Brian Cox visits the world’s biggest vacuum chamber – Human Universe: Episode 4 Preview – BBC Two

Brian Cox visits the world’s biggest vacuum chamber – Human Universe: Episode 4 Preview – BBC Two

This is Nasa’s space power facility near Cleveland, Ohio, and it is the world’s biggest vacuum chamber it’s used to test spacecraft in the conditions of outer space and It does that by pumping out the 30 tons of air in this chamber until they’re about 2 grams left This I’ve got an eccentric construction. Which is part of this history it was built in the 1960s as a nuclear test facility to test nuclear Propulsion systems and That meant that they built it out of our [mininum] to make the radiation easier to deal with aluminium is not the best thing the strongest material to build a vacuum chamber out of so they built out a Concrete skin which is part radiation shielding and part an external pressure vessel so this thing can take The Force that’s present on the outside when it’s pumped out to the conditions of outer space Galileo’s experiment was simple he took a heavy [object] and the light one And drop them at the same time to see which fell fastest Now in this case the feathers fell to the ground at a slower rate [than] the bowling ball because of air resistance So in order to see the true nature of gravity we have to remove the air It takes three hours to pump out the 800 thousand cubic feet of air from the chamber We drop to millet or in the last 30 minutes, but once it’s complete. There’s a near-perfect vacuum inside 6104 Manual 10 percent [orbit] Station One go for [Drive] PCB 30-1 pressure set point at 240 PSI. We are go for drop and nine eight seven six five four cameras on two one release Yeah, look at that. They came down exactly this Exactly, not gonna silent exactly just a feathers. Don’t move nothing look at that. That’s just brilliant Isaac Newton would say that the ball and the feather fall because there’s a force pulling them down gravity What einstein imagined the scene very differently? The happiest thought of his life was this: the reason the bowling ball feather fall together is because they’re not… …falling They’re standing still There is no force acting on them at all He reasoned that if you couldn’t see the back gravity There’d be no way of knowing that the ball and the feathers were being accelerated towards the Earth So he concluded: They weren’t

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  1. Been a wet tennis ball in anti-gravity and see if the water stays on the ball if it does in the world is round it doesn't the World is Flat.

  2. "OK, we've got this hugely expensive vacuum chamber. What can we do with it that's beneficial to mankind?" – "DROP BOWLING BALL AND FEATHERS DAMMIT!"

  3. well this proves gravity does not exist. because gravity is constant, so if air or not the speed falling should be the same.

  4. so to seperate the vacuum from air they need concrete but the earth needs no barrier to keep the vacuum of space at bay.

  5. easier to fool people than to tell them they have been fooled we are under a dome" truths protective layers" Neil Armstrong.

  6. they just show us silly tests. do something interesting like a mini rocket how it behaves. only clowns in this world, just to distract the world from the truth.

  7. so if air resistance is the only thing that changes their speed, then the bowling ball with feathers attached should fall slower, but i dont think that would happen

  8. we had this experiment in high school in a vacuum glass tube, is this really necessary to spend so much money make it happen?

  9. So fake. Check for yourself. Look at 2:53 (right after release) compared to 2:59. The feather actually drops farther than the ball in the same time. Once again, it's Lien' Brian. Oh, and why does it look like only 1 feather at the release and 6 feathers landing? And what's the reason for a "back side" view of landing? Also, why did they add in the, clearly different, "non-vacuum" release clip at 4:16 where the feather is apparently affected, and slowed, by air resistance, followed by the super slow side-by-side fall? Or is this clip the "real" thing? Actually, I would expect to see the heavier stem of the feather initially drop before the light ends of the feather begin to move in either environment. Sloppy editing. These liars are lazy.

  10. Now let see how flat earthers disprove this as there is no air to provide 'bouncy/density' as they like to call it

  11. Awesome but it amazes me how many people just don't understand what is happening. Trying to explain things like this to my wife and its like double Dutch I'm talking. I'm not saying she is thick or anything as she deals with all our house and cash business but just can't understand things like this

  12. So if the objects do not accelerate towards the earth… this means that the earth is accelerating towards them?:)

  13. I want to see someone inside there with a spacesuite! Wouldn't that be awesome? And then do some tasks or whatever where you need to use your hands like apollo taking pictures or whatever they did back then. That would be awesome 😀

  14. no force is applied on the ball and the feathers AT ALL?!? huh, okay sooo… why dont they stay still then when they got released?… that statement made no sense

  15. I wanted to hear how it would've sounded like. Yes, I know in the vacuum of space, sound has no medium to travel through but there would've been vibrations coming from the box through the floor and into the recorder.

  16. And yet the whole video is not available on BBC's youtube channel or iplayer. It is almost as if the BBC is run by Fox News.

  17. The earth is flat. NASA lies. These feathers were made from super-dense materials and the bowling ball was hollow.

  18. I don't get what this has to do with flat earth stuff? Do flat earthers not believe in gravity or something?

  19. What an amazing video. One thing is missing , a third object , an astronaut in his space suit to fall with the feathers and the bowling ball. Would he be harmed by the fall?

  20. if that was zero gravity or close then those objects would not fall they would float,
    therefore this like all science and politics is totally bogus propaganda.

  21. the bowling ball actually falls a "little" faster than the feathers.

    Yes, Earth pulls both with the exact same acceleration.

    But all mass has gravity. And the bowling ball has more mass than the feathers.

    Thus the bowling balls pulls Earth towards it more than the feathers do.

    Of course, at these sizes and masses and distances it makes no difference. But imagine the space between galaxies… a perfectly smooth sphere the size of Earth… and two other perfect spheres of the same size but different densities. Like one made of uranium and the other made of aerogel.

    Position then some AU from the Earth sized sphere, in opposite sides

    Which of the spheres would touch the Earth sized sphere first?

    The more massive one. The center of mass of the system is slighty displaced (a few microns?) towards the more massive bowling ball sphere.

  22. Do they really pump out ALL the air? I'm suprised a small airlock isn't used, then no need to pump out vast amounts of air for a small experiment.

  23. Fake bullshit. It was too expensive to run that test and BBC was allowed to only film inside, add drama later. Next time film production of cookies, only showing a picture of it. That would fit your 'science' series 100%.

  24. But although unmeasurable, the bowling ball should land first because it has a higher mass and therefore it's own gravitational pull on the Earth!?

  25. Странно, почему не показали в нормальной скорости…

  26. U know it's fake bcuz u know they have to address it. Thats how i get my answers. So what ever point they are making i know the exact opposite is true. Use this logic in life and ull be surprised at what u can uncover and who knows the truth. Just know when to use it bcuz they sometimes tell the truth but only bcuz they need to to make the lies believable. Remember what organization had to invent and come up with the word "conspiracy". U find that out and ull start to see what i mean.

  27. Falling the ball and the feather straight down proves the earth is flat and its not spinning. Otherwise it would have fallen out side the box below

  28. I didn't undestood the ending. How there is no force acting on them?? I can count at least 2… Gravity and Air Resistence.

  29. I keep imagining the amount of experiment they do in this huge place. This was a small (but impressive) one.

  30. 3:23 a man with NASA shirt on while others not with non-NASA shirt. Forget it then. Anyway, how fast objects fell? Anyone knows?

  31. I don't know why but this vedio gives me tears and a eltimate satisfaction which I may not find anywhere else..
    Ahh..such a beautiful thing😍
    who says physics doesn't have beauty!you just have to feel it.😊

  32. I like how everyone in the control room is pretending they haven't been dropping all sorts of stuff in that chamber every chance they get.

  33. So this proves there is no gravity 🙂 It's the weight of an object that's pushes itself towards the ground, where the air resistance determents the weight. The lighter an object is, the more the air will influence its fall. A falling object needs to push the air aside. But when their is no air, object are equal, and fall at the same pace. It’s not weightless , otherwise it wil not fall, but there is no resistance. What’s left, is molecules and atoms of the same weight, so everything falls at the same speed. And when there was gravity, the objects would accelerate….but as you see, they don't….But don't give this to much attention, otherwise reality would collapse….

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