Adam Sandler on Researching ‘Uncut Gems’ Role with 47th St. Jewelers & Gamblers | Close Up

Adam Sandler on Researching ‘Uncut Gems’ Role with 47th St. Jewelers & Gamblers | Close Up

(upbeat music) – When you were preparing “Uncut Gems” how much research did you do? – Of course I spent a lot
of time on 47th street. I gamble in the movie a lot, so I spent a lot of time
with a lot of gamblers who had bad problems and lost a lot of things
and lost their lives because of it. – The gamblers you met, who most surprised you? What did you find out about them? – The Safdie brothers, the
guys who did the movie, they did the research
and met a lot of guys who were willing to sit
down with me and talk. There was nothing, it’s just
their lives get thrown away and their family lives get thrown away. It’s about where they are right now and they discussed what
the highs and lows were and why they couldn’t stop
and that kind of feeling. And then the guys on 47th street who, he’s a jeweler in the movie everybody, and so, all these guys on the
block let me in their shops and I got to sit with them and watch them. And they taught me about the
jewelry and about selling, and I watched them all day long. It was a lot of fun. I felt neat to learn this. – It wasn’t boring. – No not at all. It’s good do learn something. I walked away thinking I knew everything. Right now, it’s a year later, I’m like, I forgot so much. I wish I didn’t. (upbeat music) – What’s been your toughest
moment professionally? – This cool thing where
Oliver Stone opened up, it was this “Any Given Sunday” thing which was more dramatic. I said, “Man let me try to get in that.” I don’t know if that’s a tough thing, but it was like man
let me go get with him. – It opened up a whole a whole other path. – It opened up a whole other thing. And then the tough part was getting back to being funny. The young folks, they see me like, Oh here’s this dude he was in “Django”. – Right, right, right. – Now I’m doin’ Joseph, man why “Django” bein’ funny like that. So now I have to try to get back to… – What about you? Do you find that hard too often? – I’ve done so many comedies. I have so many comedies on TV. I don’t have a hard time
gettin’ back into that. People are just, when I get to do somethin’ like this like “Uncut Gems”, I haven’t done that many dramas. Maybe I’ve done like six or seven over 30 years worth. I’m always excited doin’ ’em. It’s a different excitement for me ’cause I’m not sure of myself. When you do comedies, I mean you grew up doin’ ’em. Shia grew up as a kid bein’ in comedies. It’s a different, lighter feel on the set. It’s exciting. There’s nothin’ better for a comedian then goin’ home and goin, “Ooh I think we killed that scene. “It’s gonna be funny as hell. “Audience is gonna like that.” But this, a drama man, getting it right and feeling like you gave it your all and that excitement of reading script and goin, “Oh that scene
is goin’ to be incredible”, then actually shooting it and it comes out the way you want it to, or maybe not exactly
the way you want it to but somethin’ happened big for ya. That’s as good as it gets. – Are you hard on yourself when it doesn’t come out that way? – [Adam] Yes. – Do you go home and torch yourself? – Oh my god, if there’s
something great written that I don’t think I got to
where I was supposed to get. I’m really mad at myself. (upbeat music) – Last question for all of you. If you could go back to your younger selves what piece of advice would you give him? – I was thinkin’ ’cause I should have stretched more. I have a very bad back. (laughter) I can’t get out of my car. – That’s like the floss answer. I should flossed. – I should have flossed more too. – [Tom] You should have stretched. – [Stephen] I think of it metaphorically. – Nope, no, no, no, no I’m
fine with all that stuff, but I really can’t get out of my car. When there’s a loose ball
on a basketball court I cannot get the ball. Everyone else grabs it before me because I can’t bend. My coaches always growing up were like, always talking about stretching. I never did it. I never did it. I just jumped right into the game. Did you stretch before playing? – No, not too much. – See. – But that three ball was wet though. I got the tape. – Yeah thank you. – He can shoot. – [Adam] Not as wet as it used to be. (upbeat music)

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  2. Punch Drunk Love.. Phenomenal ♥️♥️ Wow.. Mr Adam Sandler is very underrated and his genius undervalued. Great person x

  3. I honestly think Sandler is better as a dramatic actor than in Comedy. I really don't think he's very funny, but is great in serious parts.

  4. Please upload the full content. This is worthy of some Bitcoin….#Respect @The Hollywood Reporter – the #Bitcoin world loves you.

  5. I don't get why an interviewer is needed. They could just one by one discuss each other's movie and converse among each other and tape that. They're legends ffs they've probably seen each other's work for example there's no way there's none of them wanna ask de Niro something about the Irishman or his career

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  7. What in da fuck is that goofy faced and horse faced adaM Driver and that LaBeouf cocksucker doing in there???? Instead of Joaquín Phoenix or Pacino sitting in that table??? FUCK MAN FUCKING BOLLYWOOD!.

  8. This roundtable season is the most diverse in terms of career and experience. Take this one for example: from veterans (Hanks and De Niro) to relatively new faces (Driver) to seasoned actors (Foxx and LaBeouf) to an actor finally cast against type (and thank God for that): Sandler. Really looking forward to this roundtable.

  9. Im going to leave you with this to study and look over a little bit but just take a look I what I think they call the Trophy OK!!!!!

  10. Shia actually seems like such a genuine and humble dude. Some Hollywood people are treated like Gods and act like it accordingly, and just have that fake and unapproachable facade about them. But he seems to have such backbone and heart, you can tell by his face and eyes , that he's learned a lot and is grounded. I feel like I'd like to go have a beer or just hangout with him and shoot the shit. Also, especially as he is someone who is quite young but very talented, which can be hard to come by. A whole world away from deniro, with those 70s classics, taxi driver, raging bull, godfather pt2, but certainly a mentor looking at a young talented actor. Anyway, thought I'd just share that.

  11. Now, I have a soft spot for Adam Sandler and his movies! I get that they're cheap humour and are kinda shit! But they're like junk movies really. Not good for you but tasty. Except Jack and Jill, that is like consuming bleach to me.
    But I really am vouching for him on this one!

  12. Adam Sandler sitting with Robert De Niro… Why do I want to see these 2 do a serious drama together? Sandler proved he can pull it off with Reign Over Me, Punch Drunk Love and UNCUT GEMS which looks like the Best Picture of 2019.

  13. More )ew… Can't have authenticity with this much )ew saturation, I wouldn't own a )ew Tavistock Sh*tBox, and live in their tired-*ss )ew world…

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