ABC Suspends Reporter For Criticizing Their Corporate Overlords

ABC news announced this week that they were
going to be suspending 20 year veteran David Wright after Project Veritas came forward
with hidden camera footage showing Wright talking about his political leanings and some
of the coverage from ABC. Now in the footage, Wright when asked if he’s
a Democratic socialist does say I would go further than that. I think I am a socialist and immediately a
lot of the headlines about his suspension talked about this aspect of it and a lot of
people assumed this is why ABC news decided to suspend him. But the footage goes a little bit deeper than
that and we find out the real reason why Wright was suspended for 20 years, by the way, also
won an Emmy award and a Peabody award on ABC news. I mean, this guy is good and he’s been there
for a very long time, but he did something that ABC news found unforgivable in this footage. He criticized ABC’s corporate overlords, the
Disney corporation. He talked about how it’s all kind of self
promotion now is what he said. You can’t turn on the View or Good Morning
America without there being a Disney princess coming there to promote their next thing or
an Avenger showing up to promote their next thing. He went after the corporation very softly
and mildly. I might add that owns ABC. So of course ABC at that point had absolutely
no choice. The guy criticized our owners, our masters. So it doesn’t matter how many Emmy’s he has,
it doesn’t matter how many Peabody’s he has. It doesn’t matter that he has traveled to
war torn parts of the world and done coverage from there and that he’s one of our most reliable
and experienced political commentators. He wasn’t nice to Disney, so we got to suspend
him and ABC has announced that when he is off his suspension, they’re going to take
him off the politics beat. He also did, as I mentioned, he criticized
their coverage and he said, you know, we’re probably not that fair to Trump. You know, we don’t talk about some of the
good things he’s done. We give him a pass on things that we shouldn’t
give him a pass on. So that’s actually kind of what you want in
a reporter. He said, listen, occasionally Trump has done
good things and we’ve talked about those one or two good things he’s done here on Ring
of Fire, but sometimes he does really bad things and we don’t even talk about those
either. If we want to be fair, if we want to be real,
if we actually want to be journalists, we have to talk about all of it, David Wright
says in this video. But they don’t, but that again is not why
he got fired or suspended, excuse me. He didn’t get suspended for saying that he
himself is a socialist, he got suspended because he criticized the corporate masters who pull
the strings at ABC and that ladies and gentlemen is why the corporate media is so dangerous. You dare say one unkind word or unflattering
word about one of the corporations that owns one of these networks out there and suddenly
you find yourself stuck at home for the next week, not getting a paycheck and then severely
demoted when you’re finally allowed to come back to work, just like Mr. Wright is about to experience.

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