75 thoughts on “BBC Suez A Very British Crisis 2006) Part 1

  1. A thought-provoking and intelligent documentary that states both sides of what seems to have grown from a monumental misunderstanding. On another level it demonstrates and enhances the BBC reputation for making very fair minded programmes while many national broadcasting stations just churn out their own propaganda.

  2. The British Empire hasn't been a wholesome thing. It has promoted slavery of colored people, exploitation of their land, their resources and degradation of the dignity of others around the world.

  3. The British should have dynamited the canal; destroyed everything they had built. It had power over them because they could not.

  4. 8:20: Well, are there 'gorilla's" in Egypt, that's a new one 🙂 It's true that when you hear Egyptians speak, purely 'musically', it really sounds indeed as if they are "hot blooded" as one of them claims.

  5. How the Wogs defeated Eden the Asshole, and made Britain not Great any more or ever since, that is how evil people operate then and now…………………

  6. Nassar was obviously a charismatic, clever and educated man. However, he missed a key point in his attempt to make Egypt a great country. One unfortunately that persists to this day. Egypt's tragedy is that its full of Egyptians. Were this group to be removed, it could well become a truly great country. This problem afflicts much of the Arab world. The Arabs. Shame really for such wonderful countries spoiled by being full of….well ….Arabs.

  7. Why are the British so good at making documentaries is it their accent? if some event happens in the world one thing everybody is going to be wondering is when is a British documentary going to come out about it?

  8. 17:15. Omar Sherif mistakenly stated that Opera house was burnt in 1952 but that did not happen until 1972 under peaceful conditions of spontaneous electrical charge.

  9. All the British people in this documentary keep going on about how “handsome” Eden was… are they serious? I know the British are not exactly a physically blessed nation, but for you to say that this pale pasty rodent of a man was good looking, is a bit of a joke.

  10. Eden said "thats how dictators behave"….Any leader that put industry into National hands is a savior and away from the real dictator…Privatisation and central banking.

  11. An RN friend gave me a ribbon from that incident. I believe the HMS Eagle was part of that action. Dulles & Eisenhower are SOBs. These drove Egypt into the hands of the USSR .

  12. "british empire had been a wholesome thing" haha are you serious? you murdered 100 million people and enslaved 500 million. you literally made the Nazis look like amateurs, what a absolute disgrace.

  13. Thank you for an informative, fair-minded documentary. Very insensitive (to me wrong) of the U.S. not to inform Nassar personally about their change of heart about financing Aswan Dam

  14. The US had Britain by the balls, because of the massive aid and debt we owed them, makes me wonder sometimes, why was it only us that sold our soul to defeat Hitler… (Russians paid a huge price of course, but never paid back their war debt to the US… or Britain for that matter) The rest of Europe never had to pay back a penny… takes the piss!

  15. Respect to Nasser. Its sad though the Arabs failed to capitalize on this victory and now almost whole middle east has been fucked up by the Brits and Americans.

  16. When the British left the Middle East it became barbaric and the home of terrorism. The world would be a lot safer if it had stayed but what can you do, except fight an endless war that we are because they blame their failures on us and the rest of 1st world countries.

  17. Does one find it ironic that a Muslim in Britain (and therefore solipistic in his bias) uploaded a state TV network documentary about the last non-gay British political event? Time to turn the lights out in Britan.

  18. I don't know what's more pathetic here, the 'fair play' and honest dealing of a now defunct British ruling elite getting constantly taken advantage of, or Nasser's panhandling of Britain, the US, and the USSR from complaining and shouting colonialism duh duh, an early form of race baiting.

  19. This documentary omits the fact that Radio Cairo that was used to promote anti-British sentiment was funded by the Americans who helped Nasser to oust the British so that they'd have a larger role and control in the middle east.

  20. Also not true that the Americans wouldn't sell arms to Egypt and that's the reason why he went to the Soviets. The Americans had actually offered arms to them providing that Nasser would make certain concessions and support. The Soviets didn't have any concessions and were simply looking for a foothold into the middle east and hence offered the weapons for free.

  21. My god!…what did Eden and staffs think would happen to British and other western foreign nationals in Egypt if he allowed a slaughter of scores of Egyptian policemen?

  22. Eden somehow failed to realize that the British no longer had the empire that they once possessed. He also failed to see that those around the world who had to one degree or another been subjected to the humiliations of that empire were now rightfully standing up to it and saying to it "No more! Get out and stay out!"

  23. The trash who call themselves “ Egyptian” are no more Egyptian than I am ! – they are a rag toggle group of itinerant trash that bully themselves in the Arab world – and do today – trash!

  24. This documentary does not translate from arabic to english properly, translate properly for fuck sake. 2 minutes in and theres already a scene where a man talks about how he and his wife was beaten. But what was translated was ‘we are a hot heated people’ for real?!

  25. I think they may give Nasser too much credit for nationalization of Sues. He got the idea from Soviet Union ideas. Cuba will get the same idea thereafter.

  26. So we don't sell Nasser arms nor the yanks and then everyone is shocked when he buys Soviet arms. Naive doesn't really cover it.

  27. Suez crisis was a foretaste of the ruling class misjudging the implications of the situation they were in in 1956 Britain,with empirical false dreams of power that did not exist and we have the same today with comparisons to 1956-,namely a Tory Government and a public which irrationally chases a false dream of British grandeur which in reality does not exist in an inter connected world we live in today in 2019 .

    USA will also learn the lesson soon that the world in general does not support bullies and forcing their clout on unwilling nations who oppose them.N.Korea and Iran re the best examples.

  28. Bye bye British empire that collapsed in reality with Indian independence and the jewel in the crown gone in 1947-Suez just added salt to the wound as reality set in that days of empire for Britain post war were gone and all they had was a shitty little Falkland islands that should belong to Argentina.

    Amazing Brexiteers just don,t get the message or a Government sending gunboats to China 1841 opium war style 178 years too late.

     Britain is a tiny, all be it nuclear power, on a far bigger stage with giants like China thyat will crush us if we play war games in their back garden.

  29. Eden was way over the top ,virtually comparing Nasser to a fascist and Hitlerite whereas in fact he was an Arab nationalist ,ante colonialist ,ante British bully boy imperialism so naturally Nasser cleverly played the Soviet card when Britain shut up shop and refused to help Egypt with financing the new dam.

  30. Many British people and progressive ante colonialists like Nye Bevan, Fenner Brockway,Michael Foot,Bishop Huddlestone ,Tony Benn et.al. in the Labour and Liberal party , supported de colonization of Africa in the 50,s and Nasser had a lot of sympathy seen as being bullied by the last kicks of an empire and reactionary Tory gung ho party orchestrated by Eden that was desolving rapidly post-Indian independence after 1947.

  31. Nasser was a great patriot and superb leader and did a lot to make Egypt a powerful and proud country like its past…… May rest in peace

  32. .Just came across this excellent posting thank you my friend .
    As a guy from Scotland learning about the other countries dealing with the so called leading countries of the world .we realise they are just bullying
    Crooks who want to take anything it can from any country to hell with the
    Inhabitants. I salute the people of Egypt for fighting for there country and there right to exist in this world without tyranny and being treated like second class citizens in there own country .

  33. The british should have never giving up Egypt or India they should have as Nixon say's Bomb the hell out of those people and America should help or stay the fuck out of the way look at these countries now day's they talk shit and do what ever they want and only the big dog's can do that not these little ass countries that would be still wipping there ass's with a fucking sticker bush if it wasn't for the big dog's may be we should just invent a bomb that will take out only people and drop it on Egypt , India , Iraq and any one who cry's about it haha ya let's do it

  34. I have listened to the comments of some of the English soldiers and I realised that most of them were – and many still are – indoctrinated with a much filthier racism than Hitler's. This is the most primitive racism, Churchill's racism. Yes, life's injust: butcher Churchill should have ended like Hitler, and swoony Eden should've been served a dum-dum in his hollow skull. And that pussy soldier: the English empire has given the world so much! So much jerk, just like him, nothing else. And when I see all this snaky sizzling from all those crappy dandies, that the Canal is vital, wow, for the interests of their nation, then I realise that in fact every colony had been like that, just territories ripe for looting and devastating for their interest. And so they tore India and Cyprus apart, for their nation's interests. And maybe they'll see what separation means firsthand, with Scotland and Ulster and even Wales torn away from them, this time for the interest of those nations, so trampled and neglected by the English. Their racism is not hate, the legitimate reaction against oppression is hate and terrorism. These sucking primitive English imperialist bastards!

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