CNN’s Pathetic False Equivalency Bias Explained

CNN’s Pathetic False Equivalency Bias Explained

c this is the problem with the way to the media in the united
states functions today we have a bias in the media is twofold
in we’ve talked about this before you have a biased toward sensationalism right so you’re always going to see lady can kardashian story oro madonna
story for adjusting the were story alongside a
story about the economy and i think that actually matter why because they care more about ratings
because that’s the nature of the system that we function it’s a capitalist
system now look at my eyes with a check on the
capitalist system but just accept the fact that this is one of the things
that comes along with your daddy dearest biased toward sensationalism and school
so biased this is the one that a lot of people next it’s biased towards forceful quincy sold the way c_n_n_ functions they see
on t_v_ entire model of c_n_n_ right now uh… okay we have on the other
republican senator and a democratic senator and we’re talking about the visible but okay senator republican x tell us what your thoughts are okay very nice paul k uh… democratic senator x you tell us what your position is on the
scope of all tell you guys got all positions back
to you it’s it’s like a word to me like i have
to credited today from the young church originally coming up with this this uh… example is like the weather
in saint well democrats is raining outside and republican state sunny
outside unit it doesn’t matter but both sides
say all i care about is what’s the truth that’s all that matters so tell me whether or not it’s raining
or sunny outside that’s what we want to know your jogging
it as the media is to be in four months demos for all of the relevant
information and david sol happiness that the information proves once i’ve largely more correct that the other side incorrect well so be it is there a steven gold airline reality
as well known liberal bias

2 thoughts on “CNN’s Pathetic False Equivalency Bias Explained

  1. It's pathetic when the most trustworthy sources of news nowadays is on Comedy Central a la the Daily Show and Stephen Colbert. With the exception of maybe MSNBC, the rest of the alphabet media has made minimal effort in holding elected Republicans accountable for their nonsense in an attempt to appear neutral. Because of the right-wing's rail against a fictional "liberal media" since the 80s, we now have virtually all of the media fearing the "liberal media" label more than a mouse fears a cat.

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