BooktubeSFF Awards 2020 Announcement

BooktubeSFF Awards 2020 Announcement

Hey guys, welcome back to How to Train
Your Gavin, and I have a very exciting announcement for you today. As some of
you probably already know, the BooktubeSFF Awards is an annual event. I should
start off by saying that the SFF stands for science fiction and fantasy, so every
year the BooktubeSFF community nominates and votes for the best books
in fantasy and science fiction. So say for instance, this year’s the 2020 awards,
but we will be voting for books that were released in 2019. And I’m so excited
for it this year, and the reason I’m excited for it this year is because… your boy
got a job. I was asked to be a judge this year and, of course, I said yes. You know, I
wasn’t part of booktube last year so it’s a huge honour to be asked to do it
this year, thank you so much! There is a website for the BooktubeSFF
Awards as well, if you want to go into the description, I will leave the link
for it in there, as well as other information about the BooktubeSFF 2020
Awards. I’ll start off by talking about the judges this year: Elizabeth, Elena, Sam,
Connor, Chelsea and Rachel aren’t doing it this year, so there’s been a slew of new
judges this year – and I’m one of them, How to Train Your Gavin. So the other
judges joining me are Lee Nichole at LeeNichole.
Jocelyn from Yogi with a Book. Njeri at Onyx Pages. Bree from Bree Reads Books.
Nuria from Nuria Reads, and Jade from Bedtime Bookworm. We will be
joining some returning judges from last year, including Claire Rousseau,
Thomas from SFF180, Kaitlin at Kitty G Books, and, of course, last but not least, Cass
from What Cass Read, and she will be the administrator this year, she’ll be
keeping on top of everything and hopefully kicking me up the butt to make
sure I’m doing my part. I will leave a link to all of the judges down in the
description box as well so you can check those out. Now on to the awards, the
nominations open today, January 27th, so by the time this video is up, you will be
able to leave your nominations. The link for that will also be in the description
box below and the nominations will close on February 10th. The eligibility
rules are on the website but I will briefly go over them now. They must fall
into the science-fiction, speculative fiction, or fantasy genres because
obviously that’s, like, the BooktubeSFF part of the awards. And they must be
original words published by an author in 2019. Now it can be a self-published book
that was released years ago but it must be published by a publishing house in
2019. It can have been published outside the
USA prior to 2019 as long as it was published in the USA in 2019, and other
types of reprints or special editions do not count for the awards either. If it’s
part of a series, you can only do the first, second, and third books in that
series. You can’t go past that and it must be in publishing order, not exactly
chronological order, it can get a bit messed up as a lot of fantasy
series do tend to do that. Any more questions about that you can tweet us,
email us, and there is a discord server for it as well, I will link that in the
description box, make sure you join it, it’s gonna be really fun!
You may nominate two works by the same author in the same category but in the
shortlist there will only be one work by the author, just to make a note of that, you still can
nominate. Now the categories you will be nominating in are going to be fantasy,
science fiction, debut, YA, middle grade, and best short story. So there will be no
graphic work category this year. And if you’re wondering which categories I will be
judging in, I will be judging fantasy, YA, and, of course, middle grade, of course!
So once the nominations close on February 10th, you don’t have to wait
that long for the shortlist, the shortlist will be published on February
17th. And then our reading begins on March 1st and will end on April 30th.
And then the voting will open on May 1st and close on May 8th. Now, the results
live show will most likely be happening, maybe end of May, sometime in June, not
too sure on the exact date just yet but I will keep you updated on that. Be sure
to follow the Twitter as well, there will be Twitter sprints and there will be book
babbles, and things like that coming your way, so it’s gonna be an exciting year
for the Booktube SFFAwards, so keep an eye on my channel, keep an eye
out for the other judges channels and there’s gonna be a lot going on. But yeah,
I’m really excited for it and I hope I do the awards proud, this is my first
time doing it, I hope I don’t let anybody down.
So I hope I do you all proud. So please do nominate your favourite 2019 books in
the nominations link below. So leave a like if you enjoyed this video and leave a
comment to let me know you’re here. Thank you so much for watching my video, I really
appreciate it, and I will see you in the next one. Bye!

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  2. CONGRATS GAV! you have been conquering Booktube on princess impersonation at the time and I am so proud of you πŸ–€

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