China Watch: ‘Never telling the whole truth’ | ABC News

China Watch: ‘Never telling the whole truth’ | ABC News

See the difference — that’s the motto of
China’s global news network CGTN. But seeing the difference comes
with a catch. CGTN is an arm of China Central Television which claims to be
the world’s largest television network. And it’s at the forefront of a
sophisticated global campaign. Beijing is training up foreign journalists buying up space in overseas media and expanding its own networks on an unprecedented
scale in an effort to disrupt what it perceives to be Western hegemony over
global media. I’m Sean Mantesso and this is China Watch. In this episode we delve into Beijing’s expanding global media presence and how China is
weaponising the free press to advance its aims and ideology across Australia
and the world. … paid a rare visit to state media facilities
in Beijing including CCTV. she offered words of encouragement to aspiring Chinese journalists … I see that your team is an international team. I hope you can report developments on the Chinese economy and society objectively and
comprehensively. Tell true stories of China, publicise Chinese culture and build a friendly bridge with locals. True stories of China — those are the words
Chinese President Xi Jinping used in this 2016 visit to China Central
Television in Beijing. His tour coincided with an ambitious rebranding of China’s new global face, CCTV’s international arm CGTN. It’s a multi-language international news
channel. It claims to reach more than 140 million homes across 100 countries including 30 million in the United States. Chinese media offices are all over the world — they are the most expensive network of media organisations in the world So they employ thousands of non-Chinese English-speaking native journalists, editors, media managers, PR personnel
etc With bureaus in Nairobi, Washington, DC and London CGTN is fast becoming the key pillar in a decade-long expansion of China’s foreign media. And in a sign of
CGTN’s growing reach, its billboards even started springing up across Australia
last September. As Western media outlets grapple with falling revenues and job
losses CGTN received more than 6,000 applications for the first 90 jobs at its London Bureau last year. But experts warn you could be getting more than you bargained for when signing up to work for Chinese state-run media. I will always say if many of them are
living collaborators. The practical reasons … because the pay is really good or for many other reasons. China’s media say they provide an
alternative voice from a Chinese perspective but in the same year as
president Xi’s visit to CCTV headquarters he made it clear what a
voice from a Chinese perspective would be. He told journalists all the work by the party’s media must reflect the party’s will, safeguard the party’s authority and safeguard the party’s unity. They must love the party, protect the party and closely align themselves with the
party leadership in thought, politics and action. And a central tenet of Beijing’s media strategy has been the repudiation of Western journalistic values. A leaked 2013 government directive shed
light on how Beijing perceives Western media. Known as ‘document nine’ it openly
attacked Western journalistic values saying the West’s idea of journalism
undermines our country’s principle that the media should be infused with the
spirit of the party. A Free Press, in the Western sense of the word, is one of the one of the ideological threats they see to their system. If you’re able to crowd out other stories now you’re not competing as well Now there’s less potentially negative journalism about China. And a quick look at some of CGTN’s content reveals the active way in which the network is pushing back against what it perceives as Western media bias. Last year while reporting the Chinese Communist Party’s annual dialogue with the world, the China editor of a
mainstream Western media outlet went about the venue of the event complaining that she couldn’t get anyone to have a dialogue with. Since when have journalists had the
power to talk to whomever they want, wherever and whenever they want? Talking about brainwash, I think the many of the practitioners are brainwashed by this Western values of journalism. China rejects, categorically, the Western
political model. And the country is rising fast. The Western media … Western medi …Western … Western Western … That has been the fallacy of the Western media when it comes to reporting on China. Not lying, but never telling the whole truth, But in a sign of just how audacious
China’s merging of state with media has become, Beijing has, at times, asked its
journalists to go beyond their brief as reporters and act as intelligence
gatherers. So I don’t think it’s their primary function by any means, but it but it is something that comes up where your main client is not the audience that
you’re producing your show for — your main client might well be via the Chinese state. This was the case for one Canadian
Xinhua reporter. Mark Bourrie claims he was asked to report on a visit to Ottawa by the Dalai Lama in 2012, but not for broadcasts. Instead the information was
to be fed directly back to Beijing In a sign China is willing to actively
recruit its journalists, even foreign, to act on behalf of the state. Mr Bourrie resigned immediately. But CGTN and Xinhua form only a part of China’s audacious global media push. Also relaying Beijing message to the world is China Radio International. Thanks for tuning in. You’re listening to China Radio
International. Like its television partnerCGTN, CRI is being weaponised and deployed across the globe on a staggering scale. A 2015 Reuters investigation revealed there were at least 33 radio stations across 14
countries that are part of a global radio web structured in a way that
obscures its majority shareholder, state-run China Radio International In Australia Chinese language radio is
being bought up by CRI or CRI-affiliated companies across nearly every major city. They have effectively monopolised the Chinese language airwaves. If you’re looking for an alternative voice you either have to go on the internet or
maybe a couple of hours a day of SBS broadcasting, but really there aren’t too
many alternatives available if you’re just turning on the radio. And beyond the airwaves China has embarked on a mass campaign to buy up space in print media
the world over. Newspapers adorned with full-page spreads and glowing assessments of China’s President can be found from Sri Lanka to Poland to the US and, yes, even here in Australia. In 2014 President Xi said that he would
create a new type of mainstream media, one that is powerful, influential and
credible. But could China’s foreign media push, while astonishing in scale, be more
a lame duck in execution? Unlike other successful state-sponsored non-western media giants like Russia Today and Al Jazeera, China’s foray into global media
has been unable to draw much journalistic clout and questions remain
over how many people are actually tuning in. CGTN’s 73 million Facebook
followers may appear robust. It’s actually more than Al Jazeera and the
BBC combined. But two-thirds of the network’s traffic is thought to come
from China. CGTN America’s YouTube videos often
attract less than 100 viewers, a paltry sum compared to overseas rivals. So it’s it’s kind of caught between these two goals. It wants to be the BBC, but at the
same time it wants to please the Party bosses, and what pleases the party bosses
isn’t necessarily the kind of thing that is going to get you and me tuning into
to be entertained. Literally the very first few minutes of CGTN’s life were a series of dot points of Xi Jinping … you know, with these kind of
sphinx-like quotes about ‘China must understand the world and the world must
understand China’ — these meaningless phrases from the leader and not the kind
of thing that are you know would really make you want to turn into a TV station. President Xi Jinping earlier sent his congratulations … President Xi said the relationship between China and the world is changing … China needs to better understand … Xinhua and CGTN, unlike Russia Today or Al Jazeera, have not yet created a palatable international brand. The scale and, at
times, covert nature of China’s push has no doubt rattled security pundits across
the Western world. It has developed a more robust and sophisticated media strategy, but its broadcasters appear hamstrung by the requirements of toeing the party line which hinder its ability to produce widely appealing content. It’s not about how you want to influence people, it’s about what kind of
value system we have as Chinese that’s convincing, that’s shareable with the
rest of the world. That may be the real kicker. Beijing is yet to shake off global perceptions that it’s an authoritarian state without a message of
hope or change to sell the world.

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