100 thoughts on “Anthony Scaramucci: Trump’s attack is absolutely disgusting

  1. True. Dont plat with Truth! “He who is unrighteous (unjust, wicked), let him be unrighteous still; and he who is filthy (vile, impure), let him be filthy still; and he who is righteous (just, upright, in right standing ✝️ with God), let him do right still; and he who is holy, 😇 let him be holy still. [Dan. 12:10.] Revelation 22:12 Behold, I am coming soon, and I shall bring My wages and rewards with Me, to repay and render to each one just what his own actions and his own work merit”, Rev22:11, Isa40:10; Jer17:10.]

  2. Respek on your name Mr Scaramucci. You are THE example of what a Republican can be, even one who served for Don. But sadly you are a but an aberration. I I say that sincerely and honestly by no means a slight to you. The cult that is Trump does not listen to reason, truth or dare search for it. Truth is their Kryptonite. To search for truth would dissolve their belief system and the world would come down such as the house of cards it is.

  3. You seppos are going to go another 20 years without healthcare, without social safety nets and billions in corporate socialism. China is going to walk all over you. You have less ambassadors appointed than OZ. And California has 10 million more people than we do.

  4. Of course old Donnie has low self esteem! How would anyone feel if they had to look at that face in the mirror every morning?? 😒🍊💩

  5. Scaramucci has zero credibility. He sucked farts out of Trumps ass & when Trump ousted him, Mooch all of a sudden sees the light & now he’s taking a moral high stance.

    Your a crooked Italian criminal.

  6. Scaramucci is a bitter man. He had a chance to prove himself and failed at the position President Trump gave him. Then the president embarrassed him. Now he's bitter and angry. Wants retribution. He will makeup anyting to get back at the president. He makes it all up. U can tell just watch him.

  7. We do not want a moderate. Democrats are always bowing to Republican's and it's time they stopped. Working for the American people — working to make our tax dollars work for us and not corporations is the right direction. Stop pushing this bullshit about meeting in the middle…no one is interested. I really like Obama, but he has always been way, way to willing to compromise, sacrifice Democrat values just to get along. Sorry, but this is a fight and Democrats better not back down. Republican's haven't offered anything…not a single policy has been proposed by them in years! Oh wait, tax cuts that primarily benefited the right and a few middle class people were luck enough to get some of the crumbs. They are not offering anything, but they are fighting hard to keep corporations making huge profits at the expense of the 99% of the country. Pay attention to the bigger picture and not just the day-to-day minutia.


  9. A Moderate will lose worse than a Progressive. The Mooch stands to lose something if a Progressive wins. That's why he is touting a Moderate.

  10. What is truly disturbing is not so much that a con man succeeded in reaching the US presidency, but that he has found plenty of American officials more than willing to look the other way, or keep silent, or even help and defend him during his multiple attempts at corrupting large swaths of the American government. That a president would associate himself with known corrupt individuals, in the US and in other countries, to smear the reputation of honorable civil servants and bribe foreign governments into sending their investigators after US citizens should ring alarm bells in every American brain. That's a very bad omen for the United States. Give these crooks 4 more years, and chances are the US could join the ranks of "failed States". Don't count on Republicans to correct this, for they are now fully involved in bringing dishonor to their party and to their country.

  11. Anthony scaramucci is the biggest traitor and hes full of crap. I wonder if hes planning on writing a book or something like that. Whats his agenda

  12. Did he just say on an international tv station that DJ Trump is below the law? Com’on. It is shocking that the “deep state” is pushing this narrative that the president does not have equal protection of the law like all other Americans.

  13. Sidenote: No matter which representatives you support, it is absolute fact that the corporations control our political system, and have done so since the 1980s. They keep our democracy in check, buying politicians in both parties and undermining legislation on issues the majority of the American people support. The ONLY thing that gives them that power is the Electoral College. If the Popular Vote determined general elections, this country would follow the mandate of the middle class, instead of a corporate faction. This is a very compromised democracy, a JOKE to call itself "leader of the free world", as long as oligarchs have first and last say in our elections. Get RID of the Electoral College or reassign its role, and let the Popular Vote run the show. Guarantee, gov't corruption would be better held in check, foreign hackers would have a much harder time messing with our elections, since margins in races would be wider, and we'd be capable of getting a 3rd party candidate with a better chance of winning an election (as it is, it only hands a race to one of the 2 main parties). So much more would get done for the nation! Until we can actually eliminate the EC with an amendment, the best option right now is for states to sidestep the EC and pledge its electoral support to whoever wins the Popular Vote. Everyone should scream at their representatives to do precisely that in 2020. It's time to have a real democracy, and screw Putin!

  14. He may be the president but it is just dj trumputin. A disgusting human being. A wannabe. An imposter. A liar in chief. Pussy grabber in chief. Traitor in chief. Obstructionist in chief and on and on……..he is shooting blanks.
    Fn republican'ts need to stand up against him now.
    And damn you mooch. Warren is not a socialist. Democracy does not work without a splash of socialism. Police and fire as examples. Social Security. Big money has taken hold of our government and Warren has a solution. She is not a socialist in the context of what you suggest. Greedy mother frs that want to avoid their fair share. F u mooch. I almost fell for your sudden change of heart on trump.
    Impeach the pig and let's get our country back before it's too late.

  15. When you take the red envelope from the fed and the globalists, you must dance to their tunes.
    Schiff dances as if his and the lives of his loved ones is at stake!!

  16. Economy, jobs, security and etc are so excellent historically undre the leadership of president Trump.
    President has the right to call president of Ukraine under the constitution.
    Nothing wrong with phone call! The impeachment ridiculous at all!

  17. Get a grip people.


    It's just another segment of the freak show. Wow, look at that! What a funny looking clown!

  18. Mooch is so vindictive hes a hater since he got fired kind of like the impeachment this is out of control, people get fired are they so thin skinned they cannot get over it without an act of congress, it used to be a joke now its a reality sad times.

  19. Mooch is just that, a mooch, trying to secure his 15 mins of fame. God Bless our Great President and us real Patriots will stand by him in 2020. GO TRUMP. #KAG

  20. shame on CNN reporters, everyday CNN and her followers attack president trump, but when the president attack back it will become a problem, shame.

  21. Former W.H. communications director lol THE MOOCH. So people forget people are attacking President Trump and these scum bags are all Obama Hillary criminal followers like the Mooch.
    Nobody cares. See you grew up with the Care Bears you are a different generation where you get an award for just showing up you and the entire class. You sound like a puss. President Trump 2020! Puss you know he is still the best Vote.

  22. I hope US can unite behind Sanders and defeat Trump in the next elections! I do not see any other candidate to be able to do that.

  23. Democracy needs at least two parties that work well. Destroying the GOP is not in the best interest of democracy, however leaving this GOP in place with trump will destroy the democracy in America.

  24. America under Fantasy Man has become a third world country with corrupt and fascist leadership. The regimes the US is fighting to the death of their own in other countries they now have in their own backyard. If Americans stand for this like those sickening republicans defending this kind of disgusting shit, they will also know what it is to live in a failed state.

  25. Trump does not respect the office. I am so tired of the insults. Can this man literally not part with anyone without the insults! Here are a few from Donald Trump. Human scum, lowlife, third rate loser, low class slob, slimeball, deadpan, worthless, pathetic, nut job, total sleaze, irrelevant dope, fake, crazy, neurotic, dishonest, disaster, old and worthless, total phony, sad sack, rag, sloppy, creep, flunky, gym rat, low IQ, disgraced, really dumb, dummy, stupid, failed, nasty, weak, bottom of the barrel, goofball atheist, irrelevant, clueless, overrated, total failure, total dud, little, short and fat, wacko, puppet, no talent, fools, fired like a dog, pathetic, sick, weird, a joke, total hypocrite, nervous wreck, totally inept, a sad case, ungrateful fool, joke of a deal, total quitters, hokey garbage, total disgrace, zero talent, sick and demented, unglued and weird, lethargic, pure scum, thugs, no guts, goofy, flake, fumbling, moron, slippery, crazed lunatic, lightweight choker, off the wall, not very bright, dumb as a rock, no honor, big and fat, virtually incompetent, nothing more than a gofer, just a delivery boy.
    When he says they should have been nicer, and more respectful, to their President, it makes me wonder why you would respect anyone who talks like this! Respect is earned, not given.

  26. It was so horrifying to hear the story of a Ukrainian woman dying a painful death, by acid being thrown at her. Marie Yovanovich relayed this. Many years ago, I watched a documentary about businessman Trump. A helicopter crash killed his manager of Trump hotel and another employee . It was chilling that Trump blamed them, one month later for his business woes. I am just saying, people who support him must take care. People who testify, please take care.

  27. I wonder what was said on the call between Trump & Erdogan that saw Trump withdraw troops within hours of that call (against America's foreign policy interests & benefiting Russia) without even consulting our allies (e.g. The Kurds, Germany, France, etc.). Hang on…did someone say there's a Trump Towers in Istanbul (Turkey)?

  28. YUP too right say it like it is !! The evil that is trump is a crook and such a shame to Democracy !! IMPEACH IMPEACH !! LOCK HIM UP!!

  29. Okay, I'll cut "The Mooch" some slack, but, we all know…well, just imagine if he had never gotten fired, he would still be a puppet of this squalid sewage varmint Creature and Crook.

    However, he did get fired, and he's now telling the truth about this anti American leader of the free world. So, let's give him credit…but no parades.

  30. I think the Ambassador's testimony will embolden more ppl. to come forward now. The president is little more than a bag of wind st this point. His entire family getting booed every plzce they show up.

  31. America is more than ready for Democratic Socialism. In fact, it's damn overdue. The fact that ruthless, greedy egomaniacs like you Mooch have abused the system for so long is what has driven us into the madness that we're living in today. You will never get that though.

  32. I don't agree with some of the things Trump does but I agree with his use of Twitter because he cuts out the mainstream media talking heads and connects directly with the world without having his message reframed to suit some media elites politically correct worldview or agenda. Do I agree with everything Trump tweets? Of course not, but at least you are getting the message straight from the mouth of the horse, rather than what some Wolf Blitzer or the likes tries to frame the message to be.

  33. I honestly, genuinely do not understand why so many people – who are objectively intelligent, reasoning people – are so intimidated by Trump. He is a classic conman and a bully; utterly empty and void of any and all substance. We've already seen as soon as you marginally stand up to him, he falls apart. There's nothing there. Like all bullies, he's a coward with a loud voice.

  34. "the hearings are going to play out like their going to play out", the house will vote to impeach, the Senate will conduct the trial and the verdict will be not guilty. Not because Trump is innocent of all the articles, but because republicans control the Senate, if republicans are to vote guilty there must be a huge ground swell that they cannot ignore. This is why no president has ever been removed from office, Nixon was the closest and he was not removed from office, he resigned because for all his faults, he (Nixon) had a sense of honor and shame. Trump does not have any of these qualities a normal human being would have. He is willing to take the whole republican party down with him and they will allow it, because they cant get away from him, they are more afraid of getting a job, then the American people, point blank.

  35. This is exactly what the reptilian overlords want a country divided
    STOP falling for the obvious
    Before it's too late and we're all mining tritium on planet Xeno

  36. I like Scaramucci a lot. He's eloquent and direct an puts the entire situation in clear perspective. He may be a Republican but what I hear is a man committed to Democracy and America who is erudite in explaining the situation as it exists right now and that what we need to stop it. We need to be more than party factionalized. We have an underhanded fascist criminal in charge of our nation. Scaramucci makes a point that we have to stop being concerned about political parties for the moment. Sure we can get back to that, but right now we have a Mussolini Style Fascist in charge. I'd be pleased as could be just to have Jeb Bush as our President. At least he would uphold our system of justice and he's not a Traitor, but the Russians pulled the rug out from under his candidacy as well; not just Hilary Clinton. The Russians are both smart and ruthless. They're the ones that kill your entire family if you don't cooperate. All True American Patriots have to band together and rid our nation of this Perilous Megalomaniac. First and foremost we need to restore our governments checks and balances and the respect and caring of a moral code that upholds devotion to justice and truth and exposes the liar and punishes their traitorous behavior rather than giving them a free hand to do more damage. We have rid ourselves of the Russian brainwashing mind control machine that permeates our internet. Scaramouch is also correct that if Warren, Sanders or Pete B get the Dem nomination we are giving Trump an easy win in 2020. Our system would then become a Totalitarian Fascist Monarchy with King Trump The Nightmare. The Dems need a more moderate candidate that has much a larger demographic appeal to Swing state voters. If we don't do that we will become nonredeemable as a nation and will be like Russia, because Russia is clearly behind all this subterfuge and the Trump Show.

  37. Do you want to see and hear how bad CNN and their so-called reporters; in cooperation with corrupt politicians, are so way off the truth and into the evil smear campaign against our duly elected president? Check out the SerialBrain2 videos: www.youtube.com/user/gunnytorres/videos

  38. Read

  39. You are more that wrong Moocher! This country is starving for Socialism, Corporate Fascism/Crony Capitalism is dying buddy. No, Trump will not win, he's behind every Democrat who's running. You was doing so good until you start bashing Socialist with your Reich winger fascist talking points… 😉

  40. Don't run "Bernie"? He just broke the record for the most individual donations in history. I am suer you don't want to mention that CNN.

  41. Weldon mooch,keep encouraging all those with more damaging information to come forward and testify.Remove all of them out of Office

  42. He's right that Mr Trump's misusing the powers of the president by bullying witnesses. He wants to stop anyone else coming forward: 'a cascade' of corruption. Mr Trump's a Paper Tiger. 'Be you ever so high, the law is above you.'

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