Amayakuraalu || Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Amayakuraalu || Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Only Rs. 4000?
That is like a steal. Yay! I got a new iPhone. Yeah! Bye!
– iPhone? How much did your phone cost you?
– Rs. 40,000. – Lol! Why are you laughing?
– You’ll know tomorrow. – Crazy girl. How I wish I bought myself a new phone.
Did you find any gullible people from Charminar? Or from Manikonda? People are becoming wise.
All we need is one fool. A fool is calling up. Hello?
– Hello! Where is my iPhone? A lady fool.
– What iPhone? I’m Jaythri. I received a message the other day
that I’d win an iPhone if I pay Rs. 4000. Oh, yes! Now I remember. Firstly, congrats.
– Thank you. Where is my iPhone? Well, it is in the last step of verification process.
– And what is it? We’ve to verify that your voice
matches with the voice sample we have. I see. So, what do you want me to say?
What was that? Just do as I say, unless you don’t want the iPhone.
– Sure, I will. Was that good?
– Sorry, ma’am. Your voice doesn’t match. Incase, you need anymore assistance,
don’t call this number. Hey! You seem upset.
– I received a text nessage. It read that I won an iPhone
and all I needed to do was pay Rs. 4000 I did that
but I failed the voice recognition test. What were you made to say in the test? That suits you so well.
How did you believe you’d win an iPhone for Rs. 4000? Get up.
– What for? – I said get up! What are you doing?
– In a week’s time, I’ll grow till here. How can you?
What is this? Sotari Herbal Water.
This will help me in adding height. There is no way you’d call me short stuff again.
– She is low on height and low on intelligence. I won money!
All I need to do is share this message with ten people? Is it Jaythri again?
– Yeah. – How much is she thinking she won? Rs. 350.
– What an innocent girl. I’ve to send it to three more contacts.
Mom, dad and sister! Why didn’t the money get credited yet?
Maybe I should open the link. ‘Oops!’
It failed again? Here you go.
– No thank you, I’m good. You must be thirsty.
– I don’t drink soft drinks. – Why not? I don’t want to contract Aids.
– What do you mean? Don’t you know? Blood sample
of a person with Aids has contaminated all soft drinks. That’s all nonsense.
– No, it is not. Didn’t you read the message? I read the message and I also know it is all nonsense.
– Cut it! You know nothing. Served me right for buying you a soft drink.
– Take this away from me. Shit! It is morning already. A new message? Today is a state wide bandh?
Lovely! So, no office today. Who is it now? ‘Jaythri, where are you?’
– At home, sir. – ‘Aren’t you coming to office?’ Isn’t there a state bandh?
– ‘No, there isn’t. I want you in the office ASAP.’ Sure, sir. So, you are finally here.
Don’t you know we’ve an inspection today? MD chided me because you weren’t here.
– I was told there was a bandh today. My foot!
Do you believe every random message you get? Be wise! I heard you forward many stupid messages
and that you challenged Akira you’ll grow taller? Won’t you ever grow up?
Forwarding messages won’t get you lucky working hard will.
Talking to you is pointless. Don’t believe everything you are told.
Use some common sense. Your colleagues are facing
problems because of you. This is the 21st century and you are doing an IT job.
If even educated ones like you act so naive what would become of this country?
Try to change your ways. You may go. Ms Short Stuff,
it’s been a week and you still are as short. What is the matter, Jaythri?
– Boss chided me for being so naive. I’m unable to figure out what
to believe and what not to. But, he is right I can’t blindly believe everything.
Hereon, I’ll think before believing anything. I swear, I’ll become wiser.
– Nice! Now sleep. ‘What was that?
Is someone here?’ ‘No, there can’t be anyone here.’ ‘O Woman, come back tomorrow.’ Now, no ghost or spirit
would enter. Now, I can sleep peacefully. Jaythri, I’m on the way.
Can’t you hear the traffic noise? What’s up, kiddo.
– Jaythri believes everything she hears. You’re right. The other day, she lost her card.
She called up a number she thought was the customer care and gave them all her card details without verifying.
– She’d even share the OTPs. Were they bitching about me?
Don’t pay heed to what they say, I’m not naive. But, if you liked this video,
do like, share and subscribe to Wirally.

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  1. Idi amayakatvam kadu mudha nammakam..papam sm ppl believe friends cz dey think dey r genuine..also dey rgood at heart dn smart people who cheat n hurt others

  2. Kallu musukuni keypad type chestunna..lqjsbslaoajsujshdbdndlsqllwjsjsn ===nuvvu chala πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ bhagunnav idhey meaning

  3. O sthree repu raa this is hilarious πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ na chinnappudu days malli gurtocchindii….

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