Body of US woman found in a suitcase in Bali

Body of US woman found in a suitcase in Bali

The body of an American tourist has been found
stuffed into a suitcase on the Indonesian island of Bali, and the victim’s daughter
and her boyfriend arrested on Wednesday. In what police suspect was a gruesome murder,
the suitcase contained the body of 62-year-old Sheila Von Wiese Mack. The case was found in the boot of a waiting
taxi at the high-end St Regis Hotel on the resort island. Forensic investigators say the victim was
hit by a blunt object on her face and head. Mack’s daughter, Heather, 19, and her boyfriend
Tommy, 21, are now in custody. Police say the young couple left the suitcase
in the taxi and went to check out, but didn’t return after two hours. The two were apprehended at a budget hotel
about a mile away from the St. Regis after a day-long police chase.

22 thoughts on “Body of US woman found in a suitcase in Bali

  1. Whoah,talk about 'checking out' …… that poor woman sure did,permanently.How awful to end your days in such a brutal manner.

  2. Ild stick them both in the same suitcase together, if that involves crushing them to death to fit them in then So be it.

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