Brazilian prisoners dangle hostage from roof in prison conditions riot

Brazilian prisoners dangle hostage from roof in prison conditions riot

A prison riot in southern Brazil entered its
second day, with prisoners holding guards and fellow inmates hostage, as they demand
better conditions. 12 officers were captured by the inmates,
who paraded them onto the rooftop of the prison – before blindfolding and beating them. One guard can be seen being strung up by his
feet and hung upside down. Another had his eyes covered and was tied
to a lightning rod. One of the hostages was reportedly injured
and released in the late afternoon, leaving 11 guards behind. The inmates were rebelling against sleep conditions
and the quality of food in their quarters, according to the department. They are also demanding access to mobile phones. The rebellion started on Monday and negotiations
were temporarily halted in the evening before resuming again on Tuesday. No further word has emerged on their progress.

16 thoughts on “Brazilian prisoners dangle hostage from roof in prison conditions riot

  1. Prisoners should still be treated like human beings but these motherfuckers have no right to demand luxuries like mobile phones.

  2. hahaha and by doing this they think they will get treated better hahaha. it's a prison you dumb idiots and why you there in the first place.

  3. well don't do crime so you don't have to do the time? really? is the prison suppose to give you luxury life for those who are murders? wow.. they are seriously just asking for snipers to really pin them down… just waiting..

  4. Um tiro para cada lixo. Tiro ao alvo… Diminuiria a merda da população carcerária. Pagamos demais pra manter essas merdas lá dentro.

  5. The Christians gangs are so violent and notorious ! South America is controlled by a gang members . How many people they beheaded ? Violence will never end in South America

  6. I still don't like beheadings ! In any case I was just listening to some pretty damn good music metal bands from Latin America. All respect to brazil mexico and the rest of you from Sweden.

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