Cara Delevigne’s hidden talents – BBC

Cara Delevigne’s hidden talents – BBC

Yeah, I play piano, drums, guitar. We all can sing but some better
than others, are not great but I love to sing and write music. Do you? – Yeah And you collaborated with Pharrell. I mean that… Just like I like this thing. I collaborated with Pharrell. That so cool. You are like a triple aren’t you.
I think it’s that generation as well, There generation, they sort of…
Our generation was you have to do one thing and they generation… Well apart from JLo. JLo, Will Smith…
They do it”s not true, There are people can paved the way for me. Is harder putting yourself out there as
a musician if it’s something that is – it’s impossible that is something that is quite
heartfelt for you like performing your own tracks… I can perform someone else, I can be
other people, I can’t do it as myself, I can’t bear to talk about it. I find it hard
to play music in front of my family, my own music, if someone doesn’t like something you
have written because usually I write when I am so sad or angry, and if someone doesn’t like that they are
basically saying your emotions aren’t valid. You Know. It is more selfish thing I do. So is it something that you do
and keep to yourself? you’d never really put it out there Well, do have a song may be
coming out maybe next year which is with someone else
which I can talk about but I will do it but I have such respect for
music that I don’t want to do it unless I can dedicate all my time to it, Because I can’t do it, I can’t do music when
I am doing too much other stuff, it’s hard to do so many things. But that’s what I mean, you are a triple threat right. You are an incredible model, one of the best that has been for years. And no, OK… Fantastic
actress. The And no, OK… Fantastic actress. It’s the eyebrows guys… I am very jealous of the eyebrows… and you play instruments,
you want to drum at 10. Seven. Yeah Seven I didn’t want to do Latin so drums. What’s weird is my parents
told me to do piano, so I did it and because they told me to, I didn’t like it and then I found the drums myself
and now I started playing piano five years ago but I was so upset I quit because my parents, whatever my parents wanted me to do, I did the opposite. Apparently! Defiant! Is it right that you did the modelling
to fund drama school at one point because acting was also
the first thought. No, I wanted to model,
because again I had to drop out of school because
of mental illness and other things and I just couldn’t finish literally, and I had to get a
job so I was going to work until my gap year which I was
planning with all my friends and then try to go to drama school but then not finishing school, drama school was going to be pretty impossible so I kind of gave up on the idea of acting but I was also so depressed I had given up on
all my dreams I suppose, but then when modelling
kicked off I was like OK, maybe I do have
the potential of something. and then it took a long time just to prove. I
never wanted an easy road with anything. I always wanted to prove myself. But, Yeah, it was interesting. Because I remember I found my
first agent, who was Lindy King, and I went into the office and she was like, you are a model and models typically aren’t
the best actors and I don’t want to represent a model, and I said look, just give me
of couple weeks, send me to auditions and I will prove to you that I can act. and I didn’t get anything because they were
terrible parts, so she took me on. but it was good. and now you’ve proved it – yeah

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  1. What a joke.. you dropped out of school because of mental health?
    I have mental health issues, have a job, and go to school every day to study STEM fields at 17 which is much harder then whatever you people in the West have.
    Your education system has become so catered and so stupid or simplified that you let kids drop out of highschool for no good reason, you give every student a trophy instead of separating the stupid from the smart, and to top it all off you introduce issues such as race and sex into collage applications where if you are a female and applying for computer science you get 10% more grade credits, if you are Asian you get 10% LESS credit and if you are African American you get 15% credit.
    I get the African American one because they do have a disadvantage because of the areas where they were brought up – the hood doesn't have many good schools. But why give Asians a disadvantage and on top of that why give women an advantage over men?
    I mean, if someone isn't good enough to study STEM, don't accept them – it's that simple. No one likes going to class with a bunch of dumb people around them just sitting there doing nothing. It is angering to see people studying fields they can never understand because they are going to be the ones complaining about how they got a collage degree but no job, and they are the ones who will vote for someone like trump who promises more jobs by kicking out minorities.
    And not like if they do get a job they will become successful. If you are not good at programming, having a collage degree won't help you keep or get a job. It's that simple.

  2. Im feeling very angry, passionate and rebellious. Chucking 'catcamongst the pigeons' … I bet not even Miss Swift can do allllllllll the things Cara can or will do! 😁 She's …..well…..just a gggggg ggggg gggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeereeeeeeeeeeeeenius!

    (I'm not setting a challenge or competitive girl trollings!!!)

  3. That Cara is one weird dude.
    My stepbrother let his eyebrows grow down that far at one point too, plus a unibrow, he looked like Lowly the worm.

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