100 thoughts on “CNN panel calls out Mulvaney for not remembering names at press conference

  1. The gross incompetence and bad acting of the Acting Chief of Staff is more than astonishing. The West Wing is being led by The Three Stooges and friends. If this weren't so serious and so scary, it would be laughable. I'll laugh once they've all been run out of town, into jail cells and permanently out of sight for the rest of their miserable, stupid lives.

  2. Mulvaney is not a clean, straight player. He should just be quiet. The American people can tunnel right through him. It is all so clear.

  3. Someone needs to tell Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stop taking advice from Judiciary committee members because they are directly involved with a Child Trafficking ring , we found no evidence from Nancy , she is innocent , tell her to stop taking advice from those corrupt Committe members now!!!

  4. This man should be put in jail with trump ..so clumsy dumb stupid with lied to the American people and reporters he can't or don't know the name….can he remember his mom and pa name ? so a shame with him for the job acting CHIEF OF STAFFS.

  5. Thank you Dana! Absolutely, that is the quality that is missing in Trump. The harsh truth is that Trump has no shame…in anything. If he did, he wouldn't lie so transparently. The dangerous thing is that people that are shameless will do anything they can get away with because there is no reservation within themselves. As an example that's why the thoughts and images of caging children had no effect on him, it didn't make him feel embarrassed (shamed).

  6. Wow! Little chipmunk is really a dick . He's got trumps dick so far up his ass and down his throat ..mulvaney had become Dickmotized!! .
    This little smug chipmunk should have SWIFT KICK UP his ass!! .

  7. Why Can't Trump Remember People's Names?                      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOM87mNHR1M&t=2s

  8. Part 3 of CNN exposed as FAKE NEWS, caught on tape. Do you still believe them? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbQwAQ0tDTQ

  9. The USA becomes a Banana-Republik under Trump and his gang of "The Best People" . I thought the USA is done with kings.

  10. Chief of staff.. Doesn't know the staff. Our language is going to gain so many terms for corruption, double speak, willful ignorance, and blatant stupidity. I'll offer that's so maga, that's maga level ignorance. Red hat racist. And we've already adopted trumpist. Awesome legacy some may say it's a pyrrhic victory.

  11. These comments are halarious… yal are the type of people to watch the fake news trump 24/7 network. Their bias and hate for trump has been exposed and some people still cant get over the 2016 election lmao

  12. CNN is so fucking crooked. They have this video talking about Mulvaney forgetting a name. Meanwhile there is NO mention of the negotiated cease fire in Turkey. What the fuck is wrong with you people. You are absolutely, in no way, a credible news organization. To be honest, your lack of journalistic integrity surpasses anything that you can say about Trump. Somehow…youre even worse.

  13. Look who is talking! The Con News Network the proud winner of the Project Veritas Award for the worthless cable news bullshit. And, for the advancement of the scumbags, mouth diarrhea, narcissistic, Marxist Communist Party asshole kissing, and the pathological liar's reporters of the Con News Network Association!

  14. Ain't no shame in their game.
    I would like to see and hear all those who were insisting there was no quid pro quo. Who is laughing now?

  15. I love Melania too. I just wish the staple in the middle of the picture holding the porno magazine together wasn't dead square on her bare cooch, ya know?

  16. 37 people testified today. Can these CNN panelist name all 37 people's names? If not, they should never be on air again. Good reporting on working class polite. we are aware of your hatred of Trump.

  17. To CNN employees: we know you HATE working for Jeff Zucker and you are tired of being cable TV's version of Info Wars.
    Instead of hating your job, sulking and plotting your own suicides, why not reach out to Project Veritas and EXPOSE CNN executives and Jeff Zucker for the lying, partisan frauds they are?
    Only then, may CNN have the slightest chance of regaining any semblance of what it once was.
    Good luck.
    Be brave.
    Do something.

  18. You know why they do this. Because they suffer no form of consequences. Example. If you walked in a store everyday and just grabbed some coffee and didn’t pay for it and no one says anything. You do this for a month and no one says anything so next you start grabbing doughnuts and you expect no one to say anything because they didn’t do anything about the coffee just complain to everyone else that you keep coming in and taking coffee without paying.

  19. CNN ….Lies about everything watch the whole news conference and you will see how they cherry picked and took everything out of context …

  20. Me?….Huh? …Who am I? …I never can remember…Biff?….Skip?…I dunno, Mc Someone???….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌

  21. CNN is A corrupt propaganda pretending to be news exposed on hidden camera they all have earpieces telling them what to say. Zero integrity zero truth.
    won't hear them talking about the cease fire. Zucker created a hate factory

  22. Blah ! Blah ! Blah ! Hey commie LibRats: Trump is still gonna kick your you know what in 2020 . Trump 2020 Baby !

  23. 'So what'. So when you're deposed and in prison you can scribble that on your cell wall over and over and over… For years and years and years…

  24. I love to read all the hateful and how disenfranchised folks have been since their canidate lost in 2016.
    If they have lost their lunch now just think in 2020 and you lose again . Are you going to just loose your minds . Good luck to ya . Trump 2020 decrepits heads popping VMW

  25. what's his name? chump? drumph? orange asshat? , bone spur? coward? vonfuckace? mobster? don the con? lying sack of shit? traitor? putin lover? little kims cocksucker? I wish I never heard of this fucking pile of shit stealing daily from good honest Americans. Semper Fi

  26. Most Republicans suffer from a disease called TBS Trump Bullshit Syndrome!! Caused by Drinking too much Kool Aid!! ONLY known cure is 🇺🇸 🌊🇺🇸 🌊🇺🇸 🌊🇺🇸 🌊🇺🇸 🌊

  27. Who is worried about Mulvaney remembering names. The ol' Hillarrhoid, UNDER OATH MIND YOU, went into dementia before Congress not even remembering basic facts. Then screeched, "WHAAAATDIFFRENCEDUZITMAKE?"

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