Capt. Raghu Raman | 🇮🇳 5 Life Lessons from the Indian Army Life 🇮🇳 | Josh Talks

Capt. Raghu Raman |  🇮🇳 5 Life Lessons from the Indian Army Life 🇮🇳 | Josh Talks

So let me begin with my induction into the Indian Military Academy (IMA) I came from Delhi University I was a complete,as we call in the army colgate,because I came from college whereas the other friends of ours would come from NDA or from Sainik school and other military background In indian academy we have three terms thrid second and first and third terms are the kings and the second terms are known as princess

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  1. Indian Army is a most beautiful for my India I don't know why India people is going other place no theorem no nothing but I am safe my Dharti animal

  2. One of the best video I have ever seen and now it has boosted my motivation. Army talks are always motivating and I can related some of the incidents and remember my good old days when I was in military school and then in NCC.

  3. सलाम है आपको और आपकी स्पीच को सर
    आप जैसे लोगो को पार्लियामेंट मै जाना चाहिए ना की
    अनपढ़ लोगो को 🙏🙏😇

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  5. Army can not explain their struggle, pain and untold realistically into words. Only Army can feel their sentiment pain.

  6. I'm a 15 year old girl jyoti, joinding indian army is my childhood dream but noone is there to guide me… Plz help me i want to serve my country…..

  7. Please tell the lecturers to keep the mic one and a half inches away from his lips. The shimmering makes it difficult even to hear the proper words.

  8. The people who dislike this are just making fool of themself
    So please like this video
    Be responsible indian

  9. I am watching this for "n"th time and its inspiring each time! Thank you Capt. for sharing your experiences and lessons from the Army and what a great institution is the Indian Army to produce such leaders. Jai Hind.

  10. Sir me army me bahat bar interview dia hnu lekin me kuch bar written me or kuch bar medical me fail fail hojatihnu sir recent last time me territorial army rally me interview diatha sab kuch hogya Lkin merit me fail hogei sir pleeas bataen ab me kya karu

  11. Sir kya karu please bataen mera ek aim he army me jane ke lie lekin me bahat barr fail hogei hnu or dost ne bolte he ki mere luck me nehi he army

  12. Sir hame apka show bhot accha lgta h in hindi hmari English thodi kmjor h to thodi koshish kre ki show hindi m bnae

  13. Sir…I have seen your this speech more than 5 times…it inspires me a Lot…getting prepared of NDA

  14. Spending at least 2 years in Indian forces must be made compulsory for completing any graduation in India.

  15. How wonderfully this man shared his experiences and compared them to generic life lessons. 2 THUMBS UP for this video and speaker.

  16. My Nani told me that seniors always suppress the juniors in arms.. I could only point out the negative thing in it… And he enjoys that??? He is a true optimistic 👏👏

  17. dont sweat abt small stuff, over food .. oh thats why you punished a soldier who complained abt the food they get served in kashmir or i dont know the exact place. Nice shame ..

  18. It is just amazing amazing
    My soul doesn't lives me without commenting this
    A huge respect from the bottom of my heart to the wonderful Human being

  19. Last year I missed my navy ssr job just by half marks
    This year I m 20 years old but this time the navy is recruiting for 19 year olds
    Again I was missfired
    But I am definitely going to win by my passion and hard work

  20. Thus, we should not solely focus on outcome rather follow strictly the path of enjoying life having a combative mind set. There would be finally a win-win situation, even if time comes for exchanging baton..

  21. Josh talk changed the thumbnail for more views😂😂😂 . Earlier this video had the thumbnal called "Five Lessons from the Indian Army".

  22. thanks, sir and this message is for Organisers(@joshtalks), arrange some quality mic for the speakers, please.

  23. Boss Just before one year Ago's and manys years ago's work . Mind Devloping and match mindset afterly Finally Correct Result in Mind. Thanks for my Advice …..

  24. This video and Captain.Raghu Raman in particular has been my prime motivation to work harder and clear the SSB in my 4th attempt , will be joining OTA in October

    JAI HIND 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  25. Even though our Army is best but their if you meet with any Army Officer their is such a huge Corruption. Since Media is not allowed in Defense, they loot the money like anything.for example Cado in Air force Station ordered to construct a Park & they will make a contract, fund allocated was Rs. 8000000 & real expenditure was like Rs 10000.
    Such a huge corruption you can't even imagine.

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