5 Star Rating | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

5 Star Rating | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘To be notified of all Wirally updates,
do hit the bell icon.’ Here is the drop location.
– Could you stop at the next street? – I won’t. Why not?
– Because this is the drop location you shared. That’s because I didn’t know the exact location.
– Is it in the next street? Then walk till there. You deserve to be given 1 star rating.
– I too can give you a 1 star rating. Now pay up. Hell with you! Here is the product you ordered online.
– I didn’t order any. – Someone named Kiran did. It arrived already?
Bro, I ordered it. Thanks a lot. The other day you bought a new bluetooth speaker
and now a new phone? Where are you making the money from? By riding my cab.
– Bro, we both ride cabs. You are getting to buy new phones
while I’m still struggling to pay for meals. Why so? How much do you get rated?
– I don’t know and I don’t care. You should. If you’ve an average rating
of above 4, you’ll get many benefits. You’ll be assigned only well behaved customers
and you’ll get incentives and your targets will be less. You’ll be getting, like Rs. 300 bonus per day.
So, that adds upto Rs. 9,000 each month. Is it!
Shit! My average rating is only 2.8. To have a rating of over 4, each of my next passengers
should rate me 5 stars. – Yeah, right. Sir, we’ve reached the location, your home.
– Well, this isn’t exactly my home.. – It isn’t? Alright! I don’t care what drop location you gave me.
I’ll drop you right at your house. Is this your house? Is this your house? Or is this the one?
I’ll drop you wherever you ask me to. You should drop me right at drop location I gave you.
– Is it? But you said that isn’t your house? You didn’t let me finish. My house is in Vizag,
but for the time being, I stay there. Oh, my bad! I’ll drop you back there.
– Nevermind, I’ll walk. How much is the fare? Rs. 350 is the fare, sir. But pay me only Rs. 300.
– Why so? – Consider it a discount from my side. But, please, rate me 5 stars.
– Yeah, sure. – Could you show it to me, sir? You see that?
– Thank you, sir. Careful. Hurry up, we’re getting late.
– May I have the OTP, please. 6600.
– Thank you for that, sir. Hurry up!
– Why are you in a hurry, sir? – I may miss my train! It is alright. You can take another train.
But, for now, slowly breath in and breath out. Stop being a Baba Ramdev and drive fast.
The train has arrived already. Sir, you want to some water?
– Yeah, sure. Why did you pull over?
– To buy you a bottle of water. You aren’t carrying one with you? – No, sir.
– You idiot, I’m running late! Forget water. Hurry up now! Alright, sir, I will. Because of you, I may miss my train.
– Sir, rate me 5 stars. – Screw you! He is panicking so much
that he may not even rate me at all. Going to a mall, ma’am?
– Yeah. – To watch any movie? Yeah.
– Which movie? – Why do you care? ‘Why Do You Care’? Is that a Tamil film?
– I meant why do you care. You better stick to driving. You seem upset. Did your boyfriend bother you?
– Now it is you who is bothering me. Well, I was only trying to be friendly.
Would you want some water? – No. Would you want any softdrinks?
– Are you planning to serve me spiked soft drinks? Pull over the vehicle. Pull over now!
– Why would I serve you spiked drinks? You’re mistaken. No cab driver ever offers his passengers soft drinks.
What is wrong with you? Well, I was trying to make you want to give me 5 stars.
– Passengers would give you 5 stars if you give them privacy. Privacy? Where can I buy that?
– Certainly not in your cab. Now, pull over. Finally a booking. Unlike with the last passenger,
with this passenger I’ll hardly talk. 2213 is the OTP. How long would it take to reach? Are there any medical halls nearby?
Screw this guy’s attitude! Yeah, stop right here. 5 star rating, please.
– Oh, so you can speak? Insolent people like you
don’t deserve 5 star ratings. I was being insolent?
I was only giving her privacy. Yes! A new booking! Yes, sir?
– Hey, I just booked a ride with you. Yes. I’ll reach the location right away.
– Don’t! Instead, wait at the corner. I’ll come there. Sir, I can’t let my passengers walk.
You chill where you are and I’ll come right there. Shit! The road is blocked. I can’t even reverse this.
– I knew you’d call. Sir, the road is blocked and the car got stuck!
– It served you right! This is why I told you to wait at the corner.
– What do I do now, sir? Look for another passenger and I’ll look for another cab.
– What! Sir.. Shit! I should’ve paid heed to him. Hello, ma’am. Do you prefer lavender or sandalwood?
– Why do you ask? I wanted to know which perfume to spray in the car.
– Lavender. Doesn’t it smell good?
Ma’am, you can use the bluetooth and play songs. Did I say I wanted to hear to music?
– Ma’am, let me know if you want any snacks. Why are you going so over the board?
– Well, I.. – Come on, speak up. If you could rate me 5 stars..
– Is that it? I will, only if you drop me at the location quitely.
For every word you speak, I’ll deduct a star. I don’t care. All I want is that deal.
So, close that damn deal! Sir, do you like deals?
– Deals? Yeah. So, let’s cut a deal, sir.
– What sort of a deal? After the ride, I’ll rate you 5 stars
and you rate me 5 stars too. Now that is a lovely deal.
Yeah, fine. Sir, we reached your location.
Here, I gave you 5 stars. You do the same, please. Alright.
– Sir, could you show it to me? That’s great!
Thank you, sir. Deal closed! This bulb is dead.
I should order a new bulb. Also, I ordered a new phone with all the 5 star
incentives I got. It should get delivered anytime now. Hey! My order
is getting delivered, not yours! How come the phone is this big.
– This is a laptop. – Who ordered a laptop? I did.
Thank you. You bought a new laptop too?
– No. My company gifted it to me. Your company gifts stuff too?
– I recently moved over to food delivery. Since, I’m good at buttering up the customers,
I’ve only been getting 5 star ratings. And also, now I’m earning more
than I used to while driving cabs. Why don’t you too give food delivery a try?
– Yes, I will. I’ll switch to food delivery
and I swear I’ll earn more than you do. Hello, all! I’m sure most of you all and your friends
struggle really hard for 5 star ratings and appraisals. We tried to show some of that struggle in this video.
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100 thoughts on “5 Star Rating | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

  1. Hi Ravi Bro…your acting is very natural and Hi to Jones, Kiran, Goldey , Jaithri, Shoban, all the other cast of Wirally. You guys are nailing the concepts. If you guys watch our comments I would like to give you guys a concept.
    1. How people in India 🇮🇳 give priority to software job.
    2. How software job is compared to other job guys in situations like weddings and other events how they look at them.
    3. Comparison how people give cover up software guys vs other job guys like after coming from software job guys are treated so well saying they worked hard and other job guys stress,people don’t even Won’t even feel it as stress. 😢
    If you guys already covered these concepts please disregard them. 😬 if you guys like them please give them big thumbs up 👍
    From 🇨🇦
    I wish share to some more concepts if you guys like it.

  2. Ravi anna appudu yavaranai ne tho matladathe ne matladu laka pothai chup chap ga vundhu appudu neku 4 to 5 star rating estharu

  3. Why do people sit behind driver? Is it like this in India? I sit next to driver in Aus, Canada, Chile, Argentina. The driver has new water bottles, mouth freshners in the front near their seat.

  4. In 10 min drive I talk to the driver, usually from Afghanistan, Pakistan and many countries listening to their life stories. Uber, Ola gives a way to interact with people from diverse background that usually we may not come across.

  5. Dialogue at 1:41 is wrong . Nelaki 200/300 ani cheppi Malli average GA nelaki 9 thousand antadu… So dialogue Shud b rojuki 200/300 nelaki 9k ani

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