Blue Planet II : The Prequel

Blue Planet II : The Prequel

The Ocean … the largest habitat on Earth. A generation ago, the series ‘The Blue Planet’
took us beneath the waves. but now we know so much more Take a deep breath New science… and new technology…. allow
us to voyage further … and deeper … than ever before. From the restless shores of our coastline… where dolphins spit to trick their prey To enchanted undersea forests… where fairy-tale creatures dwell. Across vibrant coral cities… bustling with ingenious inhabitants To the vastness of the big blue… home to fearless ocean wanderers And down into uncharted depths, where some
of Earth’s best kept secrets hide… …newly-discovered dancing yeti crabs and landscapes never seen before. Coming soon… …untold stories from magical worlds This is Blue Planet II

52 thoughts on “Blue Planet II : The Prequel

  1. Я не знаю как описать этот прекрасный подводный мир. Просто волшебно красиво.

  2. I wonder how many times David has introduced the blue whale. Like, 15 times?
    Not that I'm complaining or anything.

  3. Asdds i watched this video…blue planet…im already 50…i havent seen all the beauty of my mother planet..the vast oceans..vast mountains…world wide forest…i realize that i was really living in an Amazing planet…planet that we called EARTH…

  4. ✨🌎“The Earth Is A Beautiful
    Blue – Planet, & The Oceans“!!!!
    „Very Beautiful – Video, & ✨
    🐬So Beautiful These✨🐋
    ✨“B E A U T I F U L“✨❤️✨!!
    „Thank – You“✨😉✨🍃🌹!!!

  5. How Mighty is our God and how beautiful everything He makes! Thank You Father for creating such an astonishing beautiful planet for us; thank you for every species, plant, water body and stone. Thank for every tiny detail that exists in our planet making it right and unique. We humans don't appreciate it as we should, I'm sorry for it. Please forgive us and teach us to love our home and appreciate every leaf you created. In Jesus' name. Amen

  6. A new earth and a new heaven to come! The second will be better than the first. God thank you for the blessing of the earth!

  7. When I first watched this I was amazed on the footage, music and David Attenborough! I am still watching clips of this two years later. I absolutely love the effort that was put into making this series. The BBC makes the best nature programs no doubt.

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