Cameron Diaz thinks all partners cheat | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Cameron Diaz thinks all partners cheat | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Because you’re Promoting This [Film] and People are Talking to you about Relations of it so there’s [Lucknow] it Is like the gospel According to come yes All These you’ve These edicts have come On Hi Cameron diaz as Sanford’s Everyone Gets Cheated on at. Some Point yeah are you Standing by this uh Yeah Jaime Cheated, on don’t know her okay? [Shoot] it on yep Cheat it on I’m Talking about like I’m [Talking] About for my Childhood from like The first Boys Hamp Or Girls man yeah, Exactly like There is Somebody Else who Can [attest] to somebody that you wish Somebody was Kissing that was Kissing Somebody Else you don’t know me very, well do [ya]? okay, Maybe that you cheated, on let’s get Forward to my Mid-Twenties So what you’re Saying Ever if Somebody’s Watching this they haven’t Been Cheated on They’re Going to [be]? Well Look it I’m not I’m not Saying That Cheaters Are like are Cheater in This Movie I’m not Saying that it’s like A Pathological Situation I’m Just Saying That There’s a moment [in] Everybody’s Time Where they Feel That They find that Somebody has Betrayed Them at some Level betrayal. Is that it. Is that more Comfortable for [People] [it’s] More Comfortable I see people when they Say that they’re [like] all of A sudden they get Really Nervous They’re Always Like They go Through all of Their Boyfriends and Their Girlfriends Are like did I Oh my god all of A sudden They start Questioning it becomes like this Complete Existential Like Conundrum They’re Like Did I did I did I and like Just Relax it’s okay [if] You, did Everybody Gets Cheated on Wow That’s Cheered The Nation up of a bride It Really has no but here’s The Fears There from you to you guys girl Coming but Here’s the other Thing because Cameron you’re Single At the moment I am I’m Carly you’re Single of Mm-Hmm now meeting People and Dating Is hard Enough But Cameron Diaz and [Kylie] I’m Single I’m going to include you and I wasn’t sure Lucky for you russell I’m Married okay? [oh] you, may be able to step it Up in There but But Cameron, he hasn’t got even Know. How like chicken Can Guys Ask you out Yeah but now how Is it possible you Just Ask but. No don’t encourage People I would Say Yeah yeah no it happens i I know it’s so weird Cuz. We’re Just like it Almost like a Disease or something That’s a ratio People asking you out to you Saying yes Good Question That Many People are no I’m [Gonna] send A letter to Equity for you Though By Hand and tandem One of your Ladies in Waiting checks And we Says the Process they Know? It’s called [Betting] netting right so do They go Through People know So, well i say that but Actually in when you know you Work a lot I work A lot you Have your Team and you? Have your People who Can give you Whiskers Down the Corridor and you know stuff like that so not not vetting so much but Kind of Have to have your eyes Oh so does it come Back Does the message come back are We [if] You were to ask [miss] for [know] About She might Consider your Proposal No I’m so not Posh like that no know. What like hey [it] [no] [it’s] Is it’s as awkward as is Everyone [Would] be like hey, I’m so You want to go for it or, well you know We’re Going out Afterwards you want to go for drink um it happens like that Let’s Throw This out to the Group [at] Cameron has also been in the Papers Recently Very Strongly That all woman Should Maintain some Pubic hair [Cameron] Feels very Strongly About This, no, no, no, no I like Spain, no no no no [Maintain] the Job yeah That Would be Retaining to be allotment in An Aspect of Husbandry About [it] Wretched even Would be to Maintain Take it out every Now and then Comb it yeah This Bucket in Terms of my Comfort Zone I’m far away from it [I] Left the Zone of Safety In the Wilderness I don’t know what’s Happening The Forest Through the Trees That Is an Inappropriate Metaphor? We’re Talking that Really Okay, Can I just Clear something up really [suit] if You Would okay yeah did you [ever] ask you a question like why are you? There why are you there why? Have A direct Community are you There Slightly Louder Voice my Kid Does Yours Talk When you’re Expecting a reply [I]? Went to A blue Movie Once [I] was 16 Or 17 at some Dodgy Theater in in Auckland New Zealand I’m only Bringing this up because the title of the Film was Virginia the Talking Vagina That’s all I have to contribute meanwhile back to you online so me and the Situation is Is that I believe that We [should] be informed as to how our Body Works We Should Have the [Information] and I brought up the? Conversation About How Women Are Sort of Young women as a sort of trend are Lasering Off All of it at one Reza More for Thank you very much for Evermore And i just want to say to the women who Think at this moment for Whatever Reason Whether it’s Because They’ve Seen it. May Think that it’s sexy, Or that Their man Thinks that it’s sexy or? Whatever They’re Tired of Dealing With it Yeah, [oh]! No Let me Finish This, okay Virginia Is Talking Everybody’s Been Talking About um so I believe that if You’re Doing Something Forever At ber And don’t come back [you] [might] Change your mind And the man who thinks it’s sexy Now you might Change your mind About him too he might turn out to be a total and Virginia I feel like you Should Consider What Forever Means and Because Once it’s gone You can’t get it back That’s What Forever Means that’s from my heart to your? Care Take it all off for Years I don’t [care] what up but when you want to Take that Make that Choice to bring it back Thank you Manjo men don’t choose I can use Vijaya What About you going [did] you do the back Cracking Sack I do not [Suspicion] no i do it [no] I do a little Manscaping Oh kind of Thing that’s Just for friends Yeah I mark it out you know With one of Those Long Things You, don’t want to get Down There and Kind of Think, well if They haven’t Bothered Going here, oh? Poor Kylie She Just uh you’re Right Charlie I Have Visions of you know Pegs and Ribbons not much [Tripping]

100 thoughts on “Cameron Diaz thinks all partners cheat | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

  1. It's amazing how Graham can make all of his guests interact so comfortably during almost an hour and keep us watching it without getting annoyed or bored.
    In my opinion he is by far the best talk show host ever.

  2. I don’t get why everyone is calling Cameron crazy, what she’s saying here is perfectly cogent. We all get betrayed.

  3. "we should know how our bodies work." first of all, we do. it's only your shitty ass education system in the us, where anyone can be teacher. in europe you would just ask your biology teacher and i bet he/she would tell, if asked appropriately.

  4. Cameron Diaz , says all women should maintain some pubic hair .. that’s my girl . Anyday when you free Cameron .

  5. Is Cameron holding herself to this statement as well, as in "how many times has she cheated on her friends/lovers/companions?"

  6. Russell Crowe funny! I`m not sure who the other guy in glasses is, but intellectually funny and witty. Diaz is weird, but puts herself out there, and makes for great fun here.

  7. Hmm they say Laser is forever, I've had laser, it aint forever huniiii okayyyyyy. (perhaps it depends on the type of laser)

  8. … something tells me they only say yes on a dating request when the balance of the account, of he who asks, is at least double of theirs ….

  9. The title of this video is super misleading—saying that everyone gets cheated on is way different than saying “all partners cheat.” The title should be changed

  10. Virgo's are the most untrusting people, i should know i am one and Cameron Diaz. Gemini's are the most flirty and easy to fall in love like Kylie but why keep going for model types, she should have gone out with Russel Crowe they are compatible in Astrology but he's not young enough, shallow comes to mind.

  11. Americans…About Fidelity…I've heard this SO MANY times from them. I think its Diaz's Standards? I think it's ok with Succesful Americans? is it Just Me?

  12. The dudes on the sofa are big duds. Anyway, it's true. Most people cheat. Also, I don't think it's particularly safe to date the 'ticking time bomb' Russell Crowe. 😉

  13. Well most people cheat in relationships so she's kinda right. Monogomy is not the way to go anyway. Open relationships are.

  14. What happens is, we make conclusions from our own experiences and make Generalised statements on that and thus think it happens to everyone 🤭

  15. I haven't been cheated on, or broken up with, but I have been lied to and ghosted. So it forces me to break up with them. I think men cheat if they have a crappy marriage or crappy personality. Lying, too. Ghosting just means he's young/not mature, can't communicate. Even a good guy can ghost after everything was totally fine.

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