2020 BooktubeSFF Awards | ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Hey ONYX Pages fam. I’m Njeri. Happy Monday! This is going to be a very quick very no-frills video to announce the BooktubeSFF Awards for the year 2020 BooktubeSFF is a community of lovers of science fiction and fantasy here on Booktube, and every year we host an award celebration where we honor the best books across several different categories And you can participate you don’t need to be a card-carrying member of BooktubeSFF. Also, there’s no card or secret handshake or secret tattoo (or at least no one has told me!) All you need to do is read up on the eligibility rules and participate. So I have a little bit of information that I’m going to give you on this announcement video. There’ll be more information in the description box. But the mother ship (see what I did there…)! The mother ship of Information is going to be on the Booktube SFF website. So let me look at my laptop and read you some things. So first of all, I want to tell you who the judges are this year. So there are seven new judges Including myself that are joining the roster. We’ve got Lea Nicole We’ve got Jocelyn from yogi with a book me Bri from Bri reads books Gavin from how to train your Gavin I love that name. Noria from Noria Reads Jade from bedtime bookworm They will be joining. Our returning judges who are Claire Rousseau and Thomas from SFF 180 and Caitlyn from Kitty G books, Cass from What Cass Read has stepped in to fill the role of administrator for this year. There is going to be a lot of social media throughout the booktube SFF Awards and I’ll get to the dates in a second Any questions that you have you can send those questions to booktube SFF awards at gmail.com There is also the website which is booktube SFF Awards comm there Also a Goodreads community that you should join so you can get all of the news and info and all of the judges are Moderators and you can communicate there as well And that is booktube SFF Awards so you can find that by using the link in the description area There is also a twitter so just hash tag booktube SFF and to follow all of the twitter activity there will be a lot of sprints and all of that fun stuff and Also, if you are somebody who wants to be like in it every second for the whole time You should join our community on the discord app. And again, the link is going to be below Also in the description box below will be the link to all of the judges and our youtube our booktube Pages, so please subscribe to all of the judges involved in the awards this year get to know them. We will all be hosting We’re not gonna be judging all of the categories each judge might have to three or four different categories that they’re going to be judging so i’m gonna be judging the middle grade category and the short works category so if you’d like to follow all the judges You should because then you’ll hear us talk about our own nominations talk about the process have chats throughout The season and you can get to know us a little better because we want to get to know you a little better so if you want more information about how to nominate books for the booktube SFF awards and What the eligibility rules are you can go to? The website and read that and they’re also on the nomination form. So you should check out the nomination form So let me tell you some dates because dates are very important. Today is January 27th, and nominations are open Nominations will remain open until February 10th. So definitely go to the website find out how to nominate your favorite reads from 2019 and fill out those nomination forms on February 17th all of the judges will be uploading shortlist videos, and that’s how you’ll find out if your Nomination made it to the shortlist and you’ll also see What we will all be in order to choose the winners for all of the categories this year then it’s gonna be time to read We will be reading from March 1st to April 30th so all the judges and hopefully you will be reading the books in our categories so that we can select our winners for the year The reading period is gonna be followed by a few days of voting voting opens on May 1st, which is my birthday so happy birthday to me and Voting will close on May 8th So definitely make sure that you have those dates in your calendar so that you can get your votes in After the voting period we will tally up all the results actually Castle because Cass is the master of the vote And then we will have a live show where the winners will be announced all right, so I Gotta get out of here, but I hope that you participate in the booktube SFF Awards I am thrilled to have been invited to be a judge I can’t wait to meet all the different book tubers who are involved in the judging and To read some really great science fiction and fantasy. Hopefully outside of my usual reading choices So I’m gonna be you know, experiencing some edification and some diversity. So that’ll be great Anyway have a wonderful week and I look forward to engaging with you on all of the socials during the booktube SFF awards season Alright, bye everyone and remember to read the purpose

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