$13,000 Custom 350Z vs. $33,000 Custom 350Z | HiLow

$13,000 Custom 350Z vs. $33,000 Custom 350Z | HiLow

– $13,000 Turbo 350Z. – Versus $33,000 Twin-Turbo 350Z. – Does more expensive mean more better? – Let’s find out. – [Both] Once and for all. – Good job. – Yeah. – So in sync. – We bought two identical Nissan 350Z’s and over the past two weeks, we have been modifying them to be fun, daily divers that you
can take to the track. This car got a bunch of really cheap parts and in the end, it’s a slammed Turbo-Z that shoots flames. All around, $13,000. – My car on the other hand got a bunch of really nice, expensive stuff, totalling an astounding $33,000… into a 15 year old car. – We tested them to see which components are actually worth spending the money on. On today’s episode,
we’re going to break down the cost of building these two cars, test them head-to-head on track, and decide which is better. – To do this, we took our
cars on an 800 mile journey to the most prestigious race
course in North America. Sandia Speedway in beautiful
Albuquerque, New Mexico. – The fastest time was- – But before we could race,
we had to build our cars. And build our cars… – [Both] We did. – Join us on this journey, won’t you? – Yeah. – Now we’ve come to the end of the road. It’s why I make the big bucks. – Four million an episode, right? – For Hi-Low, I make four
million dollars an episode. – We started out with suspension. Low car got a set of eBay
coilovers of unknown origin. – And high car was treated
to a set of KW V-3’s. – After discovering how much less travel the eBay coilovers had
compared to the KW’s, I was afraid that the ride quality in my car was going to be awful. – I’m going to say that
these cheap coilovers are not symmetrical. This one’s longer. – This looks shorter than this one. – It is…shorter. – Surprisingly, the
suspension rode just fine in both testing and on the road trip, but the amount of adjustment paled in comparison to the KW’s. – That’s right the V-3’s
soaked up every bump in the road like it was nothing. And I don’t really care about not having a low ride height because I’m a grown up. – Hmm. – Next we installed wheels and tires. High car got some sick
Advan RG III’s wrapped in Bridgestone RE-71’s.
The Advans are light as F, and made the high car look sophisticated. – It really did.
Meanwhile, on the low car, we bought some XXR 527’s and decided to run Federal RS-RR tires. I really liked the way my budget wheels looked. Even more than the pricey Advans. – You’re wrong. – And we were all impressed with the Federal tires’ performance. – I actually preferred the cheap tires. – Yeah because they had more slide to them and you didn’t really feel bad about doing burnouts with the cheap tires. – Yeah. – After that it was time
to upgrade the brakes. Aaron and I installed more
aggressive brake pads, steel-braided brake lines which gave us a stiffer brake pedal feel
and more aggressive bite. – The high car, Zach,
the team, and I replaced the car’s entire braking system with a six-piston, 13-inch brake kit. The install was definitely
more time consuming, but we were confident
we would come out on top in the brake torture test. – Which was immediately
confirmed the next day when the low car’s brakes caught on fire- – Caught on fire! Literally. – In my opinion, the whole brake upgrade we did on the low car is something I would absolutely do, but don’t expect to get the same level of performance as a fully dedicated, Wilwood brake kit. – After the brake test,
we went inside of our Z’s. High car got two Sparco QRT-R seats, a GReddy steering wheel,
and a quick release hub so no one can steal it out of my driveway. – Low car received some Corbeau DFX’s which I find to be more
comfortable than your Sparco’s. We did have to modify the seat rails to make sure that we got the perfect fit, but other than that it
went pretty smoothly. – Until we got to the roll
cages. Roll cages did not- – Did not go smoothly. – Did not work out. – Uh-uh. – Not even close? – No. – Well that’s all the
way back on the slider. – So we just spent the
last six hours trying to fit our roll cages into the Z’s and we’re finally throwing in the towel. – We unintentionally learned the hard way that you get what you pay for and that the universal roll bars we bought for both cars didn’t fit.
That was a rough day. – That was the only day
that made the cars worse because we took out
all of the plastic trim and then we had to put it back in but now there’s like
spots where it falls off. Like the doorsill, every time I get out and kick it with my foot,
it comes off. Sucks. Next, both cars were fitted with modified differentials
to make sick skids possible. High car got a very nice
Kaaz two-way differential. Zach spent a lot of time
adjusting the spacing, I lubed it up, it was perfect. – Over on low car, we took
a slightly different route. We welded ours together. Welding a differential locks the axles, making skids a cinch. But it also makes tight
turns…interesting. – Stop, stop, stop. – After we had LSD’s both cars were able to do burnouts
and drifts with ease. A lot more ease if your name is Aaron Parker or Zach Jobe. – After making a bunch
of performance upgrades, it was time to alter the looks of our Z’s. – Looks nice. – Caused quite a stir on the old internet. – Yeah. I decided to give
low car some Plasti Dip which was a huge disaster because I had the wrong tools and didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I was humbled that day. I’m beside myself, this is the worst thing I’ve ever done. – Over on team high,
we were fake rich boys for the day and took our car to a professional vinyl shop and couldn’t have been happier with the results. It turns out when you compare an amateur dumb-dumb boy, like Nolan, to trained professionals,
the pros do a better job. – Tried my best. – I knew you were going to do a bad job. – Well thanks, wow. (beep) you dude. – So now we had cars that looked great, handled great, were great to sit in, so we decided to make our lives miserable and awesome, and boost them. My car got a Jim Wolf Twin Turbo set up that made it sound like a little baby GTR. – Low car got a single
Turbo kit by way of eBay. – We literally reached
our breaking point during this Turbo install.
Nolan almost quit Donut. Luckily for our team,
the Jim Wolf kit came with an exhaustive instruction book with hundreds and hundreds
upon hundreds of steps. – While our cheap Turbo
had no instructions at all. – Not sure if that’s
the way that’s actually going to go, but we can
try, see if it’ll fit. – But, we were wishing it did because I was at wit’s
end. I yelled at Eddie. I’m sorry Eddie. – You good Nolan? – No, Eddie, I’m not good. What the (beep) you think, dude? – After getting our
Turbo’s mostly installed, we set off on the 800 mile
journey to New Mexico. In a pack of wolves,
it’s the strongest wolf that walks last. Now this show has two objectives, build a fun car you don’t
hate driving everyday, and two, build a car that’s
capable at the track. – We tested objective number one in the previous episode.
Both cars kind of failed. Low car didn’t have AC,
which you kind of need in the southwest and high
car broke down repeatedly. – Repeatedly. – We’re on the side of the road right now. I’m not sure what we’re going to do. – I think you should drive
it into the Grand Canyon. Despite these set backs,
we finally made it to Albuquerque, got the
cars tuned and running, almost perfectly, and it was finally time to test objective number two. – Roll that sweet, sweet footage. – There’s a couple really cool, little, tiny road courses in Sandia. So we’re going to choose one of them and we’re going to run it at night. This is really the
highlight of the past weeks of frustrating work that we’ve done. Just like, you know, it’s like competition but let’s have a good time out there. – Yeah, dude. – You guys ready? – I’m in a car without a clutch. – It’s so unruly and you’re just like bouncing off of stuff. – All right. We’re good, we’re good. – It just- you want to beat it up and you don’t feel bad beating it up. – What does that count as? – He’s still- – So to keep the results consistent and scientific, all four
of us drove each car and we took the average
of all of our times. – Woo! – 10 seconds (muffled). – And there was a big difference. – Huge difference between the two. – I love it. – All right. – It makes no sense. – The official results. We’ll start with the low car. – Okay. – The fastest time was by Aaron and it was a 46.15. – In the low? – In the low. – 46.15. – The high car fastest
time, also by Aaron, was a 43.47. – Wow. – Three seconds? – Three seconds faster. – Nice driving. – It was the platform. The platform. – Give Nolan credit, Nolan
was right behind Aaron by only two tenths of a second-. – Dang. – In the high car so Nolan
had the second fastest time. – So I guess the lesson learned is Zach Jobe and I need to get behind the wheel a little bit
more, congratulations to the low team, and
we’ll check you guys back at Donut headquarters when we
decided which one’s better. So, Nolan, does more expensive mean more better? – Yes, but actually no. Obviously, the high car was faster. That being said, we did spend a lot of money
to make a Z that good. – Literally we’re talking
cheap Porsche money, at this point. So which one would you buy? I know my answer. Neither. – Yeah, neither. – No, no, no. You can’t. – Ugh. – We can’t? Mid car? – Nah you gotta buy one. – You gotta buy one. – Okay, all right. (beep),
I can’t afford one. Yeah, I guess… No, because low car sucks and high car’s too expensive. – Yeah. – The big takeaway from the whole show is do it in the middle. Low car sucks and high
car is way too expensive. No one here could afford to
build a car like high car. Like most things in life, being extreme on either side, you’re wrong. Let’s meet each other in the middle. Let’s have a discussion,
let’s talk it out. It’s been a wild, wild ride. I’m glad that you were by my side. – This is was like the most fun thing we’ve ever done. – We’re going to do a second season of Hi-Low very soon. Let
us know in the comments what cars you’d like us to do, but until then check out
all of our other shows. Up To Speed, Bumper 2 Bumper, WheelHouse, Money Pit coming soon with Zach Jobe, who you saw in this series. – [both] BoostCreeps. – We started a car club,
BoostCreeps merch coming soon. Follow Nolan on Instagram @Noalnjsykes, follow me @Jamespumphrey,
follow both of us @Donutmedia. – Seriously, thank you
so much for watching and doing this with us. Be nice. – I love you. – See you next time.

100 thoughts on “$13,000 Custom 350Z vs. $33,000 Custom 350Z | HiLow

  1. Okay, so here's the ideas.
    If you want JDM this time : Evo13
    If want American muscle : Mustang
    If want de german : Audi A6 6.0
    But I think the best would be something which would become a awesome sleeper like an old Volvo or Volkswagen.

  2. 1999 Honda Civic sedan or Hatchback would be my request. Or any car from Need for Speed Underground 1 Video Game. Teah man.

  3. Hmmmm, a mid-level 350z build might've come with an Akebono big brake kit, fortune auto 500 coilovers, an HKS supercharger, some long tube headers, a Cusco LSD, Stillen exhaust, used recaros, RPF1's and Federal RS-RR's. That would've cost slightly over 20k and imo probably have been the perfect middle ground between both of these two cars. It would be reliable and could rip on a track.

  4. It should be HiLowBud
    Bart-Budget(and he is alone because he's the pro)

    The car should be a crown vic

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  6. Next season you should do trucks. Cheap lift kits vs expensive lift kits. Exhaust, coal shoot vs straight piping. Big think tires vs road tires. Sounds like a lot of fun. Do it on a cheap truck like the ranger

  7. I really prefer low car honestly, seems more like the every man car, may have sucked, but how many of have wanted to do what they did on a budget?

  8. For the next season please do some kind of car with muscle. Like an old charger or camaro. And instead of turbos you can supercharge them. And hi-car can be one already restored and low-car can be an old beater

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  10. It comes down to how competitive you want to be at the track. To get those last tenths of seconds costs thousands. Having done both ways myself I can say it's better to save up a little longer and get better, within reason to suit what you're doing. You end up spending more at the end going cheap. A poor man buys twice.

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