‘Boycott Apple’ Movement grows in China as U.S. goes after Huawei

well following on from the report the
intense fun trade war between China in the US is prompting Chinese consumers to
boycott products made by US firms including Apple’s iPhone those switching
are largely choosing hallway smartphones to assure their support for the Chinese
firm that they see as being unfairly attacked by US regulators here’s Kim
dummy Chinese customers are turning their back
on iPhones including a senior media representative of the Chinese government
who’s she Jing and the editor of the China is a Global Times had tweeted on
Monday that he had switched to a home phone and ditching the iPhone that he
had been using for nine years the editor said his decision didn’t mean he thinks
it’s a right to boycott Apple instead he noted he chose to support the well
respected company away by using its products however considering his status
there is a rising concern in China maybe in the course of promoting Apple
boycotts as a retaliation against the Trump administration’s a black listing
of Hawaii the Chinese editor also implied that he may completely throw
away his old iPhone and depending on how the us-china trade talks are developed
in addition to Chinese customers are growing disdain with Apple Huawei users
in other countries are also expressing their frustration with Washington’s a
tough sanctions on Hawaii know this sort of thing is unacceptable it’s again the
customer that has to suffer because of some argument the Americans have with
Chinese companies I think it is totally unjustified Chinese companies are
previously rallied behind the tech giant at last December offering hefty
discounts to employees to buy Hawaii devices and shun iPhones
despite Hawaii being a locked out of a Google’s Android operating system under
the new US regulations the Chinese attack from pledged on Monday to
continue to contribute to the development and growth of Android around
the world China’s a foreign affairs ministry also emphasizes a commitment to
support Chinese enterprises by defending their legitimate rights through legal
methods kim dummy arirang news meanwhile President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to
rare earths facility has fueled speculation that the strategic materials
could be used as a retaliation measure as a trade war heats up and weaponized
in a china’s tit-for-tat with the US on trade
now she’s visit was accompanied by lyoha the Vice Premier who loved the Chinese
side in the trade negotiations with Washington the u.s. realizing
and the dominant global supplier for about 80% of its rare-earth imports

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