5 Killers Who Confessed On Social Media

5 Killers Who Confessed On Social Media

In this video, we look at 5 killers who confessed
to their brutal and grisly crimes on social media. Whether through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter,
these killers used social media to boast about and justify their actions. Nakasia James After fatally stabbing her long-term boyfriend, 18-year-old Nakasia James posted on Facebook
to share details of her gruesome crime. In her post, she admitted to fighting with
her drunken boyfriend, claiming that she stabbed him in self-defence – without any alleged
hope of hurting him. She adamantly claims that she didn’t intend
to kill him. Her boyfriend, 21-year-old Dorian Powell,
who had allegedly been attacking and punching her, was found dead at the scene with a stab
wound in his chest in their shared bedroom in San Bernardino, California. According to James, the pair were no longer
in a relationship when she stabbed him, though this speculation cannot be confirmed. When police arrived at the scene, James had
fled, and at the scene they found a kitchen knife with the blade snapped off. James’ long Facebook post, written mainly
in internet shorthand, which led to police being tipped-off from an anonymous source,
said ”just going to tell you now before I get caught [..] we was really fighting [..] I
got the knife and stabbed him didn’t think I would hurt him but I did he died”. In the same Facebook post, James also claimed
to be avoiding the police, saying ”I’m on the run pigs lookn for me”. The whole post was later deleted. There is some speculation from involved parties
that someone else may have posted this message on James’ account in an attempt to frame her
for the crime. This speculation seems somewhat misguided. The couple had allegedly been dating for around
eight or nine months before the fatal attack, which occurred in January 2016. Powell’s family deny that he was an aggressive
or violent person. James’ case continues after she pleaded not
guilty in a preliminary trial. Zachary Penton Upon purchasing a firearm, 21-year-old Twitter fan Zachary Penton took to social media to
claim that ”buying a gun is so easy”. A couple of months later, he posted another
ominous message, claiming ”I need to move out of my place before I viciously murder
my roommates”. Two days later, he did just that, shooting
41-year-old Daniel Garofalo dead. He then called 9 1 1 to report his own crime,
and was charged with murder. Penton shot Garofalo during an argument, and
had reportedly been worried about Garofalo in the days leading up to the murder. Garofalo, who was the homeowner, had allegedly
been talking about black holes and alternative universes. Penton claims that his room mate confronted
him and threatened to kill him, forcing Penton to fatally shoot him twice. In many previous tweets, Penton had discussed
weapons, murder and gun control. Other tweets included ”anyone wanna shoot
a bit today?”, ”I need a gun”, ”I wish I had a gun”, ”2 boxes of 9mm stat”, ”ever
wanted to kill someone?”, ”let’s go kill someone”, ”someone sell me a gun” and many
more. It seems that he was intent on acquiring and
using a weapon, whatever the reason. He was also a proponent of pro-gun politics. Ironically, Penton had also been using Twitter
to find a roommate and to complain about not being able to find one. He had allegedly only been living with Garofalo
for two months before the murder took place. It is not clear how many other people lived
in the home. Penton was charged with second-degree murder
and continues to serve his sentence. Derek Medina Moments after Derek Medina shot his wife eight times in a fatal attack in 2013, he posted
a picture of her corpse on Facebook along with a caption reading ‘RIP’. Derek Medina, in his early thirties, killed
his wife Jennifer Alfonso, 26. The gruesome photograph, which remained on
Facebook for around five hours before being taken down, shows Alfonso slumped in the corner
of a room, her legs folded beneath her, with blood around her arm and neck. Confused friends, having seen the picture,
responded with comments asking what had happened. The autopsy suggests that she was cowering
when shot. Medina claims that before the crime, his wife
had threatened him with a knife, and that he had suffered from years of torturous mental
and physical abuse. He posted the picture of her dead body on
his Facebook profile, along with another post reading ”I’m going to prison or de ath sentence
for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys takecare. Facebook people you will see me in the news
my wife was punching me and I am not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what
I did I hope you understand me”. Medina also claims that Alfonso had taken
hallucinogenic bath salts shortly before the murder. According to prosecutors, friends and family
of Alfonso, it seems unlikely that he was, as he claims, acting in self-defence. They claim that she did not abuse him, and
that he was actually planning to kill her because she had been threatening to leave
him. It is also significant that he was much taller
and heavier than she, and would perhaps not need to resort to a gun to defend himself. A home surveillance video from earlier in
the day shows a physical altercation between the two in which a flurry of what is allegedly
gunpowder swirls in the air. Alfonso’s 10-year-old daughter was in the
house at the time of the killing, and was then left alone in the home with the body
while Medina went to a police station to confess his crime. Strangely, Medina was a self-help writer,
and had self-published books bizarrely titled ‘World Just Ask Yourself Why We Are Living
a Life Full of Lies’ and ‘How I an Emotional Writer Made All of My Professional Dreams
Come True Blocking Society’s Teachings.’ He was convicted of the murder and sentenced
to life in prison. Earl Valentine When gun-toting Earl Valentine pitilessly killed his 15-year-old son and injured his
ex-wife, he posted a live video on Facebook detailing the crime and discussing his motives. He broke into the home of his ex-wife in Norlina,
North Carolina, and fired several shots, his son allegedly standing in the way of the gunfire
to protect his mother. After being shot, his son called the police
to report the crime. These were purportedly his final words. ”911, what’s the address of the emergency?” ‘Me & my mom have just been shot.’ ”Excuse me?” ‘Me & my mom have just been shot.’ In the chilling video, posted shortly after
the crime, Valentine is seen driving his car during the night, pragmatically discussing
the relationship between he and his ex-wife. ”She lied on me, had warrants taken out on
me [..] She drug me all the way down to nothing. I loved my wife, but she deserved what she
had coming.” ”Pleasure knowing all y’all [..] I’ve been
very sick for months. And this is something that I could not help. So I don’t know if I’m gonna make it where
I’m going, but if I don’t, I wish all of you a good life.” After a wide and frenzied manhunt, officers
found him in a hotel almost 300 miles away from the scene of the crime. While surrounded by officers, he shot himself
in the head, dying immediately. Norlina police chief Taylor Bartholomew had
previously talked to Valentine on the phone, in the hours between the crime and his sui
cide. He described him as ‘cold and callous’, and
said that he showed no sympathy or remorse. According to Bartholomew, Valentine had simply
wanted to know whether or not his ex-wife had been successfully killed. Valentine also told Bartholomew that he planned
to kill his in-laws before turning the gun on himself. His ex-wife had previously had a year-long
restraining order taken out on Valentine, who had been arguing with his in-laws on Facebook
in the weeks leading up to the crime. Amanda Taylor When Amanda Taylor’s friends were scrolling through Instagram in April 2015, they found
a shocking and disturbing post. After fatally stabbing the father of her deceased
husband, she posted a picture of herself and her accomplice with the caption “Everything
I did was for the right reasons. I stabbed my father-in-law to de ath because
he destroyed my husband”” She also wrote, “I wasn’t the perfect wife but this was one
last good thing I could do.” When police discovered the body of Charles
Taylor, it wasn’t long before they were led to Amanda’s alarming posts on social media. Amanda, whose late husband Rex Taylor had
recently hanged himself, blamed Charles for the de ath of her husband, who she claimed
had introduced him to drugs at a young age. She had allegedly discovered letters in which
Rex confessed suffering from years of agonising abuse and neglect at the hands of his callous
father. Rex had struggled with substance abuse problems
for years, and had left his shared home with his wife after she told him that she didn’t
want him using drugs around their two young children. Three days before the murder, Amanda had been
released from psychiatric care, where she had undergone a short stay after a haunting
and bizarre incident at the gravesite of her husband, in which friends feared she would
kill herself. She had visited the grave on the day of her
birthday, which she shared with Rex. Other social media posts by Amanda included
the claims ”I proudly did this for Rex. I love my children but Charlie killed my husband”,
and ”I’m going to go find my husband in Hell & finally be at peace,” the latter of which
was accompanied by an image of a revolver resting on her thigh. She closed one of her messages with the line
”Till we rot rex, till we f**k-ing rot”. In many of these posts, she seems to imply
that she is willing or ready to kill herself. Both Amanda and Rex were apparently obsessed
with the macabre and murderous, and were in regular contact with an incarcerated serial
killer via written letters. Amanda’s alleged accomplice, Sean Edward Ball,
was later found with life-threatening injuries, after Amanda apparently tried to murder him
while they were on the run. Her motives for doing so are unknown. Amanda was charged with first-degree murder. Thanks for Watching! If you have a suggestion for a video then
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    The vast majority of us don't want to hurt anyone; we want to protect ourselves (just like the majority of anti-gun folks).

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