CNN AND NBC Drop Hammer on David Pakman Show

CNN AND NBC Drop Hammer on David Pakman Show

I told you last week that within minutes of
finishing my live stream of the first day of Trump impeachment hearings, CNN filed a
copyright claim on my six hour livestream, which I spent all day producing instantly
taking the video offline, instantly cutting off views, instantly cutting off revenue to
that video. Now I reached out to CNN and I appealed the
claim and I said, Hey, we didn’t use one damn second of CNN video. Please release the claim. And by the following morning, the claim had
been released despite being completely bogus. We did lose views and monetization for many,
many hours during a key time that people were interested in that video. Sad. But we moved on Friday. I did another six hour live stream. And in addition to that day’s broadcast, uh,
we did, uh, audience questions on the stream, the full hearing, so on and so forth. And it happened again. But this time it’s even worse this time. It wasn’t just CNN that claimed revenue and
blocked the video. So did NBC news. Now as a reminder, we did commentary on the
hearings using a C-SPAN feed of the impeachment hearings. House of representatives proceedings are funded
by my tax dollars and your tax dollars and see spans, broadcasts of house proceedings
are in the public domain. We did not use a single second of NBC coverage
nor CNN coverage. And yet I get an email from YouTube saying
the David Pakman show impeachment hearing. Day two has received a claim from NBC news. This instantly became indistinguishable from
parody and we instantly lose the revenue from the video we spent all day producing. Now, of course, I immediately appeal. I email my YouTube rep, I email anyone I know,
and within a few hours, NBC releases the claim. Thank you so much. We can now monetize the video again and within,
it must’ve been no more than five minutes of NBC releasing the claim. I start getting emails from viewers saying,
David, your entire video of that stream and your commentary has been blocked by CNN on
copyright grounds. This now has to be a parody, right? This can’t be real. I’m sure someone just made a Photoshop that
makes it look like the video was taken down. But Oh, I checked my email and yes, the David
Pakman show impeachment. Day two has now received a claim from CNN. What an eye check. And this time, unlike with NBC where we merely
lost monetization, CNN has blocked the entire video. So once again I appeal, I start emailing everyone
I know and eventually it was unblocked. This is not how this is supposed to work. Now this time, fortunately this is actually
getting attention. Reclaim the net, published an article called
David Pakman hit with NBC news content ID claim on YouTube video containing none of
their footage were good for them. Reclaim the net, actually wrote about what’s
going on where they say, quote, YouTube is broken. Copyright system is added. Again, political commentator David Pacman’s,
coverage of today’s impeachment hearing against president Trump was hit with a content ID
claim from NBC news despite the video containing none of their footage. Now this is where it starts to get interesting. This article in reclaim the net led to some
lawyers reaching out to me and of course as much as they want to help. This is not easy to fight because this is
how the system is supposed to work. This is an automatic content ID system that
works for big media against shows like mine and so many others that you probably watch. It gives the benefit of the doubt to the computerized
algorithm that supports CNN and NBC and others and it makes me the little guy have to prove
that I didn’t the rules, so again, we’re talking to lawyers. I’m seeing if we can fight this in any more
systematic way, but in the meantime we’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing,
keep signing up on our website for memberships to make that YouTube revenue as irrelevant
as we can. 175 people. Thank you. Signed up for memberships since we got hit
last week and I so appreciate you doing that. Let’s keep it going. David. memberships are really
cheap. I won’t spend a lot of time on this. They really help us. Even if you contribute three bucks a month
by using the coupon code half 19, which saves you 50% that $3 a month is way, way, way more
than we make from any one viewer on YouTube that I can assure you, any one viewer, you
know, we make fractions of a cent from on YouTube. So you are doing so much good. Please keep doing it. I’ll keep you posted about anything legal
that we can do or that we choose to do. But it is very, very ugly. And um, it is unfortunately, I mean, listen,
all I can do is we’ve got to do the streams that our audience wants us to do. These impeachment hearing streams have gotten
six to 7,000 live concurrent viewers for a six hour period. That is a really successful stream for us. It is highly engaging. We get subscribers, we get members and super
chat questions. We’re going to keep doing it. Um, and then if we have to fight for the revenue,
once those videos are archived, I’m ready to do it. It sounds like we have people who are willing
to help us do it and we’re going to try to fix the system if we can, but if we can’t,
we will work within it and do everything that we can to keep doing this content and to keep
providing the commentary. So that’s where we are today. Sadly. I know it seems satirical. We had this happen on Wednesday and then it
happens doubly on Friday, but it is what it is. I’ll keep you informed about how it contenders

100 thoughts on “CNN AND NBC Drop Hammer on David Pakman Show

  1. Accounts who make false copyright claims don't get punished when the claim is proven false, but the channels who get the claim made against them lose out on revenues and don't get any compensation for lost revenues. That's not a fair system.

  2. You might collaborate with other independent media on youtube to help fight them and bring more viewers to your own websites.

  3. How are the cultural elite supposed to control the public opinion if critical analysis is available as an alternative? Redacted Tonight had an interview with an youtube worker who said they had a specific goal to drive users away from independent media. It's worth checking out.

  4. David is always complaining 😂 like dude stop being such a baby.I get it sucks that CNN is being a total bitch but lord he complain about "mean" viewers

  5. sue cnn and nbc for damages odds you wont win they will settle and im almost 1050% positive you would get more in the settlement then you would have made on the video for am entire year

  6. Honestly, time to bring suit at this point. These boomers are late to the youtube game and are hoping to drive you guys (independent media) out of the game and don't care to share a piece of the election season pie. It's blatantly transparent at this point.

  7. Trump's toadies at regulatory agencies would not pass a chance to stick it to mainstream media. Can the FCC be involved I wonder?

  8. censureship, america freedom of speech is also being attacked, imagine the future of america, if trump would have a second term, but by that time either so much of the population is brainwashed, busy making money, starting a new war to make more money, and by that time Thanksgiving will be sharing the same day with either Holloween or St. Patricks day as it is more economical……very stressful so up go the sales of opoids, etc….what a life style, oh yes, the air quality will be similar to New Dehli, only bottled water from a company partly owned by trump so called 'trump true pure bottled water', ………thats what the people want.

  9. Hey Pakman Have you ever thought of bringing up and using and bringing up the Copyright Act of 1976 section 107 at all?

  10. Maybe NBC is really the wrongdoer, but might there be a scam?
    The name "NBC_News" as compared to "NBC News" might indicate fraudulous action of a different kind.
    I am sorry to hear this happens all the time.

  11. I suspect that YouTube will need to monitor output from C-SPAN (and any other Public Domain service) marked as Live, and treat it as the source for all other streams using the same visuals, automatically nullifying takedowns based on visual matching.

  12. most copyright claims automated by video recognition software…ofcourse they all broadcasted the same footage so the software would flag your coverage but I wonder how come NBC and CNN aren't flagging eachother!!

  13. They shouldn't take down a video for at least 24 hours upon it being striked; and yes, maybe not allow you to monetize on the video; if the claim sticks; but still keep track of the views. Content creators should also be able to sue for damages if a claim is found to be false; say 10% of the claimers annual income per false claim. 😉

  14. David please start a crowd funded lawsuit against both CNN and NBC. I will contribute immediately. Don't be timid with these big corporations, fight quickly and fight hard. It's the only language they understand.

  15. Only use YouTube to direct audience to the Twitch stream.
    Publish a video of a few seconds announcing the start of the twitch stream.

  16. david, get those lawyers on pro bono…sue the shit out of cnn and nbc for filing a false claim…(it's not youtube's fault really) and you will win…they will settle out of court for an amount that will keep you alive for years. what they did was like calling in a fake 911 call…they will lose.

  17. No conspiracy theory or willful take-down of independent media. I told you on your previous video that this is an automatic take-down notice because CNN and NBC include the same C-SPAN feed as you do, their algorithm does not care that this feed is public, it just sees that parts of your video has the same content as their own video, so it sends an automatic take-down notification even though the identical content comes from the public C-SPAN feed, not a CNN/NBC copyrighted content.

    It would be interesting to know who is running this content flagging bot. My guess is that it's YouTube running it on behalf of CNN/NBC and other promoted MSM channels, because such TV shows are frequently integrated into money-making temporary pirate channels. There used to be many of them up to recently, I don't see any of them in my Recommended videos now, so YouTube must have upped its game, with unfortunate side effects such as taking down your valid videos. Maybe they should analyze the C-SPAN feed first, and not include any of that in their dumb bot search of identical content to make it a bit less dumb.

  18. I suspect you could sue for copyright violations, anticompetitive behavior and recover revenues. The DMCA won't give you any recourse, but you can always sue. Get a lawyer.

  19. Sorry to hear about the ongoing YouTube hassles David.
    But how about pre-warning the likes of CNN and NBC next time, so they think can twice before incorrectly flagging copyright breaches to YouTube? Surely worth a try, and would give you stronger grounds for legal action if ignored.

  20. Thanks to NBC and CNN I've just became an annual member. Although I disagree with you at times, I think you're doing a great and highly valuable job. Keep it up and don't give up.

  21. Mr Pakman, I am sure that you and your legal Team are looking into this very disturbing behaviour by bullying media. 😡😡
    As an Aussie, I don't know anything about US media law, but you must FIGHT this! ⚖

  22. David, Very interesting, so I unsubscribed to CNN the other day cause it comes in my feed right after I watch some of the videos I watch yours included. They still show up after every video! I don't get why since I unsubscribed.

  23. Hate to say it, but you might want to copy some of the techniques used by the mirror channels, the guys who upload game of thrones and the like. Speeding up, cropping or scaling the video. I see you already did picture-in-pixture, maybe do that but more extreme. Content Id shouldn't match a sufficiently distorted feed.

    They might still file manual complaints, but at least the automated crap won't hit your channel.

  24. A more problematic point: the news outlets care more about their bottom line than informing folks about the state of their democracy.

  25. CNN and NBC need to be severely fined. Enough money for them to actually hurt. Which would be a lottery win for the David Pakman show.

  26. You still have a case against CNN. Companies are not allowed to perform actions using bogus copyright claims. There is no mention in the law of being able to hide behind computer algorithms. I am tired of CNN anyways. It is not news just drama and listening to the same stuff over and over again.

  27. Your experience David supports my recent experience with Google's new YouTube.
    I am now in the process of finding another source and then removing YouTube from my computer.
    Google play and EMail will follow.

    PS, I no longer watch CNN.

  28. I'm very angry about this censorship of public domain content . Plus ads keep getting attached to your channel with no assurance that You will get paid. The computer "monitor" used by YouTube and CNN SUCKS. What is that new news channel again David?

  29. Why don’t you put up a caption on your streams, like a ticker tape that says, “this video is sourced from CSpan, which is in the public domain. No footage has been taken from any copyright broadcast medium.”

  30. Yeah, companies are all trash and in on it together, or so it would seem. You really need stricter laws against companies pulling this kind of shit. Unfettered capitalism doesn't work.

  31. Mike savage called the democratic party communists
    The picture i get is
    The democtrats speaking like men showing their masculinity but protecting the rights of flesh will not help them.
    And the republicans
    A more feminine way hiding the shame and using the devil to pervert the conscience to think its right clearly shown in our government
    Republicans use vulnerability as vice
    And democrats use vice as vulnerability very sad on both parties

  32. They want people viewing their coverage, not this free youtube stuff. YouTube needs to stop bowing to theses corporate media hacks.

  33. This is ridiculous. The solution is very simple. YouTube/Google needs to reverse how the police this.

    They should be reviewing the claim first then either block or allow.

  34. This is the YouTube equivalent of a SNAPP lawsuit. There should be a severe financial and channel ban period penalty for each false copyright infringement claim. Eat shit CNN! Eat shit NBC! Eat shit Bob!

  35. Youtube needs to start protecting their independent reporters. They push corporate media on their platform and let them get away with robbing independent reporters scraps. Not only should the corporate media outlets have higher standards for what they copyright strike, but youtube needs to punish them. I think you should contact a lawyer and consider a lawsuit or complaint. We need media coverage on these kind of fraudulent claims and how they stifle competition.

  36. This is incredibly frustrating because this seems to be one of those issues where the situation has to go viral for there to be enough public attention to get them to even consider stopping this bullshit.

  37. But it’s clearly a tactical thing to make a false claim to remove competition. The law system is completely useless if it wouldn’t take 5 seconds to see what’s going on,

  38. The algorithm is probably throwing false positives because the C-SPAN feed resembles the CNN and NBC video so closely. They are mostly identical (except for the logo in the corner) after all.
    It would be interesting to find out whether said algorithm triggers copyright claims from CNN against NBC and vice versa. I bet the computer code contains hard wired stops to prevent that from happening.
    This is the modern day equivalent of those computer errors from the '70s that would result in people being sent ten million dollar phone bills. Never let an algorithm make important decisions unsupervised.

  39. They did the exact same thing to Jimmy Dore… as I was watching the video. I know you don't want to acknowledge it, but they've been doing the same thing to everyone right of center for the past 20+ months… you guys are paranoid assholes, but you need to understand that we're in this together–you're not the only fucking people that this is affecting–it's happening to everyone from conservative creators to progressive. I know you need Trump to be the effigy, but if you don't open your fucking eyes we're all going to go down in the same ship.

    Wake the fuck up.

  40. There's got to be consequences for false copyright claims. Algorithms should only be to alert an actual person who must be responsible for their actions.

  41. So then, on your next coverage beat them to the punch. File a claim against them first, citing that they’re stealing YOUR footage!

  42. I will never understand why the money doesnt just go in a pot until the dispute gets settled and the money made during that time goes to the winner. Also some of that sounds manual rather than algorithm based, if so you should sue.

  43. It is more than a little depressing to see this kind of abuse of power, but that is what the world has become. Independent voices like yours, and many others that work hard to continue, are a real threat to them, to their attempts to present themselves as neutral and well informed. I hope you have the resources, and platform, to keep the rest of us up to date on these issues, using facts and reasoned analysis. I certainly appreciate the perspective you present. Thanks.

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