CNN – We Are What We Drink

CNN – We Are What We Drink

Randi Kaye: We’ve all heard the saying
“you are what you eat”, but the majority of our body is water. Deciding what you drink can actually affect your health. Victor Blackwell: Whether you’re drinking
refreshing water, which I love, or milk for strong bones,
or a little wine to relax, celebrity fitness and nutrition expert Mark MacDonald
knows the benefits. Mark MacDonald: Thanks Victor,
nice to be here. Thanks Randi. Victor: So, people know about
adding lemon and lime to water, but there’s also cinnamon,
which I just found out today. Mark: Cinnamon extract is fantastic
for water. It spices it up, but it also helps stabilize your blood sugar, and allows your cells to receive insulin
better, which is the hormone that lowers your blood sugar so you burn fat better. Victor: Why do people put lemon
and lime in water anyway? Mark: To increase the taste. Water is so
bland. Lemon and lime give you flavour so you can drink it.
For both women and men, you are what you drink.
You have to drink water throughout the day. it helps you to really burn fat.
Randi: What about tea? I’m a tea drinker I usually go with the green tea. Are there certain benefits to
green, black, or white teas? Mark: Green tea, peppermint tea, ginger tea, and black tea are great for digestion. They help reduce inflammation
and really helps relax and calm your stomach so
you can move food better. Tea is great from a digestion standpoint
Victor: Most people start their day with a cup of coffee. I don’t drink it.
What am I missing? Mark: I love coffee, by the way!
Victor: I don’t drink it. I know it’s blasphemous to do a morning show
and not drink coffee. So what am I missing? Mark: You’re not missing anything.
If you don’t have to drink coffee, that’s a good thing. In moderation it is fine. It is a good stimulant for you.
It improves digestion a little bit. But, overall, if you don’t want to,
you don’t have to. If you do drink it, do low-calorie coffee drinks.
In moderation, it’s totally fine. Randi: So not the heavy lattes?
Mark: No The biggest thing with coffee is that people think they have to give it up.
You don’t! All in moderation. Randi: What about this stuff right here, I’m going to grab our little prop,
just because it looks so inviting. It’s probably too early to start drinking wine. Mark: That’s what a glass looks like.
You don’t have to start your day like that necessarily. Wine is fine, once again in moderation.
When you drink wine, do some protein before,
or have salmon and veggies with the wine.
It helps slow down the rate of the wine and it helps stabilize the blood sugar better and optimize fat burning. In moderation, wine is totally fine.
Randi: I just need some cheese and I’m fine? Mark: Cheese or yoghurt.
Victor: We talked about water, we talked about tea, Randi didn’t touch
them. We get to the wine… Randi: Hey, we’re here for six hours. Mark: Two to three glasses
a week would be fantastic. We always talk about what we eat, but what we drink is also important. You have to enjoy your fluids,
make it work into your day and that’s going to
optimize your metabolism. Randi: About how much fluid do you need?
Everyone says you need at least eight glasses of water. Is that true?
Mark: You do. Your body is 60-70% water, so If you don’t get enough water,
your body is not working for you Women need two to three liters a day,
which is 8-12 cups. Men need twelve to sixteen cups.
It’s going to offset optimize your metabolism and digestion.
Victor: I got it! Randi: Thank you Mark, appreciate it.

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  1. i try to drink lots of water but i need something with a different taste here and there . and water with meals doesnt really go good..atleast to me it doenst.

  2. one of the hardest things about being in better health for me is stop drinking as many cokes and replace a coke with a glass or two of water. but im getting there and as long as mark gives us tips and we follow them we cant fail on our weight loss or getting in better shape!.

  3. the title of this vid says it all. its very true. glad i watched this vid its full of great information. i will definitely share with tons of friends.
    Thanks Monavie.

  4. i drink lots of monavie and lots or coke.. i know its bad i try to drink water just dont like the taste.. i guess i should try harder though. thanks for this video monavie.

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