Beauty and the Beast – Mixed Media Nail Art – Hand Painted, 3D Acrylic, 3D Hard Gel Design

Beauty and the Beast – Mixed Media Nail Art – Hand Painted, 3D Acrylic, 3D Hard Gel Design

100 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast – Mixed Media Nail Art – Hand Painted, 3D Acrylic, 3D Hard Gel Design

  1. Can you make a vid fit the painting challenged? I've heard of stone sort of print out way too do pictures without having to physically paint.

  2. Artist…plain and simple. I have always wished I could paint! These types of videos are definitely my favorite of yours. So beautiful!!

  3. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your talents and I l love you. I just litte girl from Greece 🇬🇷

  4. I am a 52yr old woman from Mississippi. I love your works of art . You are cute as a button & so creative!!

  5. Love your nail designs and art work. Amazing talent! Also the name of the glass dome over the Rose is called a Cloche is the link to the pic of it.

    Thanks again for an amazing tutorial! 😍❤💅💋

  6. I'm way late, but the glass thing over the Beast's rose is called a cloche. It's pronounced like close, but with an sh at the end, so klosh. They are often used in gardens like mini greenhouses for tender baby plants in early spring. Cloches keep them from freezing overnight.

  7. Magical is something that's created by magic. So lets say that the rose is magical then the witch would've had to poof the rose into existence for it to be considered magical. Now enchanted is taking a real object and casting magic upon it. So again lets say that the rose is enchanted then the witch would have taken a rose whether real or fake, in this case real, and cast magic upon it. That's the difference between magical and enchanted.

  8. You are a true ARTIST your art form is just Amazing! I love watching your videos you never cease to Amaze every time!!! Absolutely beautiful.

  9. your amazing you are the best nail artist in the world to me any way. i wish you could do my nail. this looks so 3d

  10. I know everyone has already awnsered but without scrolling down I can tell u it’s simply a bell jar sweetheart. You’re so talented. You and you’re family are amazing. Beautiful children just like their parents. Keep up the good work and the encouragement you give when your kids are learning top marks mumma. Brilliant mumma daughter bonding. Wish I’d had something similar with my mum. But hey ho That’s life. Love juliet. Xxx

  11. You are just so talented, I sometimes can’t believe what you can do with nail and paint. Awesome job❤️❤️❤️

  12. I’m sure by now someone has mentioned, it’s a cloche!
    Love your artistry! Asked my son if he could tell what you were painting and he said Star Wars! Right before you started talking about the Beast looking like Chewbacca.

  13. Какая красота.Как бы я хотела себе такого учителя.Я обожаю Вас.

  14. Your talents know no boundaries…exquisite work. You totally captured the magical aspects of the story. Beautiful, just totally beautiful!

  15. She can sing, paint, sculpt, do professional make-up, and do nails with several different mediums. I'd say Kirsty is the perfect face for Naio Nails and is a LOT of fun to watch.

  16. Enchanted is a spell has been put on IT… Magical is like it DOES magical things. Like a wand. Maleficents, or White/Grey Wizards Staff is magical.

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