BBC HARDtalk – Jean-Marie Le Pen – Former head of The National Front, France (1972-2011) (5/10/15)

BBC HARDtalk – Jean-Marie Le Pen – Former head of The National Front, France (1972-2011) (5/10/15)

The mood of the French public right now is very far from sunny. The economy is barely growing, unemployment is high and voters are fed up with politics as usual. All of which is fuelling the popularity of the far right National My guest today is her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Father and daughter used to be the closest of allies, It is a compelling French soap opera, but what does it say about Jean-Marie Le Pen, welcome to HARDtalk. You have had 60 years in politics and here use it, suspended from the party that you created and at war… Yes, and at war with your own daughter. How do you feel today? That’s true. But I come back to this emotional feeling you must have,” Mark whether it is temporary or not, you are at the moment not able to play a role in your party, but worse than that you have this terrible fight with your own daughter. You are smiling and that interests me, that you are smiling, because I wonder if you can tell me what went wrong in your relationship with Marine? As recently as two years ago, when she was leader and you were incorporated with her, you said,” we are together. We have one political access. There is no problem between us”. So what happened? Point — what went wrong? But, if I may say so, it strikes me that the fundamental problem between you and Marine isn’t ideology or politics, it is personal. To quote a political expert, she says, Jean-Marie Le Pen is no more than master in his own party and there is a fundamental jealousy toward his daughter. But you didn’t like the fact that she and her close colleagues used this phrase ‘de-toxify’. They said they had to de-toxify the image of the National Front. You know she was trying to move away from the things that you have said in the past about the gas chambers and the Holocaust, the accusations of anti-Semitism. She wanted nothing to do with any of that and then, in the last 12 months, you came back in the public arena and repeated these things, saying that the gas chambers were just a detail of the history of the war. Why did you insist on bringing this subject up again? The reality is this. The French courts have made their decisions about you. In the 1960s you were convicted of being an apologist for war crimes. In the 80s you were found guilty of denying the Holocaust. You have been fined, you paid a price for your views. Why do you not… Even if you hold these views, which most French people find reprehensible, why can you not keep quiet now? You are not the leader, your daughter is the leader, and she believes, this is the phrase she used, you are committing political suicide for your party by using the language you use. After she moved against you and tried to expel you from the party, you said,” she may want me dead but I will not co-operate”. You really believe your daughter wants you get? — dead? The thing is, the French public are innocent is gripped by this story, because it is such a human story. I still don’t quite understand how a relationship between the two of you, that was so strong and so close, has become so poisonous and bad. One of her closest deputies said this: ” Her father is destroying everything she built. It is unbearable for her psychologically to have this constant shadow written down on her. That’s why she wants him out of the party, because then she can be liberated”. That raises an interesting question, given the scale of the fallout between you. Do you now support your own daughter’s bid for the French presidency? We know she wants to run. Will you support her? Can you accept that the National Front has changed? Your daughter has changed it and it is quite clear that the membership of the party now supports her in her battle with you. There was one poll which showed that 94% of the membership who voted on the issue supported the abolition of your post of honourary president. It seems to me you are struggling to acknowledge — acknowledge what seems to me the truth proven by the ballot box. That is… Hang on, that Marine Le Pen is more popular than you ever were. She, in the last presidential election, won 6.4 million votes. You never won 6.4 million votes. She attracts more French people to the cause of the National Front venue ever did. — venue ever did. In the last European election, with the National Front led by Marine Le Pen came first place, 25% of the vote. You never got close to that. Lets think about the message that she delivers. I wonder whether you have a problem with it. She has decided to emphasise economic arguments, not just the old policies you had on immigration and security. She is telling the French people that there’s an alternative when it comes to economics. She is anti-austerity, anti- globalisation, anti the euro and I wonder whether you believe that she is on the right track you. She is trying to pull in voters from the left, as well as from the right, and she is saying the French people, our party isn’t just obsessed with immigration, it is a party that has policies on all the big issues, especially the economy. A simple question, Monsieur Le Pen, are you an Islamophobia? — Islamaphobe. Then, if you’re not… If you’re not an Islamaphobe, why do you keep saying France’s cultural identity is at risk if you do not reverse what you call this torrent of immigration? We could be beaten, you say, without their even being the need for a revolution or a walk. It seems to me you are suggesting to the French public that the immigrant challenge facing Europe is first of all, basically, about Muslims flooding in, a torrent, you say, flooding into Europe, and that France’s very identity is at risk, and that is really not true, is it? — war. Yes, but hang on… Think about the figures. The French government has said it will take 30,000 refugees, mostly from Syria, over the next two years. 30,000, in a country of 60 million, when the Germans are taking 800,000, maybe a million. Where is this torrent that you talk about in France? There are already, what, maybe 5 million Muslims living in France. French citizens, just as French as you are. How do you think they feel when you suggest to me that Muslims coming into France represent a fundamental threat to the survival of this country? Hang on, you are saying a Muslim who was born here, whose mother and father are born here, he or she is still not really French? It seems to me you are betraying one of the fundamental principles of the French republic. The republic is supposed to be blind to religion or to any cultural special identity. Every citizen of the republic is supposed to be equal. You are suggesting to me that Muslim members of the republic are not quite as equal as others. You talk a lot about history and the history of France. Forgive me, I don’t mean this to sound rude at all, but you are an old man now, you are 87 years old, still going strong but you are an old man. Some people say there is a generational issue here. You tend to look back. Your politics was formed in World War Two and the decolonisation and the Algerian war, and that is your context and you’re history. But that is not the context of most French people today who are a lot younger than you are — your. And you refuse to call… Yes, and you are so obsessed with it, you refuse to call him a traitor. Most people would regard him as a traitor. You do not. You have strong views about the Second World War and France’s history. Isn’t it time for friends to look forward? You are politician who always looks back. Well, let’s end by looking forward, and I want to come back to Marine and the National Front. The polls suggest the party is in a stronger position today than it has ever been, and it looks as though Marine, your daughter, has a very realistic chance of actually coming out number one in the first round of the presidential poll in 2017. These are extraordinary times. It seems to me incredible that you refuse to say to me that you will support her. And how are your relations with her right now? You talk about it in the third person, as though it is not really you and her, not really and daughter. At the bottom line is, this is a family quarrel — not really father and daughter. And one of you is going to have to make the first move to solve it. If she doesn’t, in your view, put out her hand to reach out to you, is it possible that, even at your grand age of 87, you might form a new party, a breakaway party, and leave the Front national altogether? — Front National. LAUGHS. I hope so too. We have to end it there. Thank you very much for being on HARDtalk, merci bien. Goodbye. Well, the weather’s on the change and this week will look and feel

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  1. Si les français avaient voté pour lui à 80% au lieu de 20% la France ne serait pas dans cet état 🙂
    What JM Le Pen doesn't understand is that most (80%) french people are stupid and for them to vote for Front National, the party needs to be as dumb as they are. That's how the left and right parties have done to keep on being elected decades after decades despite their horrific job performances.
    If Marine is to be elected by a majority of those same stupid people, she needs to level down to their stupid level.
    JM Le Pen doesn't want to do that, just wants to keep on talking the truth, and that's why he was never elected nationally in the last decades.
    French people blame many things, politicians, medias, etc. But they are the source of the problem by electing the same corrupt politicians. They have no excuse other than their own stupidity, they don't live in a dictatorship, they vote for what happened and what will happen.
    Just like UK people by the way. A majority of british people are just as dumb (such a little less) as a majority of french people.

  2. You get 25 minutes with Jean-Marie Le Pen, and what do you do? Spend the first ten and the last five minutes to talk about the feud with his daughter… sigh. Journalism in the 21st century, I guess.

    But I´ve always admired Mr. Le Pen; one of the last representatives of the intellectual, moral and cultural centre that Europe once was.

  3. This so called journalist is a real scumbag. He does not want to present Jean Marie Le Pen to the public but humiliate him with every question… Thanks God Jean Marie outsmart him altogether

  4. I can not stop my smiling when he was asked about wars. this man is right it's the press and media which always talk about war.

  5. Is this interviewer stupid or what ? french identity being christian if we welcome millions of muslims they are not going to convert to Christianism . Therefore yes OUR identity is at risk with this flood of migrants . More than fed up with this political correctness .

  6. Ca se voit vraiment qu'il veut en finir avec ces querelles mais je pense qu'il est trop fier pour se remettre en question sur ces déclarations "chocs", c'est dommage, en tout cas Marine lui fait honneur avec les régionales et il doit être content, sinon j'ai bien aimé sa phrase : "Je ne suis pas islamophobe, je suis Francophile"

  7. 11:05 Il dit "non madame" puis se récupère en disant "non monsieur", il pensait aux paroles de disait la traductrice dans son oreillette 😀

  8. I disagree totally with some of the comments that this was a bad interview. Sackur
    asked pertinent questions & of course Le Pen dodged some of the replies. So we learnt
    little about his personality except that he has a very short fuse & extremely stubborn – so its not surprising that Marine had to get him out of the way to improve her party's

  9. you left wing scum bags just don't get it. Islam will do what is always has done and that is to dominate and eventually obliterate other cultures. Just look at their history. Look at Persia, look at north Africa, look at Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, all of these places have had their indigenous cultures wiped out through the same process of Islamization. You people just don't get it. Just listen to the smug condescending attitude of this Brit whose own country will be an emirate soon enough. The problem is that Muslims don't subscribe to this idea of equality and in a democracy it doesn't take a majority, it only takes a solid voting block to radically change a country. Civil war is coming to all over Europe and it is the fault of the left.

  10. 'a mere detail in history'

    why is there No 'HOLODOMOR' museums in Europa & America ?

    No memorial for the Tens of millions exterminated in the Communist 'GULAG COMPLEX' why ?




  14. Does this snobbish interviewer has absolutely no idea of ethics or etiquette? Every question is posed in a manner which looks like a deliberate insult to either this man or his daughter. It is not polite to talk to people like that!

  15. this journalist is a real
    fucken idiot. yes of course the Muslims are trying to take over u idiot fool…listen to him he is truthful

  16. Mr Le Pen is such an intellectual and honourable man, very strong and very rational. All the MSM has misquoted what he said and what he did is so unfair. FAKE news!! Looked at the BBC presenter, every single question is an attack to Mr Le Pen but Mr Le Pen answered with a smile and reasoning. Loved to listen what he has to defend, he is a true patriot and hero of the country, and the founder of the National Front. Go Marine Le Pen to save France!!

  17. "Even if you hold this views, which most french people find reprehensible " .. AAahahahaa… most french MEDIAS, not french people. Just look "most" comment on youtube about.
    I never ever understood why Le Pen was condamned for saying that " holocaust is a detail from the history of war" .. I mean, ask someone in Hiroshima if they think every year about central europa, ask prisoners on Japanese island subjected to cannibalism while kept alive in matter to walk their meat from A to B themselves…
    Le Pen had to apologize for saying that, and what he did was on spot : he apologized "second world war is a detail of the holocaust".. now that sounds much better isn't it ?

  18. The British press is just so predictable! They harp again and again on the same issues, the same things that really make no political impact at this time. Yet, the strategy is always the same; to make the public see JM LePen as a Hitler Francais. The problem with this approach is that it is so transparent and people are sick of it. Vive La France!

  19. Rage against the machine,( killing in the name of), has a few lines at end of song a message to the bbc. propaganda.

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