Am I The One? | Eating With My Ex: Joey and Rianna

Am I The One? | Eating With My Ex: Joey and Rianna

“Am I the one?” Me and Joey were one in a million,
I think. We just bonded so well. But we was only actually officially
together for a few months. I think we slit up because we rushed
into things a little bit too much. I got scared of the commitment
and pushed her away. Things were difficult between us,
having distance between homes, different lives, work,
friends, family. Thank you. Oh, look at that! Thank you. Ah…
HE CHUCKLES “Were we too different
to be together?” SHE CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY Yes, I think. Difficult to make
time for each other – different like that, in’t we? Different backgrounds,
different where we live. Like, your social life
and your work life… When you say “social”,
what do you mean? Like, you go out a lot
and, like, just see your mates, put them first over everything. No, I… No, I don’t. Yes, you do. Like, you’ll say… “I’m going out
with the girls tonight.” And then it’ll be nine o’clock
and you’ll be like, “Oh, the girls are busy.
Do you want to come round?” And be like, drop of a hat,
“Do you want to come?” When…? Rather than make time. It was your choice at the start,
to split up, and…here you are today…
I guarantee… She likes to click her fingers
and hope I’ll come running, and that’s not always
the best things for a relationship. ‘Spending time with her
is difficult to come by.’ Do you think that, cos you live
an hour and a half away, it’s difficult to
have a relationship? 100%. Rianna lived quite far away from me, so I’d only really saw her
at the weekends. It was kind of like a one-way thing
where he’d make all the effort, and I did feel bad, which probably made it harder,
as he probably thought he was pulling his weight
a lot more than I was. How many times you driven to me
in three years? Despite you saying,
“I want this to work.” I’ll count. Go on, then. Four times. So that’s once a year,
basically. Don’t make it out like it’s
just all me. It’s not all me. He thinks that it’s sort of
all my fault, why we didn’t work. I felt like he threw that
at me a lot. “And what are my best qualities?” Your best one’s probably you
are a caring person, deep down. You’re quite bubbly, as well. Like, I’m quite just laid-back and
chilled, whereas you’re very… You’re laid-back and chilled?
I think I’m quite laid-back. I feel like you don’t know yourself.
Yeah, I do know myself… and you’re quite bubbly
and crazy and mental. I do fancy Joey because he has got
this personality, for one, that draws me right in. I think you’re funny. Do you? You always say
I’ve got terrible banter. You do have terrible banter –
but you are funny. I could probably rely on you
on a bad day. We’ve always just had this thing
where we find each other back again. I don’t know how it works,
or what makes it work, but we just have that contact
and that friendship that we just can’t let go. I would say it’s love.
He might say it’s different. Cheers. Thank you. Thank you. “Am I the one?” Don’t choke on your cheesecake.
SHE LAUGHS I want this meal to be
an opportunity for me and Joey to have closure. ‘We either need to be together,
or not be together.’ Um… Yes, I think you are. Really?
I don’t want to be with anyone else. Does that make sense? Because I know it’s here already.
Right. I’m not trying to be cheesy –
I’m just saying. THEY LAUGH Am I the one? HE LAUGHS You’re taking a bit long
to answer, so… Despite being on and off,
I still have strong feelings… Oh, don’t say that,
don’t say that… I don’t know how I feel
about her – that’s the problem. Don’t want to pour my heart out
on telly. She was the first person
I proper had feelings for, so even though it’s three years on,
I still…like speaking to her. See, I don’t know,
cos nothing’s perfect. I look for everything to be perfect, and if it’s the one,
everything will be perfect. If you was the one,
you’d live near me and then… it would all be fantastic. You’d be attending everything
with me and we’d be an item. Would you move closer to me
to be the one, or…? I want to say yeah… Mm. ..but I don’t know if I’d
be able to go through with it. It is a big commitment, obviously,
if I was to move down with you… ..and I’d think mainly, for me,
it’d be work, cos it’d just… Like, it would
just be a bit of a nightmare. ‘So if she made time for me,
things would probably work.’ I don’t know, maybe now we’ve
grown up, things might change. “What’s next for us?” I don’t know. You’re still my best mate,
and we can carry on like that… or what you want to…
see each other more. I haven’t seen you for ages, so… Is that you saying… No, I’m
asking you. ..I’d like to see you? I’m asking you. I’m not telling you. I think I’m going to take up
the offer. I’m going to see you… Who’s offering? You so was. That was not offering. You so was.
That was a question. I was questioning your question.
Do you want to see me more? I was answering your question
with a question. Yeah… Nowadays, we both worked very hard,
we have to… ..make the effort to see each other
as much as possible. Like, I’m willing to…to,
you know, try again. To make a bit more effort, yeah?
Yeah. And you know I will. I told you.
I’ve just grown up so much. Yeah, I’m just saying,
I haven’t really got time. To what, see me? Yeah. Not not see you, but before,
I’m not going to come running, put if we plan ahead for weekends
or things, I can see you more. I’ll put in the effort,
as well, obviously… just to see how things go. Like, see if we could get back
to where we was… rather than just friends. Great. I’m fed up of being your
friend. Fed up of being my friend? But, um, yeah… Did you get your lashes done?
I did, I did. Leaving with Joey today
makes me feel… ..butterflies inside, I suppose, just to see what the future
can hold for us. Leaving with Rianna today, it’ll be nice to take things
to the next level.

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