BERNIE SANDERS Running Mate for the 2020 Election

BERNIE SANDERS Running Mate for the 2020 Election

The choice of a running mate is always a serious
concern for a presidential candidate. The selection is a serious early indicator
of a potential president’s judgment, and the choice can have serious campaign consequences. Barack Obama chose Joe Biden as his VP, after
the guy had unintentionally made some pretty racialist comments about him. (Yikes!) Obama’s selection signalled to America that
he has rather thick skin, and they would not have to tip toe around their first black president. In the same election, John McCain chose Sarah
Palin, and while I don’t want to dunk on a departed war hero, his pick indicated less
than perfect judgement. Did it to hear that he would rather chose
Lieberman? Well, I don’t lie, so I’ll tell ya… A bit. You know, I think I described it earlier as
a gut punch. In 2016, Trump’s choice of Mike Pence was
an attempt to reach out to more traditional, establishment conservatives. Hillary’s choice of Tim Kaine signalled to
progressives that while she would certainly appreciate Bernie’s endorsement and campaign
rallies, his political revolution was unlikely to have a place in a Clinton white house. For Bernie in 2020, the choice of a running
mate is more important than ever. Should he win, he would be the oldest president
ever elected to a first term, beating the record of the current commander-in-chief. While unlike Trump, there have been no serious
discussions surrounding Bernie’s physical or mental aptitude to discharge the duties
of the presidency, his advanced age heightens the significance of his vp pick. And the urgency of the decision. The sooner he picks a running mate, the sooner
voters can know who would be in charge, should the worst happen. As such, the discussion surrounding Bernie’s
running mate predates his 2020 announcement—and by a lot. George Salomon put a pretty strong short list
together for medium all the way back in August of 2017. At the end of February, 2019, the Toronto
Star published one of the most out-of-touch opinion pieces I’ve ever seen, suggesting
Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Oprah as potential VP picks. That’s, uh. That’s not a good list. What little hints Bernie has already dropped
rule out all four of these options. I’m going to break down Bernie’s stated preferences,
and provide a short list of who I think is most likely to be selected. I’ll also touch upon this, slightly different
question: Who should he pick? During an appearance on the Late Show back
in December, Stephen Colbert asked Bernie what he thought about Beto O’Rourke. Bernie gave a perfectly nice assessment of
his grassroots campaign, before, pivoting to talk about Elizabeth Warren, and then Cory
Booker. Bernie Sanders also brought up these two,
and only these twao in his interview with the Breakfast Club. His bringing up Warren should be no surprise,
as the two have been friends for decades. Warren is often described as the second most
progressive Senator, and she is a serious ally in the struggle against wall street greed,
having developed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Then, he mentions Booker, an unlikely friend,
as while Booker is progressive on many issues, he’s well known to be funded by Wall Street. According to Open Secrets, Booker’s top donors
have included financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, Apollo Global management, and
Morgan Stanley; ny corporate law firms like Paul Weiss, Gibbons PC, and Sullivan and Cromwell;
and the pro-israel pac NORPAC. But, Bernie’s mild praise is not likely to
lead to an offer when it comes to selecting a running mate. In a more substantial and recent interview
with the Young Turks, Bernie gave serious some clues as to who he may be thinking selecting. What are you looking for in a VP? We would look for somebody who is…. maybe not of the same gender as me a couple of years younger than me ….someone who can take the progressive banner
as VP and carry it all over this country to help us with our agenda and help us to
rally the American people Here, it may not sound like he’s saying much,
but he’s actually whittling the field down substantially. I read from his comments three qualifications
he’s looking for. His VP must be: 1. A Woman
2. Younger than Bernie
3. Genuine Progressive Let’s break this down. First, when it comes to someone who is not
the same gender as Bernie, that takes Cory Booker out of the running. It also means no Beto, no Biden, no Buttigieg,
no Barrack, no (Michael) Bennet, nor (Sherrod) Brown, no (Steve) Bullock, no Billonaire (Michael)
Bloomberg, and no Bill de Blassio. He won’t consider Castro, or Yang. Neither of the Johns, (Delaney or Hickenlooper). Nor will he consider Ojeda, or Gillum. No Jay Inslee, Tim Ryan or Terry McAuliffe. Nor, Seth Moulton, Wayne Messam, Chris or
Phil Muphy, Jeff Merkley, or Martin O’Malley. Anyway, you get the idea. It’s going to be a woman. That eliminates about half of the possible
options. The next clue is not as useful. Younger than Bernie only really eliminates
two prominent female democrats: Nancy Pelosi (1940)
Dianne Fienstein (1933) I don’t know that anyone suspected he would
consider either of them, but for what its worth, they’re definitively eliminated. Next, let’s move on to the next hint, since
that one’s a little open for interpretation. So, let’s listen to it one more time. ….someone who can take the progressive banner
as VP and carry it all over this country to help us with our agenda and help us to
rally the American people So, who is a younger female progressive who
Bernie thinks could spread the message all around the country? The establishment press would likely guess
Kamala Harris. She certainly is a strong campaigner, great
at articulating the progressive agenda, but I’m not sure Bernie or his supporters would
consider her progressive enough. A good starting place might be to look at
the stand out victorious candidates endorsed by his group, Our Revolution. Aside from Bernie, himself, the most famous
member of this group may be AOC, but as woman who is too young to run for president, she’s
probably a poor choice for VP. Tulsi Gabbard was also supported by Our Revolution,
and is certainly a favourite among Bernie fans. She’s been pretty solidly progressive for
a good seven years, and has proven herself to be a strong, charismatic competitor in
the race for 2020. Tulsi also meaningfully proved herself to
be a loyal Bernie supporter, 2016. But, there are some reasons to doubt this
choice. I’ve never seen Bernie mention her. There doesn’t appear to be a personal relationship
there, and that could be a problem. Bernie tends to work with people he knows
well, and keeps friends for very long stretches of time. Take for instance, Bernie’s 2016 campaign
manager, Jeff Weaver. The guy began his career as a campaign staffer
for Bernie back in 1986, and Bernie’s stuck with him ever since. Bernie even put him in charge of Our Revolution. When he proved unpopular there, Bernie kept
him in the organization, and while no longer campaign manager, he remains with Bernie for
his 2020 run. Then there’s Ben Cohen, of Ben and Jerry’s. Another long-time supporter for Bernie, who
first stumped for him in some of Bernie’s earliest mayoral races. Now, Cohen is a national co-chair of the Sanders
2020 campaign. There are also other Our Revolution candidates
to consider. Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Pramila Jayapal
are all potential options. They have made noise in congress, but of the
three Omar probably has the largest profile, and not for the right reasons—namely, she
was widely smeared as an anti-semite by both Republicans and Democrats, and in the press,
for criticizing the pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC, and making a reference to Puff Daddy. This, while an Islamophobic poster falsely
connecting Omar to 911 hung outside the chamber of the West Virginia House of Delegates. Bernie was the first and strongest of the
2020 Democrats to defend Omar, followed soon after by Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren,
but its doubtful Bernie would pick her as a running mate. She may be innocent of the anti-semitism accusations,
but Omar probably should have been savvy enough to known that her kind of flippant tweets
were politically tone def. Beyond the Our Revolution Candidates is the
organization itself, one headed up by Nina Turner. Turner has worked closely with sanders since
2017, when she took over as the president and public face of the organization. Prior to that, during the 2016 primary season,
Turner supported Hillary Clinton, but like many democrats, Bernie won her support. Turner was later invited to become Jill Stein’s
running mate, but she declined the Green Party’s invitation. Turner’s profile has been raised by her frequent
appearances on CNN, and she’s remained close to Bernie, joining his 2020 campaign as a
national co-chair. Still, there are some drawbacks with Turner. Her experience as a public official is somewhat
limited. The highest office she’s ever achieved was
Ohio State Senator, which was followed by a failed run for Ohio Secretary of State. Turner is no doubt a politically savvy Bernie
loyalist, but she’s probably better suited working for Bernie behind the scenes, and
in the press. Despite her ties with Bernie, on balance,
her chances of being selected as his VP nominee seem lower than those of Gabbard. Even if Gabbard is not selected, a woman currently
running for president is probably where Bernie’s going to go. Primary opponents very commonly turn into
running mates. Among the women currently running, a few are
very likely to be discounted out of hand. Gillibrand, considering her experience as
a us senator, is not polling particularly well. Despite describing herself as a progressive,
Amy Klobuchar is far too conservative to join Bernie’s ticket. And Kamala Harris, likely to be Bernie’s most
powerful challenger, seems to have less of a relationship with the man than Tulsi. At least Tulsi’s in Our Revolution. Plus, there’s the fact that Harris has, unequivocally
said, “I am not a democratic socialist”. There’s also Stacey Abrahams, who is considering
a run, and who Bernie has both praised and endorsed in the past. But, so far she’s not really showing up in
the polls, so her profile may be too low. The most obvious female, younger than Bernie,
who he believes capable of carrying the progressive message all around the country is, of course,
Marianne Williamson. I’m just kidding. It’s Elizabeth Warren. The candidate he routinely mentions in interviews,
and has a longstanding relationship with. The two are very close. Sanders once told an msnbc anchor, “I talk to Elizabeth Warren every single
day.” Sure, Bernie supporters remember her failure
to back him during the 2016 primaries, but the two have remained close, and they are
about as politically aligned as anyone Bernie could find with her level of experience. If I were a betting man, I’d say Warren is
Bernie’s top choice. Now, that doesn’t mean he should necessarily
opt for her. There are draw backs with Warren. First, she’s not the most talented campaigner
in the race. (Gabbard, Harris, Castro and Beto all seem
more charismatic.) On top of that, adding her to the ticket doesn’t
add much to the campaign. She’s best known for her fight for working
class families, and against wall street greed: an area where Bernie already has credibility
in spades. Overall, I do think that Warren would be a
solid pick for Bernie, but there’s at least four other candidates I think he should consider. Tulsi is perhaps best known for her anti-interventionist
policies. She’s young, dynamic, and very popular amongst
progressives. She has the backing of Our Revolution, and
she proved in the CNN town halls that she ranks high on the charisma metrics. Why
not pick a running mate designed to take down Trump’s running mate. As a gay man from Mike Pence’s home state,
Pete Buttigieg is perfectly poised to hammer the opposition in a VP debate. Buttigieg appears to be a solid progressive,
and with his nerdy intellectual disposition, he’s likely to be taken seriously, without
out-shining Bernie. Here’s what I mean: Would you say that you are more or less liberal
than AOC, Nancy Pelosi? I consider myself to be a strong progressive,
but I don’t think the left-right spectrum is the most useful way to look at politics—it’s
been jumbled up by the president, and by the pace of change So, uh, uh, you would consider yourself more
of a centrist? … So are you Chinese or Japanese? If Bernie wanted to reach out to the mainstream
of the Democratic party without getting too out of whack with his own views, Kamala Harris
is a strong choice. She’s agreed with Bernie on the GND, and in
defending Ilhan Omar, and despite expressing openness to other options, she hasn’t discounted
Medicare for All. In fact, she’s toed pretty much the same line
as Elizabeth Warren on the subject, remaining open to options, but co-sponsoring an supporting
Bernie’s bill. While you often hear narratives about Bernie
not having enough support from women or black voters, the reverse is actually the case when
you look at his polling. His favorability is stronger with women than
men, non-whites than whites. If Sanders wants to win back the working class,
blue color white men in Trump country, he needs a VP who can speak to that group. Andrew Yang has a strong theory for what caused
the rise of Trump. He generally credits economic displacement,
and he has a strategy for reaching out to former Dems who voted for Trump, and bringing
them back into the fold. So those are my top 5 picks for Bernie’s running
mate. Let me know in the comments down below, what
you think, Who should he pick?

100 thoughts on “BERNIE SANDERS Running Mate for the 2020 Election

  1. All this speculation should occur when the nomination is secured. Seriously, America needs to preserve its remaining brain cells, especially after the magnimanity of the stupidity of the choice of Trump as President.

  2. I love Warren for her progressiveness but she not strong enough to carry Bernie legacy. If there ever a perfect woman president in my eyes is Tulsi Gabbard. If she doesn't make nomination she would a HUGE benefit to Bernie campaign as VP.

  3. Kamela is a corporatist. Can't believe you made that blunder. Gabbard, Warren, Turner are the only choices. Buttigieg, Yang, Weaver, Corker, Flake needs to be in his cabinet. chief of staff Cohen, Sec of state Ilhan Omar,

  4. Tulsi Gabbard is my top pick! She contrasts Bernie well with a strong foreign policy as a Younger woman and a Vet and current service member. I also like Warren but she doesn't contrast Bernie as well IMHO. Id be ok with either pick but have Zero interest in anybody else. Never Harris, she my have sided on Bernie on some issues but she has a pretty nasty record as a Judge promoting mass incarceration.

  5. @berniesander
    Who would *I want as a Vice President choice is: His resume is accredited as well as honorable. I believe he would *compliment a Bernie Sanders Presidency as well as being a fortitude of humility, integrity, & justice to the office as well as the American people. I believe it’s time for the Sanders team to continue to step outside of the expected *political arena and truly put America’s best interest first. If Bernie Sanders wins the 2020 election (….ooops; I mean WHEN BERNIE SANDERS WINS THE 2020 election) I am confident that his will be an 8-year conquest and the importance of the right VP pick (with a visibly ACTIVE VP Ajamu Baraja) the country *may be able to reverse the dysfunctional state of current affairs-of course my added hope would be after 8years Bernie Sanders Presidency we ; the country would continue with a continued leadership with an 8-year Presidency for the Amaju Baraja. In my opinion!

  6. I believe he should take Elizabeth Warren to be his running mate, that way she can replace him in 2024.
    The only way she would not be the president in 2024 is if she looses to AOC in 2024.

  7. Tulsi is not only progressive, but she seems to be able to speak to cross-over voters, is not rattled by Trump, Fox News, etc.

  8. If Yang doesn't win the primaries then he absolutely has to be the running mate for Bernie, Tulsi's good too, but Yang has more solutions to more problems.


  10. I would have to guess Warren top pick, and my choice VP. The second would be Turner, his confidant and close trusted friend. AOC is young yet has bigger balls then most in congress, but not enough exp. Warren has the exp, and is a weathered fighter, and building a large constituency.

  11. I would LOVE to see Bernie pick Nina. Of the people you picked, Id say definately Tulsi Gabbard. She is the 2nd best candidate in my opinion. Warren would have been 2nd or even first had she not proved herself to be a strong Progressive up to the point where it comes to standing up to the powerful Dem elites. She didnt have Bernies back in 2016 and therefore the backs of his Progressive base, who up to that point would have considered themselves her base as well. If Bernie pick her, Ill hold my nose and vote for her. I truly hope he picks Tulsi. She is such a Presidential woman, would be a natural to follow Bernie as next in line for the Whitehouse. She is intelligent, thoughtful, poised, principled, anti war, pro environment and can hold her own against any manipulative tv hosts.

  12. Id vote Green Party again before Id vote for corporate hypocrites like Booker or Harris. Bidens not even on the radar.

  13. Biden is garbage. Bernie or Tulsi are our only real options. And only Bernie can beat this fascist fuck for sure. Fuck the dnc.

  14. warren is a sell out. She shoed what a complete coward she is by supporting that evil cunt hilary. And booker is a corporate cock holster.

  15. warren is a sell out. She showed what a complete coward she is by supporting that evil cunt hilary. And booker is a corporate cock holster.

  16. kamala is an evil piece of shit prosecutor. And a complete sell out. Thats damn near as bad as a murderous cop. Fuck all prosecutors. They are the problem.

  17. Stacey Abrams is complete garbage. She would be good for a piece of shit racist as fuck confederate State like georgia, but she is a corporate whore. Dude, get a fucking clue.

  18. I would add Carmen Yulin Cruz to the list. Mayor of San Juan (yes, PR residents are eligible to run for President just not vote there) and she is one of his four national co-chairs.

  19. Williamson would make a great pick… She supported Bernie in 2016, and she is very progressive. While everyone loudly argues relative merits of Kamala v. Tulsi, all I'm saying is that Marianne is quietly but very steadily making her way up the ranks and has qualified to share the debate stage this month. It is still super-early, and anything is possible.

  20. I would never vote for any ticket with Pete “Alfred E. Newman” Buttigieg on it, under any circumstances. Yang? He’s an idiot with no real sense of reality, thinking all Democrats need to do is keep embracing failed capitalist policies, and working people will flock to Democrats. Harris has a major issue with quid pro quo. She willingly accepts campaign donations in return for not prosecuting white collar crime. Warren doesn’t have the political courage to take on the establishment, and thinks capitalism would work just fine, with only small tweaks. She doesn’t understand that capitalism is working the way it’s designed, some people need to remain in extreme poverty, so that the wealthy can have another jet. Tulsi is a wonderful person, but I don’t see a big push from progressives in enough places to be viable. Further, Tusli has an issue with Establishment Democrats.

  21. First of all, Kamala Harris is not a progressive. So she’s out. In my opinion it’s really down to Warren and Gabbard. I’m torn on this one. I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Warren ever since I started paying attention to politics. She’s a very strong advocate for consumers rights. She’s tough on the banking industry. On the other hand, Tulsi Gabbard uses of confidence and strength. She has a very calm, balanced toughness that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in any politician. Or people in general for that matter. LOL! Tulsi is very strong on foreign affairs and I think that is a position that Elizabeth Warren could not emulate. Having said that, Bernie can be equally as tough on the banks as worn. I love Elizabeth Warren but I think Tulsi would provide the proper balance and chemistry for the POTUS.

  22. The comments section is pretty definitive. Plus, many of my center right friends state firmly that Tulsi is the only progressive they would support.

  23. I'd expect Harris to poison Bernie to become president herself.
    She is a solid centrist who pretends to be progressive, like Buttigieg.
    She is a scheming politician great at the game of thrones, she knows what to say to get approval, she is tough, but she is not a progressive.
    Bernie needs a black woman as vp. Idk who but that's what he needs.
    Warren is great, but too white. He needs a diversity progressive vp.
    Gabbard would be great, but she's also not black and not famous enough.
    It's a big conundrum.

  24. I don't think Bernie meant Warren when he said younger, everybody is younger than Bernie so that makes no sense that he would pick the oldest female candidate.

  25. Tulsi Gabbard has flip-flopped on every moral issue, so she would be perfect for Bernie. But he won't be the nominee, so it doesn't matter.

  26. While I agree that it will most likely be Elizabeth Warren, please do not be snarky toward or underestimate Marianne Williamson. When people hear her speak they are almost always converted out of skepticism into deep respect, admiration and especially into renewed hope for a reformed and transformed government and society.. she's an entrepreneur, has integrity and character, she's brilliant, and she is visionary. At the very least she deserves to be treated respectfully.

  27. Warren…No. She's not a progressive. She has no backbone to stand up to the oligarchs. She won't endorse #MedicareForAll. For me, the only options are NIna Turner and Tulsi Gabbard. Both are the right gender. Tulsi's advantage is that she has some name recognition and experience and she's progressive and young. Nina's advantage is that she's African American, she's from a rust belt state, and she's young and passionate. I would be okay with either one.

    God I hate these people 🤦🏻‍♂️

  29. Bernie / Yang hadn't even crossed my mind before watching this video. It's unlikely and maybe not the best choice, but damn that is a fun possibility.

  30. Lot of people I see really like Tulsi, but I just am not quite sold. Those previous LGBTQ+ opinions she held are just a little off-putting. I will say her foreign policy is good, but I think those LGBTQ+ comments might come back to haunt her. I think Bernie's best option would be either Warren or Buttigieg. Warren lines up really well ideologically, and she is a real Dem who could garner the support from the DNC and more traditional democrats, since she is a dem. Buttigieg kinda has the Obama thing going for him, and he's got a really nice record. I don't think he is better than Warren, but he's not a bad option. All the corperate dem types like Buttigieg, and so I wouldn't rate him as more progressive than Warren.

  31. Not gonna lie, Yang would be the best move for Bernie. He would probably get Conservative and independent voters. Yang agrees with Bernie on most issues and he would definitely be a more helpful vp

  32. Can we just appreciate how nice Bernie Buttigeig sounds tho? Also the age gap would be super dynamic- I think it would benefit them both.

  33. Maybe elizabeth warren could be a good running mate they always have respected each other and never really have ever gone attacking each other and there both progressives and their agenda’s arent that far different from each others they mainly focus on slightly different topics

  34. If Bernie or another White Man were the nominee, the clear VP is Stacy Abrams, with runner ups of Tulsi, Kamala, or some Woman or Non-White Man. If Warren or another Female or Minority President were to win the nomination, Stacy Abrams is still a top choice, but theres the chance of Beto winning Texas, Pete bringing centrists and on-the-fence voters, or Cory Booker to bring home lower-income votes.

    With Biden being 1 "Who are you? Where am I? What is this?" away from plummeting more than he already has, Warren and Bernie are the clear contenders. Bernie for sure would have to pick either a Woman or PoC, Warren's right up there too.

  35. Bernie Sanders, if he really wants to win. He needs to pick for Vice president as Tulsi Gabbard, it is that simple. Also may be Nina Turner, that is the only only option. But you analysis is not well stated,so it is some what wrong, Sorry about that but that is the way I see it.

  36. Nina turner for VP Bernie Sanders for president that is the team that will win hands down❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. It’s obvious you don’t need a lot of experience to be the president or vice president look at Trump andPence I think that Bernie Sanders campaign with Nina turner can learn everything she’s a very bright woman will provide the right combination for all minorities to come together and everyone else the students the minorities the union workers I think that’s a slam dunk that’s my opinion and that’s what I’m going to push for

  38. Bernie has an unfortunately poor history for political calculations. i'm afraid that he may pick someone like Harris or Gellibrand.

  39. I wouldn't entirely count out Cory Booker if Bernie mentioned him by name on multiple occasions. I understand why he wouldn't be the best idea, but I really wouldn't count him out entirely.

  40. Harris…absolutely not. That would really piss off his supporters. Same for bootyjudge. Yang, I could live with. Warren, I don't trust. My first choice would be Tulsi Gabbard and second choice would be Nina Turner. Both have pros and cons. Tulsi has great foreign policy experience which Bernie lacks. She's been inside the beltway long enough to know how things work. She's young and she's female. And, she's the most progressive candidate other than Bernie. But, she's wishy washy on M4All and she comes from a tiny state. Nina Turner is the best campaigner I've ever seen. She's passionate. She's just like Bernie on the issues. She's young, female, AND African American. She would really bring out the black vote. And, she comes from Ohio, a swing state. She knows how to speak to people in the rust belt. But, she lacks experience in Washington. So, I think it depends on what Bernie thinks he needs when the time comes to choose. It's too bad that AOC is too young.

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