100 thoughts on “Biden’s Accidental 2020 Announcement

  1. most progressive? What the f*** is he talking about LOL. He was for the Iraq war after 9/11. He didn't come out and support lgbtq rights until around 2013 and a bunch of other stuff. Sanders is by far the most consistent progressive candidate running. what a joke and nobody else can even make that claim besides Sanders. Let the b***** begin

  2. Beto gets his money from big business and PACS…. Bernie gets small donner donation. Just because Beto raises more money doesn't mean he has the people.

  3. It would be a sad fight, but also hilarious.They should charge admission and it would be so damn popular the proceeds would be enough to cure Cancer or something. Or get Trump a new portrait of himself.

  4. WAKE UP PedoWood Stephen Colbert – If all 22 idiot DemonRats could run on one ticket they wouldn't win in 2020. Democrats just don't get it! The American People are Waking up to the DECEPTION that has served an AGENDA and ENSLAVED US ALL. GOOD ULTIMATELY Wins Over EVIL….Why….You can't shine Darkness onto Light!!! You can spread Darkness through deception and propaganda but that only works on dumb down people that are asleep and PedoWood Stephen Colbert
    and is Buddy's worst nightmare is about to come to light and it scares the crap out of them. 92,000 Sealed Federal Indictments. My guess is PedoWood Stephen Colbert is on this list. Military Tribunals are underway at Gitmo and Fort Mead. OH wait nobody knows this because FAKE MSM NEWS doesn't report this. So far only a few citizen journalists are allowed in and can only report once transcripts are released. TRUMP will not allow MSM in as he knows they will Pinoco the crap out of it. Go to this link to keep up on the Tribunals as they proceed. There are only pretrials going on at the moment. https://c-vine.com/

  5. Beto O Rourke won't let anyone know how many donors that 6.1 million came from… and it's rumored he might have rolled over 4.5. million left over from his Senate race into it.

  6. All of Bernie Sander's money [raised for the campaign] came from small dollar donations……
    Beto may have raised the most out of everyone running thus far, but he's also the only one to not disclose the source of his "donations".
    ……interesting, no?

    Grass-roots my ass, Beto…..smells like corporate pact money to me. >.>

  7. I would gladly pay $100 just to tune in to watch Biden and Trump in a fist fight! Best event of the century! Lol

  8. A little bit of context:
    First, yes, Beto O'Rourke raised more money than Bernie Sanders, but he has declined to say how many donors he had, and in the first several hours, he had only raised around $100K. Clear indicators that the number was artificially inflated by big money donors.
    And second, yes, Joe Biden is the frontrunner in the polls, but he's always polled well. Remember, he's ran for president twice before, and both times, he fell flat in the primaries. The polls oversample older Democrats, and the Democratic Party NEEDS to energize younger people to vote.

  9. To be honest, considering how vicious the smear campaigns get during election season in the US (a source of constant confusion and equally bemusement on how people vying for the highest office of a worldpower can stoop so low), I have been wondering more than once how long it would take for the US elections to be replaced with a battle royale to the death.

    Doesn't seem like too drastic a step-up really.

  10. If Biden "the babysitter" becomes president he will turn the white house into a 24/7 free childcare facility and he will personally do the night watch!

  11. This is our politics. This is what we like. Scandal and twists and insults. We elect these people to decide for us. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

  12. I gotta throw this out there, but Jeb had to say that because – before he said "please clap" – people were basically cheering at everything he said. He asked them to remain quiet until he finished, THEN asked them to clap. The part everybody cuts out at the end is the people actually cheering.

    And for Biden, it's weird – if you look at his voting record, he's kind of a "go with the flow" guy (check out ontheissues.org and his votes on bills and direct quotes about gay marriage).

    Bernie, Beto, Harris, or Warren would be better bets (since, at least, there's no footage of them being creepy with kids).

    tl;dr – we could really use a Democrat president in 2020, but not Biden

  13. No he hasn't. He is behind in Wisconsin poles and that is a swing state. #Bernie2020 is the front runner and the media knows it, so they lie.

  14. 1) Beto never disclosed where he got that money from and I wish more people would include that before they say that he raised more than Bernie Sanders whos average donation size was about $25-$30
    2) NO WAAAY in the world Joe Biden is the fourth most progressive person in the race, let alone the MOST
    3) #BERNIE2020
    Not because of who he is but because of what he stands for and has stood for since the 80s. He will easily be the most qualified President we have ever had and has solutions for our country to move in a positive direction.

  15. Yes, can Trump and Biden please fist fight behind the White House—while someone besides an old white guy actually runs the place?

  16. Tiny hands Dopey, will lose without Biden, even throwing a punch!
    And dopey would claim, his "Heal Spurs" were to blame!!

  17. Joe Biden or anyone of the already declared candidates would beat the hell out of Donald Trump! But I personally like Bernie!!!!

  18. It’s time for Democrats to take the gloves off. Time for the bare knuckle match. No rules. F**k the Repubtards. Trumptards, bring it on. Being nice just makes them bold. It's the small dogs that are especially tough when not in a position of danger. It’s those noisy tough talking dudes that crumple into babbling tears when given a good slap across the head cause that’s when they are confronted with the reality of the situation. Mr. Grabembythepussie along with the Trumptard Snowflakes truly need a good slap of reality.

  19. I really love Joe Biden with all my heart ❤️BUT he is not president material. Joe please write some books and be a CNN comentator but politics is not your thing.

  20. I think Biden was going to make a joke about progressives, but then people cheered him on, implying that he — Joe — is a progressive, which is nonsense. And Joe was like, "No, I'm not a progressive!"

  21. Even considering Joe Biden as a Presidential candidate is like trying on Hillary's panties and prancing about in front of the Mirror.

  22. I dont think president bone spurs could survive falling down, let alone fighting someone people already love more than him XD

  23. Biden would make a great president! As for his age, he’s only four years older than trump, in much better shape, and trump could only hope to be half the man Joe is!

  24. What happened to Americans are you all gay. Who watches this old style shows this guy, hes's like the guy from bewitched in 1960.

  25. I'm embarrassed to say this, but 10 years ago, I have confused Trump and Biden. I was only a kid, and I knew nothing about politics.

  26. Colbert is campaigning again for the establishment, and again he will help Trump get reelected. So Beto O'Rourke surpassed Sanders in donations? Who did those donations come from? Don't you think it's an important detail? Sanders donors are working people donations small amounts on money. Beto doesn't reveal the source, because it's the usual corporate interests.

  27. That was a shitty move, hidding Tulsi and putting corporate, center-right, Klobuchar aka Cloud-boot-jar front and center.

  28. Have you guys read Joe Biden's tweet over Brunei (a country in Asia) implementing shariah law where homosexuality and adultery are now punishable by death? Joe condemns it. But maybe America should start implementing it since you guys love Islam so much, right?

  29. I love seeing this comment section, people have opened their eyes and will vote for Bernie with his 'crazy' ideas.
    in my country they love Trump and have no idea he's gonna lose, it will be fantastic to see.

  30. Say no to Joe, just more Republican light ideas. He said Mike Pence was a decent guy. No thank you to these Republican kiss ups.

  31. Like all of the other Democrat contenders, Donald Trump lives in Joe Biden's head. And like the other contenders, he's wedded to the Democrat objectives: the Green New Deal, Medicare for all, slavery reparations, open borders, abolition of the Electoral College, free college and loan-debt dismissal, post-birth abortion, and giving the vote to convicted felons. And Biden wrings his hands that President Trump is fundamentally changing the country?

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