Canon M50 Photography Tutorial — 7 Tips and Tricks

Canon M50 Photography Tutorial — 7 Tips and Tricks

83 thoughts on “Canon M50 Photography Tutorial — 7 Tips and Tricks

  1. Love the tips and knowledge you guys share. Your videos taken my YouTube channel to the next level. Thank you keep up the awesome work❤

  2. Love the Canon M50! I use it with a variable ND filter so you don’t have to crank up the shutter speed for outdoor shots. Thanks for the tips guys 🙏🏼

  3. I always can use more tips to improve my youtube channel! That is why I keep coming back.

    Thank you for helping me grow as a small youtuber 👍❤

  4. Love the m50 I’m saving up for it to up my game in my makeup tutorials is it better for a beauty blogger or a canon sl2?

  5. I had no idea there was an M50 playlist!! Think has been a great resource for me as a beginner and based on your advice and many others, I invested in the M50. Coming from a lumix F47 and then a HF R800, after 1 video production it's easy to see why the M50 is so worth it. Even though the M50 settings and lighting is not the best, it still turns out better than the old footage by far.

  6. Loving mines…with a nd filter u on the game…great for anyone…im an amateur videographer and photographer…have fun guys and tanx again tink media

  7. I I bought that camera and it was so complicated to use that I ended up buying the canon G7X Mark ii which I love.

  8. Think media is awesome I followed all his tips in step out my comfort zone now I’m on my way to making millions ‼️

  9. Hello Sir
    I am watching your videos for long time and I have created my channel
    I am uploading C++ Tutorials And Programming Tutorials on my channel and a one thing is that when i watch your videos it will boost my energy.
    Thanks for giving us such a good path on which we can earn money and respect
    Thanks a lot Sir

  10. I'm completely new to photography a complete novice you have no idea how helpful your videos are thanks soo much!!

  11. If you don't yet have an M50 check out used ones on EBay. I found one for $450 with the kit lens in like new condition. Wth the savings I was able to add a couple of prime lenses and adapter (22mm EFM and 50mmEF with adapter) Great all around camera that has me considering selling my Nikon DSLR. There's so much to learn about this camera every tip helps. Thanks!

  12. I really appreciate how you prioritized the tips for those of us who are relative newcomers to photography in manual mode. There are many M50 tips out there, but knowing what is important and what can be deferred to a more advanced is often difficult to discern. I have already incorporated these tips into taking pictures, so thanks.

    One of my next learning adventures is deciding on what post-processing software to use and figuring out how to use it without getting lost in the many details and settings. Another topic I know I will have to deal with at some point is, how to properly adjust white balance when shooting on the M50, how to calibrate colors, and how to adjust colors during post-processing.

  13. Yes!! Love these tips for the m50! I’m currently rocking it with the 10-18mm and 50mm for broll. And love it so far. Just trying to get better at color grading.

  14. A few people say that the viltrox speed booster make s the lense have a very loud AF especially in video what do you guys think?

  15. Here are the 7 Points:
    ✅ #1 Set Display from Guided to Standard – Timestamp: 1:27
    ✅ #2 Change Dial to Manual "M" – Timestamp: 1:45
    ✅ #3 Shoot in Raw – Timestamp: 2:57
    ✅ #4 Auto Focus Settings – Timestamp: 4:14
    ✅ #5 Touch Shutter – Timestamp: 4:39
    ✅ #6 Invest in Prime Lenses – Timestamp: 5:12
    ✅ #7 Edit your Photos with Presets – Timestamp: 6:58

    Thumbs up so other people can see this and Subscribe to my channel if you found this helpful! 👍

  16. Just bought the M50 for myself as a "subscriber milestone" gift, and I LOVE it! I was using my phone for my videos up until now!

  17. hi i am a kid who wants to start a youtube channel that plays board games but to do so i would need money please make a vid about how to make money on youetube i also want to evlove it to much cooler and more fun vids please give advice

  18. Nice video! Canon is really trying to step up it's mirrorless cameras offerings. This M50 looks really nice I would love to check it out. I've worked with the Canon EOS R a little bit and I do love how lightweight and user friendly it is. Love what you said about RAW files too lol it's so true, you can change almost anything in a RAW file during the editing process 😅

  19. Question. In Canon EOS M50 does it have a pause button while taking videos? If it has where is it located? I'll wait for your answer. Thanks.

  20. If you had $2k to spent on a camera now to do interviews for uploading later and some live streaming which camera would you go with? I'm torn between a Canon and Sony … I have the 80D already which I use for my live streaming but want something mirrorless. Is this the camera for me? Would need something that also has clean HDMI.

  21. Great vid, I just picked up this bad boy a few weeks ago in hopes to up my YouTube game. I have no prior photography knowledge so it has been exciting to learn more about the craft. I find the camera very easy to use. I am still getting to know it and find myself wanting to take it everywhere to get practice with it.

  22. My Man!!!!! I was finally breaking out my M50 to play with before my trip to Seattle. This vid was right on time!!!

  23. Real good tips, this camera will be my next up grade. I do a lot of outdoor and animal pictures, as well as future thumbnails.

  24. Question Of The Day ⚡ What kind of photography do you do? Portraits? Street? Landscape? Let us know! 👇 ***** WATCH THIS VIDEO NEXT 📣 7 Tips and Tricks for shooting better video with the Canon M50 👉

  25. What are your thoughts on M50 vs the RP? Do you think it’s worth the upgrade or the images from M50 are just as good?

  26. Personally, I'm big into just plain street photography. Lots of traveling so I really enjoy that type. Also do some vlogging so the m50 was probably my best option. I've been borrowing my parent's 80D for a while but I've got an m50 coming in soon. Actually used these settings on the 80D today and they worked wonders. They just made everything so much easier.

  27. Assuming he means ‘luts’ when he says presets.. That ‘mirrorless cameras are better’ part was laughable, if not completely backwards in its explanation in comparison to dslrs. Seriously guys, study up a bit more, this is depressing.. After coming from another video where they recommend ‘xlr cords’ and tell you the shure sm7b is a condenser mic, it really makes me wonder how much they actually know.. Guys, don’t buy ‘presets’.. If you want a good lutpack you can make it yourself, for nothing… some guy playing with his contrast settings and then selling them and doesnt even actually know how a mirrorless camera functions is kinda dumb..but be sure to comment and subscribe and use all the affiliate links when you buy stuff.,. Cha Ching!

  28. Since watching this channel I have learned allot. I finally posted a video or two and faced my fears. Thank you so much!!!

  29. Hey thank you for sharing really cool man but the cameras so tiny so I went with the G7 because it's a little bigger I didn't realize that the M50 was so small until I saw it at Best Buys it's nice but it's tiny

  30. hi guy! im having a hard time pulling the trigger on the M50 cause i hear the new one will come out in Sept 2020. Any thoughts on that? ps:love the channel

  31. Love my M50! It's the perfect camera for me as a beginner photographer and youtube creator. I'm loving the 11-22mm for my vlog lense, and then throwing on the 50mm f1.8 with an adapter for photos. Can't go wrong!

  32. I got M50 after you guys reviewed and i love, i already had nifty fifty so got the adapter too and i am one happy food photographer, now tapping into video recipes. Thanks both of your for amazing work!

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