut that, we need a bridge here, logic check this, history check that, shit, gotta redo these 7 pages" ect. The series of RWBY went from something adorable and cute, with lots of good funny shit, with 1 character somewhere to relate to, something to relax and watch – Turned to, a deep drama with hard hitting plot points. No ones laughing anymore, no ones having fun in the series (character wise), and the story just completely looses its feel by the time i think mid season roles around and the first attack started. Atleast in mid seasons they concentrated on fighting and cool aesthetics that looked cool to watch, in the later season sit turned into long talks, plot building, quick fights, a few boss battles that comprise more of what you would see in like… Bleach or Naruto, just people staring at each other waiting to make a move, then a quick little speech of what their plan is, then it fails, then they do something else, then 'oh no! important protagonist about to die!' only to be saved by new/returning character, BS. trying to fill slot time. ect. it wasnt the same show we first got into.
    You do NOT need to top yourselves every other iteration, you guys arnt Kojima productions. Stop thinking like Valve. and just release what comes naturally. Put some spins, some jokes. and the like. Its a fucking parody abridge of the original content. you have no need to top yourselves. in the abridges series. You do NOT need an animation series. a game is fine. but if you try to keep doing what youre doing. you wont get far.

  19. Started with DBZ welcomed Hellsing, Enojyed the Attack on Titan and spoof of Outlaw, Surprised with Joy with the FF7. enjoyed the anime abridged version, not much on lets play, but if they continue with DBZ, Finish Hellsing, And Continue with FF7 and come up with another Funny Anime Like the Abridged Fist of the north star, id be happy.

  20. Bruh nobody cares about all these gay side projects, we just want dbza, that’s what y’all blew up off of and that’s what people want to see, not machinima abridged or whatever, haven’t looked at y’all account in a year and y’all still haven’t released a new episode, y’all suck

  21. I was 9 years old in grade 4 when i first found this series in 2008. I'm a first year college student now.

    This show has become nostalgic for me and i am so thankful that it's still something i love to watch even today. Thank you team4star.

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