Bibliography of Native North Americans

Welcome to this video from the Carleton University
Library on how to find a journal article using the database Bibliography of Native North
Americans. We will start on the library’s home page
at To get to the database Bibliography of Native
North Americans, click on the “databases” link in the centre of the screen. Use the alphabet at the top of the page and
click on the B for bibliography and then on the link to Bibliography of Native North Americans. Let’s take a look at the database, explain
a few key features and do a simple search. The database automatically opens on the advanced
search, which allows you to enter multiple search terms for one search. It also allows you to narrow the scope of
your search by setting certain limits. For example, there’s an option you can limit
your search to only include peer reviewed materials. You may at times be asked to find peer reviewed
journal articles for your work. Peer reviewed means that the journal article
has been evaluated and critiqued by researchers and experts in the same field as the author. Now let’s do a basic search. If you look at the drop down menus beside
each search box, they’re labelled Select a field. This means that the database is searching
your words or search terms in the documents: • Author
• Title • Subject terms Let’s assume that you have chosen to search
for articles related to residential schools. We will do a simple phrase search using the
key phrase “residential schools.” And we’ll add a search term Canada. Notice that we have put the term residential
schools in quotation marks. This is called phrase searching. We use the quotation marks because we are
looking for words in a specific order with no intervening words. Notice also that we end Canada with a star
or asterisk not an a. The star tells the system to add different
endings. In this case a for Canada, ian for Canadian
and ians for Canadians. Now, let’s tick off “scholarly peer reviewed”
and then search. At the top of the list of results, note that
the database has found a number of articles in scholarly academic journals. 84. Notice that the articles are arranged by relevance
to your search terms. Now we can click on an article title to get
more information about the article. Let’s choose number one. You can see that at the top of this citation
is all the information you need to cite the article in your bibliography or reference
list. The block of text at the top of the screen
is the article abstract. You should read the abstract of an article
you’re interested in because this description will usually will let you know if the article
is useful to the topic you are researching. If you’d like to save information about
the article you can click on the email icon in the right-hand navigation. This way you can email the information to
yourself or to somebody. How do we get the full text of the article? Click on the get it button in the left-hand
navigation. The system is checking to see if the library
has a digital copy of the article. In this case we do. Click on the blue full text online box and
you’ll get through to a page where you can download the pdf. Sometimes the article will not be available
in full text and you’ll have to look for it using the library catalogue. It is also good to know how to find an article
yourself based on a citation because citations may be included in your course readings and
you will be expected to find the article on your own. Note down the citation information that you’ll
need to locate the article. In this case, the title of the journal is
the Canadian Journal of Native Studies. The article is published in 2014, in Volume
34, Issue 2 and pages 197-222. Now we’ll return to the library’s homepage. Using the information you have, click on catalogue
in the middle of the screen. Using the left-hand navigation or drop-down
menu, choose Title. Put in the title of the journal. In the right-hand navigation, choose Journals. This means you’re filtering out a lot of
information or hits that are not relevant to you. Click on submit and you can see that we have
access to this journal is available through Brandon University and the Canadian Business
and Current Affairs Database. In this case, because our article was printed
in 2014 the link to Brandon University will not work because that link ends in 2010. However, the link for Canadian Business and
Current Affairs Database starts in 2005 so we can use this link. We’ll scroll down the page to browse specific
issues and in this case we’ll use the first drop-down menu because it covers the year
2014. Then we’ll click on the link to 2014 and
then Volume 24, Issue 2. We know that our article is printed starting
on page 197, so we’ll scroll down the page and here it is and we can link to the full-text
pdf of the article. You should now know how to search the Bibliography
of Native North Americans database for articles, how to use the Get It button to find an article,
and how to find an article using the catalogue.

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