Welcome back beautiful amazing human beings the … we are changed daily new show where we go over all … the important news that usually is censored away … from you or you’re not supposed to know about now … before we start there’s really no easy way of saying this … but seeing that took us down yeah I know that seems very … Sensational in very unlikely but let me explain to you … what happened so yesterday myself and Jason bermas … were doing a live stream of the State of the Union using … footage from C-SPAN like hundreds of other … independent journalist and YouTubers to stream the … video and give live commentary to it’s not right … as Donald Trump was approaching the podium we … got a notification that there was a copyright match and … that are broadcast has been terminated and ended then … blocked all around the world because of a visual content … match that Turner CNN claimed against our news … channel we have course countered the claim because … it was c-span’s video. CNN’s video that we were … playing on our YouTube channel but our ability to do a … livestream now has been taken away and according to … YouTube may take up to 90 days in order to get back up … and as an independent news organization that is mainly … known for going live during major events and is funded … by the people this is a huge loss for us it ruins our content … schedule and a very important interview which we … were supposed to do live tomorrow with former … presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul … which and I was cancelled because we can’t do it live … anymore and we need the super cats in order to sustain … this operation now to be honest with you we really … don’t have the the kind of best of relationship with CNN … where we literally confronted every one of their news … anchors including Anderson Cooper 3 times because you … special the videos are actually pretty funny they’ll … be in the description below of this video the same could be … said what YouTube because we’ve been calling out there … censorship problems and unethical. Behavior ever since we started using the platform … even all the way back it’s 2008 where we were even … calling for YouTube boycott almost 10 years ago because … of their censorship of course YouTube has a return the … favor by giving us the short end of the stick many times … and demonetizing US years ago way before it was even … cool to be demonetized I’ll be honest with you it’s fun too … sometimes imagine a big conspiracy against you with … Anderson Cooper and his basement clicking S5 going … on the phone call Telling You Tube to counseling and this … is a problem what YouTube’s algorithm and they’re most … likely isn’t any vast conspiracy here but this does … have a huge impact on their Independent Media … organization and I don’t really see YouTube or CNN going … out of their way for us anytime soon so in the … meantime definitely go to we are change the Oregon sign … up on our email list which I don’t even know how to use … them not using it but until we get fully taken out then we’ll … start using. And of course a tremendous … shout-out and appreciation of gratitude for all the people … who keep us independent with their donations on we … are change. Org four of these videos … about what’s actually happening out there in the … world of course there’s a lot of hubbub about Donald … Trump State of the Union Address which by the way me … and Jason gave a complete breakdown after we were … censored on YouTube on our Facebook page which I … definitely recommend you check out in the description … below and while the empty platitudes and broken … promises dominated headlines there’s a bigger … headline that no one’s really talking about and it is the … potential of a NATO Civil War as we’re seeing right now on … fold in the Middle East as turkey and the United States … are coming closer to a direct military conflict that both … sides are showing no intentions of stopping you … know not many people are talking about this on the … news but turkey a NATO state has invaded Syria in … order to attack the Kurds which of course. I’ve been trained armed and position with US soldiers … turkey has issued a statement to the United … States saying that they need to withdraw their troops away … from the Kurds immediately so they could conduct their … military action against them in the United States is … answering back by saying screw you dude we’re … definitely not pulling back which of course has created … a war of words between these two NATO countries and … hopefully won’t spark a war between the two Nations but … with an unpredictable turkey which not-so-long-ago just … took down a Russian military aircraft is very involved in with … their calls against the Kurds and has slowly been shifting … alliances towards Russia even just a few weeks ago … turkey had completed its purchase of Russian … Advanced missile defense systems and it’s not just … turkey that the United States has isolated in the Middle … East mainly because of the chaotic foreign policy and … recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel but the … majority of the Middle East as Russia is now planning to sell … more missile systems to Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria and … even more to Turkey Pakistan. May even do the same as they are saying that they are … recalibrating their own foreign and security policy what … consideration to a lime or Russia and China instead of … the United States which he openly criticized in yesterday … State of the Union speech promoting and celebrating of … course more American militarism and you can look at … the track record of that especially when it comes to … countries like Libya Iraq Syria and of course Afghanistan … which is becoming more plagued with deadly terrorist … attacks and also opened pedophilia and opium trade … that has increased to 90% of the world’s Supply ever … since the United States decided to liberate that … country and when we look at that track record it’s easy to … understand why America is losing its influence especially … with its foreign policy all around the world and Donald … Trump is only expanding these horrible moves as now … officially at this rate he has increased drone … assassinations eight times then his previous … predecessor. Barack Obama 8 times more … drone assassinations at this rate than Barack Obama who … increased it tenfold than its predecessor George W bush … you see the trend here and would Donald Trump … promising to expand military might and potential of the … United States when it already by a long shot is the biggest … military in the world if not human history with over a … thousand military bases in 80 countries that I definitely … don’t think that is making America great again but if … you think I’m wrong let me know in the comments … section below why a lot of this just seems pointless … especially as the United States loses its influence and … most importantly not having a positive impact on the world … while the Democrats and Republicans yesterday at the … State of the Union all sit up in unison for militarism and the … possibility of bombing Iran here domestically they’re kind … of an odds with each other especially around the memo … but of course everyone has been talking about and is a … classified memo that top Congressional Republicans … says details government. Valence abuse of course this … memo is classified and House Republicans may actually … vote on it as soon as Monday to release it to the general … public now the FBI is like no no no we shouldn’t release … this probably an accurate information and the FBI … directors probably saying that right now and opposing … releasing this memo because allegedly this memo accuses … the FBI of misusing their Authority in order to obtain a … secret surveillance order on a former Trump campaign … associate of course the Democrats don’t want this … memo released and Donald Trump is saying 100% at this should be released the doj is calling extra ordinarily … Reckless and that it’s somehow compromises … security because it shows how the FBI spies on people … and the government spies. Every one of our Communications if they want … to actually have those Communications in very … underhanded nasty disgusting ways that’s … already well known because of Edward Snowden you … know the CIA NSA whistleblower now it looks … like there’s a tug-of-war between the doj that doesn’t … want the memo released and Trump of course wants the … memo to be released Julian Assange made the point that … this is stupid hysteria since the memo was already read … by half Congress according to other sources. People like the FBI director were reportedly shocked to … their core after reading this for page fisa memo which … many attribute to the current FBI director stepping down … retiring early regardless of the tug-of-war and political … battle I do hope that this memo is mainly released just … so we can have some transparency what the … government is actually doing to us I mean on this channel … we could assume and we’re mostly right cuz it’s usually … bad but having a documentation of it helps a … lot so we’ll see how the government committee votes … on this and what Donald Trump will do in the next … coming days this really shouldn’t be a political issue … but more of a transparency issue but don’t tell that to the … Democrats because they really have no spine at all … and her constant flip-flopper. With just a new recent poll showing that a majority of … Democrats now have a favorable view of George W … bush and of course now a large majority also trust the … FBI people need to realize this the opposition is … compromise there is no resistance it’s wolf in sheep’s … clothing or bunch of buttholes as well as the … Republicans I mean look who the Democrats picked … yesterday to respond to Donald Trump State of the … Union Ginger redhead statist that voted to allow the DEA to … arrest a medical marijuana patients voted the three times … against US veterans from using medical marijuana even … voted against kids using non psychedelic marijuana … products to treat their seizures so yeah a lot of … stupidity all around which of course is being pushed by … the mainstream media which by the way a single … organization known as the Council on Foreign Relations … which we have been raging about 4 years now … predominately has a hand in all the media companies that … usually push this propaganda. Crap on you so yeah that’s happening and remember … don’t believe anybody the sources for all the Articles we … talked about will be in our steemit post and D tube post … which will be posted in the comments section of this … video Twitter account to forward slash … Luke we are changed. What’s yours like I missed platform we definitely need. Regardless of our current situation we still have to enjoy … the ride that were on and I’m very happy to have such … amazing people like yourselves who keep this … operation independent and running what your donations … and that is why I end every single show with the simple … words of me saying I love you thank you again so much for … watching stay tuned for more hopefully here maybe … somewhere else who knows where are we. What are going away anytime soon.


  1. You should've made a second channel and blasted the name on this one. Happens to gta glitchers all the time lol
    They go back and forth avoiding copyright strikes

  2. that ted turner is an ass. he lives in argentina go get him please. hhes paying the goverment to kick out natives with militarized police…. just the usual zionist game… cause argentina has been named the new israel in some stupid book… asssessss

  3. America is A sick, SICK<>SICK nation of RULING, WAR MONGERING, PSYCHOPATHS from hell. You made the world an Enemy, because YOU are A bunch of Paranoid, Schizophrenic criminals. If there is War," YOU ARE GOING TO LOOSE"… and that will be the legacy of USA, or is it DSA? SAAAAD

  4. Every so called truth youtube site repeats the lies about opiods created from gov and main stream news. You guys are no diffferent than cnn. You use goverment data as truth when you THINK its true and its false when you dont belive in it. The manufactured opioid crsis is being created to replace marijuana in the war on drugs. Just like alcohol proabition when they stopped prohibiting alcohol they started prohibiting a bunch of other substances to replace the lost revenue from alcohol proabition. They are continuing down the same road. ALL YOU TRUTH NEWS SITES ARE EXTREMLY INFUENCED BY MAINSTREAM NEWS AND CONSTANTLY REPORTING SO CALLED FACTS FROM THE VERY PEOPLE YOU ARE RAILING AGANST.
    If people see you reporting somthing falsly as in the poppy feilds are fueling opiod crisis as poppys are not needed to create the opiods that almost all legitimate overdoses are comming from. Ive done a lot of research into this and it makes me wonder how many other things reported here are repeated willy nilly without truly researching the facts. There are a few docters going around trying to expose the opiod lies. As the only people who will give them audience are overnight radio programs such as coast to coast. The television has so much influence over us we dont even realise wen our re education is ruling our thoughts. As americans especialy we are the biggest group in the world of government indoctrinated people. from 1st grade through death we willingly turn on our tvs every day to be programed and educated by the government. as all television programs must be goverment approved. So even what seems as oposition is government approved. Same as rep and dems are controlled oposition to acheive the ssme objective. So many of you claim to be AWAKE when in reality you are still in bed dreaming you are awake. The government according to truthers are liers, theives, murders, and could care less about us until it comes to the war on drugs the suddenly the goverment cares about us and is telling the truth. Anyone who has graduated high school sfter 1990 has been extremly indoctrinated about the war on drugs so much that they can not even objectivly look at the situation. You guys are just creating your own brand of indoctrination when you falsly repeat mainstream narative. Think about it for even a minute. ALL OF YOU SAY DEEPSTATE ARE THE REAL TERRRORIST. SO GEORGE BUSH WAS RIGHT WAY BACK IN 2001 WHEN HE SAID ILLEGAL DRUGS FUND TERRORIST. WAKE UP YOU FOOLS THE OPIOID CRISIS IS NOT TO OUR BENIFIT AND THEY WILL USE IT AS ANOTHER MEANS TO TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOMS BUT YOU GUYS ARE ON BOARD AS LONG AS YOU SUPPORT THE GUY TAKING YOUR FREEDOMS AWAY. There are to many foolish dumb down, uneducated, re educated, indocrinated peole running around that our socirty has terminal cancer that will end in death. Our inability to think for ourselves will be our end. Just continue to let them think for you its easier right.
    If you are about truth the repeating of the poppy feilds over and over is uneducated talk. For one the numbers on the so called opiod crisis are extremly biased and not even based on science. Please educate urself on this. Overdose is determine by OPINION OF CORONER. there is no test to determine an overdose. Also almost all deaths from opiods are feytenyl which has nothing to do with poppys. Also morphine like marijuana is 100 percrnt natural product. You guys go on and on about natural medicine yet ignore poppys as being all natural medicine. You hear about kratom which just like poppys is an opiod agonist. Yet one is good the other bad yet they produce same effects. So now the bs starts. Your a druggie for taking an opiod agonist like the poppy, and your not a druggie for taking kratom another opiod agonist. Different plans that work on ssme area of brain. But you so called naturalist view them as opposing substances. This is because people view what they are doing as moral if it legal and immoral if its illegal. So a person being a drug addict such as your daily cofee drinkers, alcohol drinkers, tobaco smokers, and all the other legal vises dont belive their addicts. They will say well cofee doesnt ruin you life but if it was illegal it would. Just like marijuana where it is illegal it will ruin your life and where it is legal improve your life if you have certain medicsl problems and recreationaly benign just like cofee cause you no longer go to jail for using it. With a sroke of a pen marijuana has stopped destroying familys and lives. Cause it was never the marijuana destroying lives. It was the people enforcing un constutional laws that say its ok to ingest one plant but not another.This phenomena is happing before our eyes as marijuana is becomming like cofee and opiods are the drugs that will ruin you life now. Does anyone ever wonder why heroin is thee only schedule one opiod? Does anyone?Ill tell you heroin can be made by almost anyone. You always hear the opiods and big pharma going together this is not a whole truth its yes if your talking feytenyl and the other numorus opiods that dont involve poppys because it takes a chemmist and the chemicsls. But just like marijusna is anti big pharma so are poppys. YOU CAN GROW YOUR OWN PAIN MEDICATION 100 PERCENT NATURAL. YOU CAN AQUIRE MORPHINE AND CODINE WITHOUT BEING A CHEMIST. THIS IS THE POINT OF THE NEW OPIOD WAR. THEY GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO INDOCRINATE YOU LIKE THEY DID WITH MARIJUNA INTO BELIVING OPIUM IS BAD BECAUSE THAT IS ANTI BIG PHARMA.YOU DONT NEED BIG PHARMA TO PRODUCE OPIUM. THATS THE BIG WORRY THAT PEOPLE WILL START TO REALIZE THEY COULD BE GROWING THEIR OWN MEDICATION LIKE MARIJUANA TO HELP THEM WITH THEIR AILMENTS. OPIUM IS DIFFERENT FROM ALL OTHER OPIODS AS IT HAS NUMORUS OPIODS THAT CONNECT TO ALL RECEPTORS NOT JUST MRECEPTORS. THEIR BIGGEST FEAR IS THAT PEOPLE WILL WAKE UP AND REALISE THEY CAN CARE FOR THEMSELVES AND THAT OPIUM IS A UNRRPLACABLE MEDICINE FOR THOSE IN NEED.
    You like the rest of the us could give a shit about the people that need this medicine to have the ability to get up and enjoy their life. Opiods are extremly benificial for those that need it. PLEASE QUIT THROWING THE SICK AND INJURED UNDER THE BUS to repeat THE MAINSTREAM NARATIVE.

  5. Expanding its military even further and adding military bases arouind the globe does not make AmeriKKKakapeepee greater, but it sure will make it BROKE, even further into DEBT. Thow these big spenders in GAOL!!

  6. Honestly, the endless technical glitches make the live streaming you guys do rather annoying. Annoying to the point that I rarely tune in to them. I'm not trolling and I'm still a real long time fan of this channel and I'll continue watching the pre recorded videos like this one. Please make a video with Ron Paul, then air it after it's been fine tuned with post production value added.

  7. Looks Like its time to Jump Ship and go to and! Don't forget to follow and subscribe to lukewearechange

  8. I like your opinions, I think you do good research, I think you need to Improve your Stage set to look more professional and not so much like a teenager’s room

  9. This is one of my favorite channels. YouTube's censorship is getting scary, it's looking closer and closer to information tyranny.

  10. Have you attempted Steems D Live… Might could even multistream in the future as a thought I'm working with people behind the scenes to make Steem superior in every way including reaching outside of Steem

  11. Cover 5 G all part of the big picture. Kurds and Turkry been going at it for hundreds of years. Tribal sectarian warfare IS THEIR NORM.

  12. Bro, you tube is becoming history, Look into Prop coin project and Rizeapp I think this is the "CHANGING" Of the tide, Look into it if you dint already know, PEACE!!

  13. As far as a war between Turkey and the US goes, bring it on. We Europeans have had it up to here with Turkish President Erdoğan strutting around like Adolf Hitler and imprisoning anyone who does not agree with him.

  14. Write a letter of cease and desist letter to you tube legal and one to CNN. Also send a letter of intent to both parties for violations of copyright law as well as possible harassment.
    It wont even go to court because their lawyers will tell them that they will lose.

  15. YouTube is literally begging people to leave the platform. Imagine the impact if a few of the larger YouTubers that are constantly demonetized jumped to a new platform in a coordinated fashion and made some noise. More would follow..

  16. German Parliament

    Tommy Robinson Confronts Muslim Man Who Threatened To Kill His Family, 31/1/2018

  17. Republicans vs Democrats: Different names, same shit! There's no democrasy in the US/Europe and the vast majority countries (slaves of TheRothshilds).

    Bush sr., Clinton, Bush jr., Obama, Trump… are all the same, but they act and look like different from each other.

    They care only about:
    -The 1% illuminati cabal sect;
    -Divide and rule politics;
    -More drone attacks;
    -Wars, Wars, Wars;
    -Regime changes;
    -Mental torture;
    -Terror attacks;
    -Spying people;
    -Making people stupid again;
    -Bring more debt again;
    -ISISrael and Saudi-Israelia supporting these terorrists with armdeals.
    Etc, etc, etc.

    CNN = Cabal Network Nonsense.

    Left wing, right wing, Black Live Matters (ALL LIVES MATTER!); KKK, republicans, democrats, conservatives, it's all the same. Different parts on the same coin!

  18. The irony that you are about to interview the great Ron Paul and this happening is glaring and a little bit of history repeating.

  19. The U.S. has become a sewer over the last 50 years, & it isn't going to get fixed anytime soon… This will take decades to fix & that's not even counting that The Lord could come back any time and end this all, in the twinkling of an eye… These are perilous time Luke! MATTHEW 24:44

  20. Yupp.. been striked twice for ‘culturally sensitive’ or offensive content … they take live-streaming away for 90 days …. sucks … one video was the popular Cockfighting Derby vlog which I Appealed and is now still up with 400k views 😎😆🌴🙏

  21. I live in uk.i fuckin hate usa for destroying and continued destruction of the world. you are now appeasing donald trump.step back 20 yrs. please stop ure killing invasion and dominant behaviour to benefit you.

  22. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will be sorry for what they are doing. They think they are cute and sly right now… but they won't be laughing when they are SHUT DOWN…

  23. if the cherry picked republican memo gets released they gotta release the democratic one. they aren't factual documents they are political ones. they're both mostly bullshit tho.

  24. 󾓦

    Most likely the train was sent into a truck that had been hijacked via remote and driven with precision straight into the train's path. UPDATE: It is now confirmed the train did not hit the brakes, which means they were probably disabled via remote.

    UPDATE: It now appears that TWO trucks were involved. The initial hit was an 18 wheeler, and the second hit was a dump truck at a different crossing. That is why the dump truck is close to where the train stopped. This still needs confirmation, but it is the only thing that matches reports, senators are saying there were two impacts, and they are reporting the big hit was a semi. Two separate trucks is not yet confirmed.


    UPDATE: The attack was (SORT OF) a failure. It is obvious the deep state wanted a 70 MPH derailment so the cars would flip and kill people. That did not happen, the train stayed on the tracks.

    UPDATE: People are speculating that the truck was electronically hijacked and shut off when it was on the tracks. I'd say that is highly plausible. Here's how that would be done: The train's location and speed is known. All the garbage trucks have chips in them to let central management know where they are. So the speed of the train and the velocity of the truck was matched (via remote) to create a collision where it looked like the truck driver was trying to beat the train. He's dead and can't speak up. Case closed.


    Everyone was thrown from their seats, and there are mixed reports about injuries, people who were on the train are tweeting that many people got head injuries because the impact was severe, and that one has a broken leg. Rumor that the train engineer is dead. Confirmed the truck driver is dead. That way he can't talk.

    This is an obvious setup. The train hit a very heavy truck. Since it was a fleet vehicle it overwhelmingly probably had a tracking chip, and anything less than 14 years old now can be controlled via remote. OBVIOUS: After Trump's state of the union success and memo release, a hit was put out on Republican lawmakers and someone sent the Amtrak they were on into a truck in an effort to kill as many as possible, all at once.

    They were on their way to a retreat on a specially chartered Amtrak, all in one place at the same time, and someone made an attempt to kill as many as possible. I am gathering details now.

    Folks, this is an obvious setup. There's no way such an event happened by accident with such perfect timing, THIS IS AN OBVIOUS SETUP, someone wanted as many Republican lawmakers taken out of commission as possible, all with "plausible deniability."

  25. Im gonna go death with that loud ass intro!🤔 dude do u realize some of us are wearing headphones. Rude. And at the end the clicking soinds too loud. I wish thede people had better soind judgement.

  26. ——— CNN Haters ———————–
    Lets start a new trend , go to CNN's youtube channel once a day everyday and type CNN is FAKE NEWS!

  27. You were the best commentators on youtube and I was sad when they cut you off. I stopped watching the whole thing when they cut you off. Bastards!!!!!!

  28. Could you report on the documentary by Steven Greer called Unacknowledged
    Maybe you could follow up on other insiders such as William Tompkins, Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Paul hellyer, Cosmic Disclosure…etc..
    Sounds like the Biggest Conspiracy of the Century !!!

    Likely explains a lot !!!!

  29. CNN hit several conservative youtubers. You should get with the other youtubers to do a lawsuit for damages or they will do it again.

  30. Oh man, increasing drone attacks is a very bad news! If anyone think what the Pentagon or the UN announce as drone victims are, I suggest you read the article of "A 4-Year-Old Girl Was the Sole Survivor of a U.S. Drone Strike" and you find out how they're complete forgeries.

  31. Tell us in your videos what we can do to help this problem of you not being able to livestream get fixed now I for one have started going to CNN's YouTube page and flagging all their videos

  32. who down votes lukes videos? ive always wondered that. I really dont down votes anything, if i dont like it i just push back. does anyone else do this or do yall think the down vote button is important?

  33. May I Suggest an alternative site that's gaining some attraction there is no censorship there it takes a little time to be vetted but it's well worth it and you can monetize your site there it's called "MINDS" give is a shot Luke it won't hurt there are a lot of YouTubers putting content there.

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