CAREERS IN BA MASS COMMUNICATION – MA,P.hD,Writer,Reporter,Editor,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

CAREERS IN BA MASS COMMUNICATION – MA,P.hD,Writer,Reporter,Editor,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

Hi guys..This is Pooja from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Careers in B.A Mass Communication B.A. in
Mass Communication is an undergraduate program
that teaches students with unique methods of conveying and presenting information in
verbal as well as written form. Information is conveyed to a specific group of people
or to general public, depending on the requirement. Qualifying this course teaches a person to
gather as well as execute information in a way that it can generate awareness within
the common mass. During the course period, the students are
trained in fields of writing, editing, photography, hosting, and ways to attract with the audience.
Students are offered with specialized training so that they can confidently communicate with
public during different events and incidents. For writing, candidates are provided with
training to construct qualitative sentences and to present them in impressive and clearly
comprehensible manner. Once the candidate is done with the bachelor’s degree, he can
then continue with the Master’s program in mass communication. If not then they can
also look for numerous job options that are open to them. The eligible qualification for a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication is 10 + 2. Often,
most colleges and universities offering a course in this subject conduct an entrance
exam. For a post graduate degree in this field, one needs to complete the graduate degree
with good marks. There are also certificate courses available for students who have completed
10 + 2. The skill set required for students who wish to enter the mass media industry
are smart personas and superior communication skills. Once the course is completed, candidate
can then proceed to work as art director, public relations officer, freelance writer,
film director, video jockey, TV correspondent, screenwriter, sound technician, presenter,
feature writer, and more such avenues concerned with media industry. In order to secure quality education in this field, applicants can look forward to numerous
reputed colleges such as: • Institute of Technology and Management,
Dehradun • Manav Rachna International University,
Faculty of Media Studies • Pearl Academy, Delhi
• National Institute of Media and Communication, Delhi
• Jamia Islamia University, Delhi Once the education is completed candidates
can look up to reputed jobs in government as well as private sector. Government channels
such as All India Radio, TV channels, News Departments, newspapers, magazines, Doordarshan,
and more can offer lucrative career options to students. Even there are respectable channels
in the private sector where individuals can find fruitful jobs. ZEE TV, Sony, Star TV,
BBC, Discovery, news channels, magazines, and knowledge channels are areas that can
be considered. Aspirants can also look for employment in
numerous sectors such as: • Advertising agencies
• Journals • News Agencies
• Press information bureau • TV channels
• Newspapers • Websites
• Photography companies • Circulation and Public relations
• Press Information Bureau • Blog and Article writing
• Books and Novels • All India Radio
The salary offered to young candidates is slightly less, but it may increase with time
and experience. In order to get hired to big companies in this field, individuals may need
to pass an entrance exam. To get complete details about further education and placement
in mass communication, interested students can log to number one online portal for career
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  1. hii, I have a question mass communication kr ke actress bn skte h acting me yeh course benfit deta h ya nhi pls reply

  2. after graduate from mass communication ,I join nsd national school of drama becoz nsd requires graduation

  3. Mam, I'm studying
    After completing that I like to Mass communication.
    Is it better to take M.A (or) B.A.Mass communication.

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