BLACK ACHILLES? – BBC Blackwashing History

BLACK ACHILLES? – BBC Blackwashing History

Hello and welcome to my channel! Today, I would like to talk to you about Achilles. That’s right, he was the legendary hero of the Greeks, you know, that African guy who with the help of his African God, also known as Zeus, attacked Troy and forced his African rival Aeneas flee with his father on his back to found Rome? Who doesn’t know that? Everyone knows that Romans are the descendants of Africans… No, I’m not totally making this up! I have to admit that BBC has a very bad taste when it comes to jokes. In their new show named “Troy: Follow of a City” there are three black actors playing the role of Achilles, Zeus and Aeneas. But I am not here to talk about the show. I would just like to ask a simple question: WHY? Why are three of the most important characters represented as Black? Of course, all the main characters of the Greek mythology were white and the people who made the choice to hire black men to play their roles know that. I’m guessing they are not plain stupid. So, what is their purpose? This is not the first attempt of BBC to blackwash reality. In one of their videos, a typical Roman family was represented by a black family. Yes, there were Africans in the Roman Empire but they made up a very small percentage. A real, typical, Roman family was not black at all. We can already notice a pattern that favours black people here. BBC, just like all controlled media, spreads a falsified version of history making Europeans believe that there’s nothing wrong with a black Achilles or a black Zeus and depriving them of their culture and history, in order to make them more susceptible to their globalist aims. The media is a powerful weapon to manipulate entire nations. Especially, if it’s considered as one of the most reliable in the world. The plague of “political correctness” is nothing more than pure censorship of white people in disguise. They are the only group of people that’s socially acceptable to attack mock or insult publicly, and the same goes for their culture and history, while for white people it is not socially acceptable to attack, mock or insult anyone but themselves. Manipulating history has become so common, that many whites praise its blackwashing as a sign of modernity, but in reality they just assist globalists in speeding up the decadence of the Western world. The result of this process in London alone has been that the white British are less than 45% of the population, 69% of the babies born there have at least one parent that’s not from the UK and the most common name for them is Muhammad. The white British are expected to become less than a quarter in 20 years. All this has happened in front of our eyes and, thanks to the liberal propaganda, it is still receiving massive support by many Europeans, who are now totally brainwashed and cannot realize neither that they will become a minority in their own country, in a not so distant future, nor the dangers that this poses. You

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  1. This video is not an attack towards Blacks but BBC. If the Chinese produce a film in China, they're free to represent everyone as Chinese even if none of the characters was indeed Chinese. Why should they hire foreigners if they can keep the money in China? BBC is British, so if it has ever represented black characters as white it's justified because the majority of the population is white and it's fair to give the job to whites since they produce the film. Why hire foreigners (blacks) while there are whites available? In this case, BBC is NOT JUSTIFIED, because not only did it hire blacks as actors but also placed them in positions that had nothing to do with Africa.


  3. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH rthe fact that Achilles was black is fucking hilarious, fuck off hahahaha, Achilles was a white Greek.

  4. Achilles isn't a historical figure and it really didn't take you long to move from your argument about the BBC 'blackwashing' history to a xenophobic, ethnocentric argument against allowing refugees and migrants into our country. White people aren't about to become a minority in the UK, that is just 100% bullshit. Like 2% of our population is Muslim. Just because there are more foreigners in London it doesn't mean the whole country is changing, in fact most the small towns in the UK are like 98-99% white British. And I am a Londoner, we don't think this way because of BBC "blackwashing" history, we think this way because we are not small minded racist idiots like the stupid twat that posted this video.

  5. I have nothing against Black people. But this is getting ridiculous. I'm Asian and after seeing the movie it doesn't look authentic with Africans playing as Greek roles in Ancient Greece

  6. Even the prophet Mohammed was black, dont you guys know??? Julius Caesar was black too. Elvis Presley was black, George Washington was black. Lao tzu was most definitely black.

  7. I get your point and I partially I agree with you. However, these shows are not meant to be a source of academic/ scholarly or say it however you want information. They are simply entertainment and in today's world, that is needed. If the shows were for educational reasons and not for entertainment your argument would be valid. As for your argument about the mock of white culture and that white people can't mock other cultures, the reason for that is that those other cultures were heavily oppressed and enslaved by whites. You should open your mind a little bit and talk to those ethnic minorities. When your own culture has struggled because of white people (not all certainly) then it is normal that you don't want them to mock. After all, you seem to know a lot about history and I am sure you understand the concept of racism.

  8. As a black Man , i don't Care if i see Brad Pitt in the rôle of Shaka zulu , because guess what : i'm not racist and it's just a movie not an educational tool …
    And by the way Achille is just a legend ,hope you will not get mad when a arab will take the next lucky Luck rôle

  9. I have nothing but Roman genes and if I were to dare say "those were my people, not yours", I would be attacked and labeled a racist that's trying to steal black history lol.

  10. Way too many Blacks to make any sense. Takes away from how good this is otherwise. There just weren't Africans in power in the Aegean. Zeus and Achilles and alll the others were Hellenic..not African. just stop the affirmative action. its lame, and actually undermines "gifting" them the greatest roles in "White" mythos.

  11. δεν γαμι@σαι μωρ& κ@ριολα που θα πεις οτι ειναι και μαυρος…ζηλευεται την ιστορια μας ρεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεε

  12. BBC is just a channel only idiots would use BBC or any other channel as a source for history. Aside from that BBC has the right to depict anyone as any color they choose since it is their content and they own the rights & consent, nobody forced anyone to view it and accept what they show as fact.

    Achilles is a fictional character, there is nothing historic about him, the excessive hate makes little sense. Reminds me of how angry people got when Nick Fury (fictional character) went from white to black. People need to calm down and stop getting triggered by anything that has something to do with race.

  13. Achilles was not black stop the fucken bullshit, and by the way GREEKS are not "white" either, this is only ok because us Greeks where never a minority that complained and pissed and moaned, we became doctors business owners, and didn't blame anyone else for our mishaps, 450 years of slavery on Turks, longer than any blacks

  14. Black washing or finally telling some truth????…0.0..……0….1.G3RUjM-XBtc&ei=Z8JxXMeFK4eD5gLKvqtg&bih=666&biw=1024&client=safari&prmd=sivn&hl=en-us

  15. The Romans were building massive structures made of marble in the ancient times and (some) Africans are still building mud huts in the 21st century

  16. Only the animals are White the proper name is Anglosaxon People in the past the Anglosaxon P were considered inferior P by the tanned Mediterranean Romans and Arabians they gave everything to the Anglosaxon P: Algebra, trigonometry,Arts, medicine, Astronomy, Alphabet etc etc, also B Pitt looks Vicking not Greek,so it's the same,the ancient Greeks were tanned olive skin people,not Nordic European at all!

  17. Apparently they havent read the iliada the book written by homer ..describes Achilles with details..

  18. I can't wait until Greece gets busted for all of its racist antics toward anyone who isn't ethnic Greek. It's not racist to recognize that a fictional character was not originally described as being black, it's just racist to really care enough about Greek racial purity to make a whole video about it.

  19. yall are acting like this a big deal the show was trash just like the actual epic plus it was only a few black leads yall are acting like white people got fully replaced

  20. I'm also tired of them using anglo-anal actors with potato heads to play romans and greeks. Western imperialistic cunts should aknowledge they're germanic mixed trash

  21. You people are fine with white Americans playing minority roles such as Greeks, but as soon as an African-American does it, it's a problem.

    I honestly don't understand why you people have issues with minorities playing the roles of white people, when white people have been playing the roles of minorities all their lives.

  22. Y'all can go fuck yourselves. In "the gods of Egypt" 90٪ of the fucking actors were fucking white. Now a black man can't play God☄🐲

  23. considering the historical document the illiad which tells the story of odysseus and achilles mentions that achilles was dark skinned its actually accurate that achilles was black, the illiad also says that odysseus had black skin, so yes achilles was black and so was odysseus, greece had no borders and etheopia was a part of greece back then, etheopia is a country that is made up primarily of african people and some of them became citizens of greece, so there were black greeks as well, the people who believe that greeks were purely white are nothing more then racist undeducated pigs.

  24. I just wanna point out that african history is more than just Egypt, colonialism and Nelson Mandela.
    Mali Empire
    Ethiopian Empire
    Kingdom of Zimbabwe
    Aksum Empire
    Benin Empire
    Kingdom of Kongo
    There's literally 0 reason to rewrite european history!

  25. The Iliad describes Achilles as "ethnic Greek". Read the source. As for Zeus all you need to do is see the ancient Greek art. I hope that changed your mind. BTW I am not white, I am Indian hindu, but I believe in presenting true facts even if it hurts some people. Facts are facts. Achilles may be mythological but he is an important cultural icon. I feel that he should be presented as he was i.e. blonde white. Similarly it would be wrong to cast a white man for a character that we know belongs to another race. If the man was white cast a white guy, if not then cast an actor from another race. Stick to the true source material and don't ruin it with appropriation of any kind.

  26. Politic like this is leading to spread of racism. Because its fucking disgusting that you want to make everything, and everyone different so no one feel offended. Historically, black people were on the stage of eating their shit at this time.

  27. they weren’t white though. they weren’t black either. they were tan and mediterranean. different than either of those.

  28. Relax its just a tv show. It's just like how Hollywood making black Egyptians white. Whitewashing is far more of a problem because they portray it as truth. The Iliad and the Greek gods are all myth. It doesn't matter except to people like you who see color.

  29. I bet all the favorable white people are watching this video saying, "yeah, this little oriental voiced girl gets us! oops was that racist too?" * lol

  30. Can a White man not play Othello? Can a Black man not play Hamlet? Can an Englishman not play a guy who's sober?

  31. C'mon we all know that even god is black. The Romans and Greeks were black, Arabs were black, Persians were black, angels were black, but the devil is white and his minions are brown. Hitler has a black dna so went ape shit. I'm French but I'm acutally black because Africans build France and killed our white devil king.

  32. fuck the bbc, fuck the cnn, fuck all traitorous propagandas seriously, all funded by the motherfucking jews

  33. This is bullshit! Just stop the fuck it. We dont need black actors where they are just absolutely inappropriate. This is just ridiculous.

  34. BBC should be ashamed that’s disrespectful to the people and the culture, we need to do something about this

  35. Funny we created the albinos that created asain and whites but were 3/5 of a man. How can that be when we taught yall how to walk n talk smh the black indains taught yall how to a bath hahaha but yall have a culture

  36. Soon yall will get use to it like we got use to seeing white kimmets/ Egyptians white jews even tho jesus is a black jew hahaha

  37. As a Greek I am very proud that everyone want's to be Greek…Yes we are the greatest nation…Greeks were are and will be white…You can read Herodotus 2 book where he says that Egyptians are different because their skin is black…I understand why everyone wants to be a Greek…If I wasnt Greek I would like to be Greek…Greece offer many to humanity that's why all the Countries try to destroy Greece now…With corrupted politicians..
    They hide our history….they accept BBC and any other To destroy our history…Long live Grate nation ….Long live Hellas(Greece)Hellas(Greece) Was , is and will be a white nation and noone will change that…I see blacks from France from England from Germany but we will never be…We are the greatest nation ever lived…Even the first human being found in Crete so the fairytale that the humans came from Africa is over…Enough with you racism against white race and Greeks….White race created the civilization not the blacks…

  38. I wouldn't take this piece of media too seriously. If you're gonna be offended over the main characters' skin colour, you should also be offended how they're not speaking Ancient Greek (anglowashing) and how they're not being played by Greeks.

  39. This movie is just an another SJW political correctness crap that tries to take over Greek culture. Sjw's try hard, but in the end, they get their mouths closed.

  40. They did the same with Disney’s Herakles. The actual modern Greeks hated it. It’ll be like depicting Mulan with a strong hip hop arch. Eddy Murphy as Mushu was already pushing it!

  41. First of all they were black if you knew history you would know zues is from Ethiopia why you think they were black on the pottery most gods in ancient history were black shit everyone was dark

  42. As far as i'm concerned every single one of yo'll can jump off a bridge. All of these white people are complaining and/or upset that Achilles was pictured as black and your saying that its an attack against BBC and not blacks.
    why didn't you complain when Jesus was pictured as white even tho he wasn't, why didn't you complain when Moses was pictured as white when he wasn't, when the Egyptian pharaohs/kings were played by white people even tho the tombs showed black people in them. YOU PEOPLE ARE EXCELLENT AT CRITICISING HISTORICAL INACCURACIES WHEN IT SUITS YOU. YOU MOCK PROGRESSIVE THINKING AND CALL INCLUSIVE WHITE PEOPLE NIGGA LOVERS…
    E.G……..IceBloodKing (390) "LIKES"
    …………..Because the BBC likes BBC (BIG BLACK COCK)

  43. i am Asian by Blood but by my experience black people are far more racist than the white people..they talk more offensively towards another people but are very sensitive when other people trash talks them back and called them racist.

  44. I didn't beef on the Black Achilles or Zeus but I did beef on some of the short sighted SJW moves that Helen pulled in her speeches. This show seemed like it was written by a fat white high school junior who had her first crush on an unobtainable jock. I know that the writing has to be understood by a wide market of people… but it should also make people reach into themselves for something.

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