100 thoughts on “Chicago Police superintendent says he ignores Trump’s tweets

  1. The man in the White House need not to throw stones what is he doing nothing ready to talk junk about everyone but not about himself and his CORRUPTION spend more time healing the Country and less time tweeting.

  2. Why he does nothing for his community and 50 people get murdered a week in his city! The murder capital! What a smart guy,this is who CNN associates thereselfs with ! Just like creepy porn lawyer,brennon,Comey,shift,all low life scum. Bags, liberals mark me words,. Put this on your calendars! Democrates and socialists and CNN and MSNBC CBS ABC all will be comming after Thanksgiving next ,. Mark this down,they all have been trying to get rid of any history or hero's, statues, holloween,father's day,any thing that brings American's together ,any traditions,any thing that all Americans have as a common idiology,this is how they destroy everything you know ! By saying everything is racist,America is some terrable place,we should be disgusted! That's why the flag is racist,the Bible,God, patrisom, Christmas, holloween,babies aka family,religion,the Constitution, so you tell me the USA has had all of this for 239 years but since Trump got in , everything is racist now! Think about that? Just watch , Thanksgiving is next ! Tell me there not brainwashing you ! Better wake up dummies,before you have no future ! Then they tell you trump and trump supporters are KKK biggiot natzies White supremacists xenaphob sexists homaphob Hittler ,half of America is racist,go outside and find me any kkk natzie homaphob Hittler ,it should be easy half the people you see are racists! Lol ! How is that possable ? Exactly ! Brainwashing ! If you say it enough it must be true! Aka propaganda ! The next ten people you see 5 of them should be wearing hoods ! And look it's working ,your all offended by everything, everything is racist,America is a horable place ! This is you all ! Look in the mirror ! Ask yourself? (Thanksgiving )is next ! Can't have family and friends and children and American values be able to exist ! Tear down the foundation of America and the people ! Easier to control people when devided !

  3. He also ignores doing his job , and he ignores the crime rate , and he ignores the murder rate . He ignores ice agents . Damn that loser ignores a lot

  4. Look at her face ,of evil,knowing she's brainwashing you ,instead of addressing the thousands that get killed a year in his district and all the crime ,rapes no jobs , CNN and MSNBC is worried about tweet's ! Lmmfao ! And you tell me they care and your best interest is at heart ? Really ! You haven't went completely off the deep end yet have you ? Let's try and make trump look bad at any cost who cares about facts and the people or problems ! Go to his district and walk around one night and see if you don't get murdered ! 95% chance you will ! Or robbed for sure if your lucky ! Watch CNN and MSNBC CBS ABC Hollywood and democrates all against one little man trump as a collective group ! 3 years 24/7 7 days a week ! Kinda strange isn't it? So standing up to China is bad,low unimployment is bad more jobs is bad lower taxes is bad freedom is bad free speech is bad double child tax credit is bad fixing the VA is bad were the top exporter in gas and oil in our history is bad more women blacks Hispanics working in history is bad rebuilding our military is bad locking up criminals is bad borders to keep you safe is bad the stock market highest in history for like the 50th time is bad less people on welfare is bad ! Trump's a bad man ! Lmmfao ! But they want to tell you what you can eat,drink,think,say,do ,how to live,what you need,what believe you have ,what religion you have,what your aloud to say,what you can wear,. Sounds like slavery to me! Didn't the slaves have them same rights?

  5. Only way you going to stop the chicago gang crap one everyone needs good jobs if everyone had good jobs they wouldn't need to be doing what they doing. & if all drugs was ok todo & the gov could tax them then that power would go away from them then after that make it ok to sale sex if you wanted that would help the stress of life & make it where bullets cost 86,000 for one box of bullets of any kind in all states. but the rich don't what you caring about people like that.

  6. GOD is using president Caligula..Every time he moves GODS people here to there, He unites them against a common enemy.. When they finally rise up…it will cost this fake pharaoh his own ANYONE in this WORLD who thinks he can push GODS children, be warned..GOD is using you to UNITE US! whoa to those when we rise!! It will cost you EVERYTHING you stole!

  7. Are they really giving this fat fuck credit say crime has dropped this week? Did anyone else catch that or did I miss hear. I don't think you can take credit for a less violent week. Dude is a joke and they need to get a real man in there to do the job and clean up that shit hole

  8. He ignores trumps tweets. But doesn’t attend a meeting with trump because of the stuff he tweets. Oh man that’s good.

  9. Wonder if it was a 7 time fellon that should of been in jail that shot that little girl ? He's running the streets though because he's a victum! Lol !

  10. Gross fire. How many end up one way or the other in are crossing of the others ego trip cock sock shit.????? Now pulitic religious color skin country. Language. Sexual games. And whatever else. Never know how you end up. Only because you not want too do this or that Or what. ????? Punishment not knowing what come at you. Only not like too do this or that on or of internet. Will it be jail without clothes on behind plastic glass. Or will it be killed. ????? Is it women or man?.? All grown up or not really there of be grown up.????? Humans and Nature animals So much end up in the middle of this ego trip cock sock sick of game. Of some kind of ways end up ugly. Where in the world is it the worse game with it all??? Is it Europe Middle East North or South of what country. China. Afghanistan. And what else list of countries. Or is it straight up America it self where nothing no one truthfully be save. And only did trying too do what or not. On and of internet. What makes it all are truthfull responsible person when not. What is worse sick ass excuses lies and road block back stepping. It any American can do too others around them. Only so called clean enough Or trash enough or something what or not. Do around internet and in the real world. How far is too far. Be get in the middle of it all. Or not. Because no matter whatever you do or not punish you will get how never know that

  11. I bet the person who did it already has a lengthy criminal record. The fake oppressed will Never call out the behavioural patterns and cultural embraces that led to their piss-poor neighborhoods.

  12. something needs to be done about the violence how about a gun ban and 50 yrs. if caught with one…. to hell w/rights in this case! And another thing Trump and the right can always comment on the woes of minority cities but silent on the caging, death and missing children on his watch!

  13. You dont get black to do impt job. Trump is right. They are incompetent. White police superintendent needs to replace that nigga

  14. This is so difficult to listen to. This man has no feelings for others . He can’t relate to families because is so wrapped up in himself . For the life of me I just don’t understand the American public . I think you would need to be a bit sick in the head to follow a man like this . He has no decency. He’s a wrecking ball

  15. I thought they made guns illegal in Chicago? Huh I feel sorry for the girl, But the Black on Black crime crisis needs to be STOPPED!!

  16. Perhaps cities should stop providing protection for the President when he holds his rallies until he pays his bills.


  18. Send more money lol so that's the fix for everything it seems. If this police chief doesn't like it when the president bad mouth's the job he's doing then don't bad mouth the job Trump is doing I'm sure he doesn't appreciate it either.

  19. Chicago knows what the problem is…They can't address it because it will clearly stand out what the problem is!


  21. What a dumb person he is. He had a chance to talk to Trump face to face and try and get things fixed and he acts like a baby. Grow up!

  22. Reality idiots, Chicago has been under control of the Marxists Communists(aka Democrats ) for decades and is a killing field of thousands of African Americans, illegal drug and violent gangs heaven and this stupid idiot it's playing politics, go do your fucking job and stop your bullshit!

  23. No show OF Sadness OR Well Wishes for the Child or the Family, just CRITICISM and NO HELP for a SOLUTION, NOW HERE'S A PRESIDENT TO LOOK UP TO FOR SUPPORT NOT NOW OR EVER.

  24. Democrats have destroyed Chicago like every major city from Los Angeles to Manhattan. CNN is socialist propaganda not news CNN doesn't care about this child only an opportunity to spew socialist propaganda.

  25. This is what's wrong with journalism. The focus should be on the endemic crime in Chicago, but instead, CNN chooses to focus on reality-TV tabloid drama: how the Superintendent reacts to Trump tweets. Shameful. Shame on you all. Clickbait. Lacking substance. Signifying nothing…in the public interest.

  26. 10/31/19 1800 hours a 7 year old girl shot in her neck by sons of former slaves. Group of former slaves children were chasing their kind, a 31 yr old male who was shot in his hand. The girl may die. But children of former slaves don't care because a former slave owner off-spring wasn't the shooter, in other words, former slaves children murdering former slaves children is accepted because that is one of two things whites are not allowed to do.

  27. Trump is the biggest grub the planet has ever seen!

    And all of his lap dogs should all be impeached for perjury, they took an oath of which they are not up holding.

    How can they look themselves in the mirror or in the families eyes.

    The spouses and kids must be so proud!

  28. Trump needs to stfu. Hes always talking out of his ass and discrediting people. I want a president that was raised not to name call and argue on Twitter

  29. The Chicago Police Chief does not know how to fix the problem that CHIRAQ has and he admits it using ZERO Strategic patience hopping that it goes away ??? The DON has offered to fix several time and each time a Negro says no ????? So if you ever see a negro pushing GUN control he is full of Shift >??????

  30. With violence being the norm for irrational Government. But not normal for us. If we can get a matter resolved without meeting over and over again with the Court, Police, Sheriff, Hearing Officer, and the DA. That makes way more sense. The main question for Everyone in any case where you contacted top Officials is where is the People evidence. The answer to sexual assault in my own case may have been from perverts who get on the internet and in the Media. Then they find out you dated what they call "bad boys", and start behaving like the jerks that they are. Even when you don't date bad boys. Its just an excise to be immature and never grow up. Do I know the Clowns. Many of them that approached me in passing and at work. I had no clue who they were. Others if you approach me and try to date me to start a fight or get Someone else upset, harmed, or hurt. That is under sexual assault. Dating is not for crimes. Its to be in an intimate relationship with Someone that you care for. The losers know who they are. My last relationship. Like the Woman that I am. I introduced my ex-Husband to who I was with because I don't do drama. Oakland,Ca. does.

  31. Who gives a shit about Donald, seriously. I’m more concerned about that little girl, I hope and pray she’s alive and recovering

  32. Eddie "The Dog-Ass" Johnson superintendent of the Chicago Police….should be in the joint for fraud. That is collecting a pay check $ 300,000+ for doing nothing…..Has been this way since 1988…..Typical donkey do nothing…..Same as Kim Foxx……

  33. Praying for the little girl, I’m so sorry. Trump is right. He’s a failure as a Police chief. That fake news. What else would cnn say? Defend the shooter, blame the police. He’s a disgrace. Fire the guy!!!! Vote Trump 2020. Make your city safe again.

  34. Eddie Johnson is retiring…
    CNN, just release Eddie Johnson’s drunk driving video.
    Retirement will delay its FOIA release until Eddie is long gone.

  35. On folks nem grave g this crime ain't Eva stopping wit these bozo ass Democrats runnin dis shit g. Fr fr. Yall black brothas n sistas need to wake up N smell da coffee. These Democrats keep us enslaved till dis very day forreal. Do yo own research. Don't listen 2 da media on folks. 🔯🔯🔯

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