BTS ARMY: Inside the World’s Most Powerful Fandom | MTV News

BTS ARMY: Inside the World’s Most Powerful Fandom | MTV News

(crowd screaming) – [Crowd] Kim Nam-joon! Kim Seok-jin! Min Yoon-gi! Jung Ho-seok! Park Ji-min! Kim Tae-Hyung! Jeon Jung-kook! BTS! – [Narrator] South Korean boy band BTS have achieved unprecedented
global success this year. Two consecutive number one
albums on the Billboard charts, a sold out world tour, and
a historic stadium show at New York City’s Citi Field, with over 40,000 fans in attendance. But what makes BTS so special, and why have they
accomplished what no other Korean artists have before? Their meteoric rise has
often been attributed to their significant
reach on social media, thanks in part to their
extremely dedicated and organized fan base, called ARMY. It’s safe to say that
ARMY are the most powerful fandom in the world, but
they’re also the most diverse. It’s not uncommon to find
fans of different genders, ethnicities, and ages at a
BTS concert or fan meetup. And the thing that brings them together? Their complete devotion to seven men from South Korea and their unique message. BTS made their debut in
2013 with the radical, socially-conscious album, 2 Cool 4 Skool. The lead single, No More
Dream, was dedicated to all of the youngsters
without dreams for their future, a theme they’ve revisited in
songs like Dope and Paradise. But it was 2015’s The Most
Beautiful Moment in Life that solidified BTS as a
voice for their generation. Tackling taboos like anxiety, depression, and generational divides,
subjects not often talked about in K-pop. (“Dope” by BTS) (singing in foreign language) ♪ Enemy, enemy, enemy ♪ ♪ Energy, energy, energy ♪ ♪ Can I get a little bit of hope, yeah ♪ – What BTS really try to say, is this is how we deal with our life, this is how we try to
experience our joy and our hope. Like they never tell us to do anything. It’s never didactic. But by being open themselves, they invite us to do the same thing. – [Narrator] It’s this
willingness to open up about their feelings and hardships that brings fans closer to BTS, to the point where they
feel like they know them. Streaming platforms like Korea’s V Live give ARMY intimate access to the members as they do mundane things like eating and sitting in their hotel
room after a performance. (speaking in foreign language) BTS also have several ongoing shows, like Run BTS! and Bon
Voyage that invite fans to laugh along with them as
they do random challenges and travel the globe. Better yet, every single
episode is available to stream. And that’s only a fraction of the content available at fan’s fingertips, largely due to fan translators, who translate this content from Korean to other languages for
free on their own time. (speaking foreign language) – I don’t translate for BTS, they understand everything they’re saying. But there are millions of fans out there who care about the message
they have to deliver but need translations for it. And hearing people
respond back immediately through social media, you get a sense that you’re doing something for community, and you’re doing something for people to take a new step, to get a
little bit more courage. – [Narrator] On Tumblr, the
internet’s go-to destination for fandom communities, BTS is currently the number one artist tag. – When Tumblr combined
our musical acts list and our K-pop list, BTS
was still number one, but they were also bigger than Beyonce. They were bigger than Ariana Grande, they were bigger than
all of these huge acts that you would think not
being part of this community would blow them out of the water. I absolutely notice BTS fan take what BTS has given them, all the wonderful things they’ve brought into their lives, and kind of pay that forward. – First it starts off thinking,
what do the boys love? And what are the things
we can do in their name? Our focus groups always
go for nature projects, so you plant trees, you adopt turtles, you adopt koalas in their name. And it’s always done in
the name of BTS or ARMY. And One In An ARMY is a
great example of that. – [Narrator] On the day of BTS’s historic Citi Field concert, volunteers
from One In An ARMY, a fan-driven global charity initiative, were collecting canned goods and blankets just across the street, to
give to local organizations City Harvest and Coalition
For The Homeless. – We’re doing this as
a thank you to New York for being so hospitable
to BTS and to the ARMY. – We are dedicated
fans, we are loyal fans, but we also wanted to show that we are so good-willed in each ARMY. Once you get one person involved, it’s like a chain reaction
to everybody else. – Even if we only do a small thing, that can be a big thing for somebody else. – We wanna make them proud. – Yeah.
– We do make them proud. – We really do. – [Narrator] For ARMY, these
simple acts of kindness bring them closer to
BTS and to each other. Purple Ribbon ARMY,
another fan-led initiative, was also outside Citi Field handing out purple ribbon wristbands. They serve as reminders to concertgoers to be respectful to their fellow ARMYs. Purple is a significant color for BTS. Inspired by member V’s favorite phrase. – I purple you. (fans screaming) – It started off as an airport project where we would use a ribbon to barricade the ARMYs and other fans
that wanted to see them so that the boys can
travel through the airport without getting hurt, and it also ensured the safety of
other ARMY members as well. – [Narrator] At Citi Field, BTS fans from around the world came together to celebrate a group they
say has changed their lives in a multitude of meaningful ways. – BTS has changed my
life because I just met a bunch of random people online and now they’re my closest friends. They give so much to us,
they help empower us so much. – I started listening to BTS last summer and I was infatuated
with the choreography, I just decided that I
wanted to try the dance. And now like two years later
I’m obsessed with them. I’m a teenager and I struggle with a lot of emotional stuff,
like personal problems. Music nowadays, it’s cool, it’s good, but there’s nothing like BTS. It directly talks to a teenager. Depression, anxiety, social problems, all that, I suffer with, I deal with. Every day at my high school,
during lunch period or gym, I would go upstairs to this empty room, and I would dance there
for 45 minutes to an hour, every single day. – To me, their music is everything. It came at a point in my
life when I didn’t know who I was as a person, I
didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, but to have these boys just come out and be like, hey, it’s okay, you’ll figure it out, don’t worry about it, just do you and do the best that you can, was really, really great. – [Narrator] Through their
music and philanthropy, BTS asks their fans to look inward. To take their message and reflect. To know that just because you
don’t love yourself today, doesn’t mean you can’t
love yourself tomorrow. In doing so, BTS aren’t
just breaking records, they’re creating a movement. – Being part of such a big global family has been so empowering for me, you know, just knowing that there are people that I call family, that I
don’t even speak their language. Like, we speak through a translator but we still consider each other family. We call each other family, you know? To me it represents a, you know, the kind of world that I want to live in. (mellow upbeat music)

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  1. I'm so happy, I love BTS and I love being apart of A.R.M.Y, they helped be a lot (both BTS and ARMY) when I was having trouble at home and school, I got tired with life and wanted to end it…but then I found BTS 3 years ago and I'm getting better.

    Even tho when I speak korean with my chingu, people in my class mocks us, saying "chinese is weird" sometimes I would get offended but then I realise, I don't care because I love myself not them!

    I purple everyone-ish

    #BTS #A.R.M.Y #Ipurpleu

  2. This is my story on how I became and ARMY and how I left the fandom forever:
    I got into BTS back in mid 2015 when 'Dope' came out. They really impressed me. Back then I didn't stan a lot of rookie groups except Exo. Then BTS came but I wasn't THAT into the group, just enjoying their music. They had like 1-2 million views on Dope and the other MV's had less than 30 million views or something, if I remember correctly. A few people around me got into BTS at the same time but the majority weren't aware of them at all. I tried to introduce them to my siblings when 'Run' came out in late 2015 but they weren't into them. It was only then when they released Fire in early 2016 when they got into them And in that year their fame skyrocketed like hell. Because of that, I kinda lost interest in them while they got more famous and more people around me got into them. Then in 2017, when Spring Day came out it became my favorite BTS song and I decided to restan BTS. 2 years later, and EVERYONE knows them. Even people in my class who never listen to Kpop are aware of BTS. But I'm unstanning them again and I probably won't restan them like I did during Spring Day/Not Today era. I'm not comfortable being in this fandom any longer. The majority of the fans are toxic as hell. More than ever. It's gotten out of hand and I'm sick of keep being associated with all those crazy and cringy fangirls and fanboys.


  4. I m a mom of 10 year old boy n me n my boy both loves bts so much n we want to join the army but don’t know how to become a part of this family… need help ARMY

  5. Bts aren’t just people who make music but a safe zone and a life everyone wants and wants to live in.

  6. Holy shit, I was about to cry. I don’t really know why, but I think it is because of how strong we ARMYs are:,)

  7. I've been an army for almost 3 years now and I just can't believe how much my life has changed for the better after I found them. If I ever had the chance to talk to them, the first thing I'd say would be "thank you". Thank you for connecting me with people all over the world, thank you for guiding me to a brighter place in life and thank you for helping me discover true happiness in the world around me. Not only did their message encourage me to come out last month, but it also helped me reconnect to my culture which I had been shying away from in those previous years. BTS have truly brought out the best in me.

    I will always be grateful to these 7 special men from South Korea who spread love and joy around the world. 💜

  8. Thank you for making this video. I am really proud and happy with my second family. Having feelings I've never had before. ARMY and BTS mean the whole world to me … more like the whole universe itself. Our universe. Our world . Our family /fandom. I'm proud to call myself an ARMY not caring what other people think. I care less about haters because haters are going to hate. Thank you BTS for changing my life and the world… because…ʏᴏᴜ'ᴠᴇ ꜱʜᴏᴡɴ ᴍᴇ I ʜᴀᴠᴇ ʀᴇᴀꜱᴏɴꜱ I ꜱʜᴏᴜʟᴅ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴍʏꜱᴇʟғ. 💜💜 I love you Family . Once an ARMY always an ARMY~

  9. Finally someone who actually doesn’t call us crazy fan girls and calls us toxic And actually sees the good side of us

  10. I m proud to be part of the BTS Army…love you BTS forever and… sarangyheyo 😊😄💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  11. Whatever these guys are doing, they are doing it right. Shout out to BTS and their fans for spreading positive messages around the world through their music. 💪💪

  12. I just learned about blackpink and bts yesterday… And I have used up all my data watching every video I can't stop…

  13. For all those people who are crying army's consist of young fans….
    My dad, my mom, my grandparents, my married elder sister, her married friends, are army's. I m not bluffing. We sometimes watch them together.
    And..for people who say army's consists of girls…i m a straight fucking FANBOY. I listened to them not for their looks or anything…just fucking look for their lyrics!! You'll understand

  14. Most powerful is directioners these gay plastic popsicles are so cringe and annoying just famous cause 1D ain’t around.

  15. others call us as fandom, they are wrong we are family. ARMY come from all over the world, anywhere you go you’ll meet at least one ARMY, and we can’t stop being proud of our stars, BTS.

  16. Whoa, I think that’s true. I’ve obsessed over many pop stars before but I don’t just obsess over BTS, I OVER OBSESS over them.From making BTS memes and BTS themed bracelets to drawing them!!! #1Army1Family 💜

  17. i'm so glad and thankful to be apart of this huge family.before i became an army, i was struggling with depression, i always talked down about myself, i hated everything about myself. on top of that, i was getting bullied a lot at school for the way i looked, all of my 'friends' were really fake, and my teachers didn't really care at all. but soon after i started getting into bts, i was just so much happier. i moved schools and met two army's who are now my two best friends, i started loving myself more and more, and became a much happier person. thank you bts for helping me through all of my hard times, and thank you so much army for welcoming me into this amazing family, and being such amazing people!

  18. Although I do like seeing so many people get together and show how similar yet different we all are. The only song I like is fake love….

  19. What I love about BTS is that they aren’t your average kpop group or boyband . They don’t talk about sex or drugs like any normal western artists . They work so hard to use their music address things that are considered to be “TOO PC” in South Korea : mental health , depression , suicide , government , oppression, etc . They discuss topics such as self love and self hate . We live in a social media world . Social media can change the way how we think or act weather for better or for worse . Sometimes the negative of social media is it shows people who struggle trying to fit in or be something their not . They don’t always love them self and end up doing things that isn’t who they are.

    Plus these guys are really inspirational. These guys came from an unknown company with very little money , almost bankrupt, had to share one room and couldn’t afford a nice apartment, was bullied and mock by the kpop industry , told they never make it , South Korea never gave them much respect , they just look down on them cause they didn’t came from a rich company. Members would receive hate and criticism. Jealous fandoms would try to destroy their careers with false lies and rumors . They’ve dealt with depression death threats . One of members name V had a grandma pass away and jealous fandoms did nothing but mock and send insults.

    Here is BTS today , accomplishing so many things no kpop group has done and accomplishing things nobody would ever thought they would ever accomplish. 3 number 1 albums on billboard hot 100 chart the only other group to accomplish that is the Beatles !! , iTunes chart toppers , Artists of the year at Mnet Asian Music Awards. The biggest Asian music award show held every year . Billboard top social artists winners three years running. American music award winners . Collaborating with American artists like Steve Aoki , Desiigner , halsey , nicki Minaj , Juice wrld , the chain smokers , Ed Sheeran. They are also the first korean artists ever to be the newest member of the Grammy recording academy. They aren’t just representing themselves but representing the kpop music world on a whole new level ! Now other kpop artists are being recognized more and having a chance to perform in the U.S.

  20. there are so much hate to Army and BTS themselves. I just don't understand why they are so bitter. I'm so sad so many peoples out there called Army is a trash. every time they do it, I feel like I wanna show this video. BTS don't deserve hate, they deserve love and world.

  21. I don't understand the bts army. All of them are a bunch of little girls and grown men who like little boys. We need to take them out

  22. It doesnt matter what skin color, age,or where your from!
    Your an army no matter what!
    you dont need albums or merch to be a army, you just need to support Bts!

  23. I think there are true BTS ARMY and then there are crazy BTS fans. Both love their music. Both know everything about them. Both buy their merchandise. Both believe in their messages. HOWEVER, the crazy fans are the ones that don't respect the boys' privacy or space. The crazy ones run after them in public ignoring their privacy. The crazy ones shove camera phones in front of their faces. BTS is great but I just think some have to be more respectful of the guys. You know who you are. Sorry but I can't call those fans part of ARMY when you cannot respect their privacy, space, etc.

  24. ••Armies will stand for BTS forever••

    •'We Are A Family From Different Parents'

    •'We Do Not Mean Harm But We Protect Our Boys When Someone Is Hating On Them'

    •'Our Goal Is Not Easy But We Know It's Important'

    •To Protect
    •To Serve
    •To Love Our Boys

    Thank You For Reading – Eleanor

  25. i want my children to know about bts when they will be born like really i almost cried while watching the video istg my smile reached my ears

  26. omg the way we BTS&ARMY connect even through translations.. it's so comforting and satisfying to know we're a family (all around the youniverse) 💜

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