BEST Auditions On America’s Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

BEST Auditions On America’s Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

100 thoughts on “BEST Auditions On America’s Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

  1. ฟังที่เค้าคุยกันไม่เข้าใจแต่ตื่นตันจนน้ำตาใหลเลย

  2. Wooow am moved all this guys are talented but Tyler and goodie autistic guy with this Indian group got it all,GOD BLESS AMERICA,for giving them this opportunity.

  3. Guau guau guau, el primer niño tío me hiciste tener fe en la humanidad, eres perfecto, que dios te lleve en su mano como hasta ahora, te quiero tío.

  4. He look like my younger brother so while im watching lots of my tears falls
    Im proud of u young boy
    boy ……
    Just remember boy GOD IS always WITH U ….

  5. You know this world is cruel and harsh when they start making fun of kids who have deadly diseases like cancer. Help make this world a better place by stop bullying others and help those who are bullied. May God have mercy on people who bully.

  6. do you know what i think those bullies should see this video and know what idiots they are , but i think they already em-barest with this video turling around YouTube

  7. That first boy. He is such a beautiful angel. He's really special and it's not just his talent. That's just the icing on the cake

  8. I don't why when that kid started playing his violin my heart just burst with joy. And perfect choice of song
    You are Strong kid 💪❤️💪.
    Stay healthy 🙌

  9. The bullies of the first boy must be feeling hella embarrassed now because even Simon was on his side!

  10. Every ones great .But for me autistic kid nailed it. After all these years watching incredible acts I believe his was the most incredible, unimaginable,mind blowing act. Forget about his disability its way to difficult to do what he did even without one.

  11. Esto lo siento, cada que vez que tocan ese botón la piel se me Eriza, es algo impresionante, respect por el chico autista ❤

  12. wow I gotta say that the boys from the slums, although a rough and tough life and would not wish it on anyone but dont they all look so good and have brilliant white teeth…Being without or not able to eat the foods we take for granted might actually be a good thing….They live in poverty and are healthier than us who are rich in terms of water and food….I say this just as I see it but I dont discount the hardship they have day-to-day….

  13. the last one is the best close magic i have ever seen. Slant-eyed people do these things well. They have no opponent at this topic.

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