Beef Rendang, No.1 of CNN World’s Most Delicious Foods list! [Battle Trip / 2017.06.23]

Beef Rendang, No.1 of CNN World’s Most Delicious Foods list! [Battle Trip / 2017.06.23]

– We’re here. / – Alright! Good evening! Welcome. – That place is amazing. / – It’s the best. It’s a very famous restaurant. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you. – The flower was a first for me. / – You look handsome. I’ve never had a welcome like that. I was so surprised. – Everyone has a flower. / – It really feels like Bali. – Everyone greeted us. / – So what… – Are we eating? / – When you think of Bali… You have to have nasi goreng. – Nasi goreng is a signature dish. / – It’s a must. This is it. We also have to try beef rendang. Have you heard of rendang? – Is it curry? / – It’s the world’s number one dish. CNN chose the best three dishes in the world. Number one was Indonesian beef rendang. – That’s it. / – Number one in the world. This looks incredible. – What’s this green onion? / – It’s lemongrass. – It’s a garnish. / – Garnish? – We have to try it. / – Alright. – Nasi goreng. / – Nasi goreng. They sell this a lot in Korea. – That looks delicious. / – It looks great. – It’s delicious. / – That must be basil. – Nasi goreng… / – That’s always the right choice. – It’s good. / – Nasi goreng is always tasty. – It’s delicious. / – It’s so good. – They had a variety of sauces. / – This is it. You can’t go wrong with this. You have to eat this here. I’ve had nasi goreng often… – With my Indonesian friends. / – Right. The cracker is really important. (The cracker is the main point) It tastes like puffed rice or shrimp crackers. – Like shrimp crackers in Korea. / – Right. – Is that true? / – It’s a shrimp cracker. It tastes just like that. But it’s made from scratch. Top the cracker with rice. – Eat it like that. / – That’s how you eat it? Only Tim knew how to eat the cracker. This is how you eat nasi goreng. Eat it like this. Top it with sauce. That’s how my Indonesian friends eat it. – It tastes good. / – Right? – It tastes more savory. / – I’ve never eaten it like that. – The savory taste… / – I’m hungry. Enhances the salty flavor. This is the best. It’s the best. It’s genuine nasi goreng. I always wanted to try this. I found out that it was on CNN’s list of the world’s best foods. – It’s the best. / – It was number one. Beef rendang! It looks like rib stew. It tastes similar to rib stew… When you chew it, it’s like braised beef… – It’s tender and salty. / – I can see that. – It goes well with rice. / – It’s really tender. – It’s great. / – It’s not heavily spiced. It goes well with anything. (How does the beef rendang taste?) (Yum) It’s really tender. It has a familiar taste. When you travel abroad, you might not be able to eat familiar food. But this isn’t like that. – This tastes familiar but new. / – That’s right. It melts in your mouth. What is this? There’s soup too. It’d be perfect with rice. – It’d go great with rice. / – That’s it. – That’s it. / – It’s fried rice as well. Come on in. (Amazed) You have to eat it with rice. Beef rendang isn’t limited. It goes well with everything. – It’s tasty. / – It’s really delicious. We exercised earlier. – That’s why it tastes even better. / – How much is it? It’s around $11. – $11? / – It’s a little over $10. You can think of that place as an upscale restaurant. (Eat like there’s no tomorrow) I’ll become a pig if I live here. I admit it. Exercise is a must. (It’s so good) How was today? What did you think of my itinerary? I thought it was perfect. But… That was your Bali. Now, it’s time for my Bali. You know nothing, Hyun Woo. You can’t experience the Bali I know unless you live here. Hurry to Bali Tour! – Look forward to my Bali! / – Seriously. What is this? That’s how it ends? Time flew by. – That was Hyun Woo’s Bali. / – Wow. – It was all great. / – The resort was really nice. Wasn’t it too luxurious? – It’s not expensive? / – Not at all. If 2 people share a room, it’s $140. – $140? / – The hotel has a unique feature. – Chocolate hour starts at 4 p.m. / – Good idea. The chocolate flows. – You can dip. / – It’s fondue. If you dip marshmallow and eat it, it’s all over! – I love that. / – Is it free? – You two ate that? / – Of course. – Come on, you guys. / – Then we exercised. I went surfing too but the next day my arms went missing. – They were like this? / – I couldn’t control them. – I kept doing this. / – Like that? There are many precautions. Can you let us know? There are a few precautions. There’s a fin under the surfboard. – Right. / – Be careful when you hold it. Since crashing into each other can be dangerous… – Only one person rides each wave. / – Right. Beginners like us tend to ride straight so it’s fine. But mid to expert-level surfers… – Surf the wave diagonally. / – They ride sideways. So if there’s a collision, it can lead to a bad injury. You have be careful. Everyone… – This is surfing. / – It’s dangerous. – No, no. / – You don’t need to worry. There’s always a coach behind you for up to 2 weeks. – Always. / – You can’t surf without a coach. We enjoyed the first half. Now, it’s time to vote. Would you go to Bali? Please vote! (Hurry to Bali Tour’s learning trip) (What will the judges choose?) – We have the results. / – Here we go. – My heart is pounding. / – The two of us will look first. – Let’s look. / – Just the two of us. – No. / – Wow. It must be a high score. Will you be okay? I guess they don’t like surfing. What is it? Didn’t you like the food? – This is their vote count. / – You’re cruel. (He reveals the result only to the audience) (They got 81 votes in the first half) – They are… / – Wait. – They are actors, right? They are not? / – No, no. – They are very cruel. / – Yes… They are cold-hearted. They say one thing and mean another. This isn’t over yet. Tim will be the guide in the 2nd half. It’ll be different. – Is the second half different? / – Tim’s Bali… – Has to be really good. / – Okay! – I promise. / – Got it? Yes. Let’s watch the second half, planned by Tim. Hurry to Bali Tour. Let’s watch it together. Let’s go! – It’s the second day which is Tim’s day. / – So nice. Hey, it’s too early in the morning. It’s too early. – Just follow me. / – They woke up at 6:30 a.m.? We did. We have so much to do today. So we had to wake up early, we have no choice. Bear with me. Let’s quickly eat and be energized. Trips are all about breakfast. It was my first time to have breakfast at a hotel. This place looks so good. (Excited) There are so many things to eat. Women care about breakfast… – Oh, my gosh. / – So much. – They have many fruits. / – This place looks so nice. Bacon is always right. Croissant. I’ll eat lightly. I’ll brown a slice of bread. It’s a light meal. They offer a really nice breakfast. I’ll have it toasted. – I should toast it twice. / – Is he doing it again? No, it cooks both sides at once. (Ta-da!) – Is it done? / – It’s burnt, isn’t it? – Oh, no. / – It’s burnt. It looks like charcoal. – Is it chocolate bread? / – You shouldn’t toast it twice. You’re not supposed to do it twice. People do it only once for a reason. (The leisurely breakfast time) (Makes a trip more pleasant) (He starts his first breakfast) (At a hotel with butter) – Are you eating the burnt bread? / – Yes. It’s crispy. It was crisp and good. I thought something was missing. – He’s a man with manners. / – You think? You should scraped it out. We are not eating anything later today? You have to eat this for today or you’ll be tired. Where are we going today? Today? First of all, the concept of this trip is Bali you know and Bali I know. Your Bali and my Bali. When you think of Bali, the first thing comes to mind is the sea. But Bali also has mountains, fields and valleys… – It has everything. / – He’s right. There’s a waterfall that I want to show you. We’ll go there. (Amazing) It was really scary. You’ll see. You should eat a lot. You’ll see what I mean. You can look forward to it. (Aling-Aling Waterfall, back rib restaurant, Ubud) (Aling-Aling Waterfall) To be honest, I don’t want to tell people about this place. We can go into the jungle and leap off a cliff. (Are you jumping off a cliff?) I really wanted to see this. You wanted to see me jump? – I like this stuff. / – Yeah.

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  1. Gw mau komen inggris sayang g bs hanya litle litle hahahaha. Bali hanya bagian kecil indonesia kuliner yg lain yg lezat masih banyak….

  2. Rendang has no soup actually, you must stir it until the soup become dry. When the soup still there and not dry yet, we call the food Kalio, not yet rendang 😁

  3. Nasi goreng and rendang are most famous Indonesian food but i don't like both, i love tempe goreng and sayur bening 😃

  4. kalian ngebangga2in indonesia kek kesannya gapernah dipuji. dan kadang gw mikir orang luar negeri yg lihat komenan org indo mikir "gile ni komenan org indo semua bangga bgt si gitu doang" dan please kalo mau komen pake bhs inggris grammarnya dibenerin tanya ke org yg pinter bhs inggris dulu ya 😬😬🙏🙏

  5. That rendang is not truly rendang, trust me im a minagkabau, the real one is thick dark brown or jet black, and it tastes like heaven

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