100 thoughts on “Colbert Gives Mike Lee The Mike Lee Treatment

  1. OMG!! Hahahaha!! AOC Killed it AGAIN!!!!! "If this guy can be a Senator then YOU can be anything" DAMN!!! Do it again AOC!!

  2. Yes the reason Mike Lee is suggesting that Americans run off and have babies is because the fact that babies keep you busy and distracted. Being the staunch Republican that he is, he knows that message will be seen by more conservative aligned people, who are coincidentally also pro-life advocates. He is banking on the hopes that it will be nostalgic for such people and most likely will work, because of the government knows anything about anything, it’s how to keep the sheeple in the pin. The busier civilians are with their children, work and worrying about bills, the less time they have to figure out that they are being f***ed. It’s interesting because the people who believe that his advice is a good idea are the more gullible, less educated individuals who likely wouldn’t have health care if they weren’t basically forced to have it. So you can see the irony in it when they are trying to abolish the affordable care act, defund Medicaid, Medicare and snap at the exact same time they are coercing American people to put themselves in a situation where they will suffer even more. You know since getting pregnant involves numerous checkups, then a hospital visit when the baby comes (which could resort to overnight stays if there are complications or a cesarean section), then there’s more checkups and immunizations with the pediatrician and so on. This should be a crime…

  3. Colbert so weak he can't come up with his own skit………just shows how pathetic Colbert has always been and will always be………just a POS !

  4. I guess the underlined tone is that if you have more babies then there will be more people to enslave in order to do whatever it is that they're planning to do

  5. Using babies as a fossil fuel doesn't sound too bad. Presumably cleaner burning and cheaper than coal. Less waste than nuclear, less environmentally harmful than hydroelectric damns, causes less cancer than windmills….

  6. The Republicans will acknowledge the Climate Change is a real problem…when they figure out how to blame it on liberals.

  7. I truly enjoy that the death of america and the false dream of equality, liberty, freedom and democracy is being televised and with such hilarious commentary! destroyed by themselves! Four more years of Trump! Then Ivanka for another 8 years! Or Mitch McConnell! Such entertainment to watch the fall of this imperialist racist "united" states!

  8. Senator Mike Lee was making a satirical joke presentation and compared how ridiculous it was to how ridiculous "The Green New Deal" is because it is ridiculous and you purposefully cut it up to make him look dumb but in reality this was funnier than any SNL in the past 12 years. I mean the guy talks about a picture of Ronald Reagan shooting a MP7 while riding a velociraptor with a RP7 on his back while the velociraptor is holding a battered American flag then he goes on to talk about how Tauntauns are friendlier to the environment than cars and he calls them "Space Lizards" just to make it sound even stupider. SNL is not funny and bad orange man drumpf is mean and orange. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha – NPC #9093517

  9. The entire point of MIke Lee's speech was to be immature and childish to show how much he respected the green new deal lol. It was absolutely brilliant.

  10. AOC: “if this guy can become senator, you can do anything”

    Says the waitress turned political figure talking about how replacing planes with trains, getting rid of cows cuz of cow farts, and completely getting rid of coal within the next 10 years. I’m not kidding, the green new deal proposes all of this and more

  11. Ok I understand where mike is trying (way too hard), to come from, HOWEVER, what he seems to fall to realize is that, those "babies" (ie more humans), need things like health care, education, shelter, clothing, food etc. When you take away all those things for regular people in the US, how then do you expect future generations to "solve problems of human imagination."?

  12. I saw the entire speech by Mike Lee, it was honestly more funny than anything Colbert has ever said. I laughed out loud so many times during that speech, it really is must see. Meanwhile watching colbert, Im usually just waiting to get past his Trump derangement syndrome and when he cant I just flip it to Kimmel. Since Kimmel stopped crying during his monolog he is actually pretty tolerable.

  13. Colbert is about as smart as AOC, but the difference is he's a puppet who says whatever comforts snowflakes and makes them laugh. AOC is just ridiculous all on her own accord.

  14. I probably would have got a laugh out of this video if I had seen it before the actual speech.

    In order for comedy like this to work, there has to be a grain of truth.
    If you mischaracterize what was actually said by showing clips out of context all comedy falls flat.

  15. You know very well that he was talking about having more babies to increase chances of survival for the species but especially for Americans. Procreation is nature's solution to everything. Of course that doesn't really work for democrats because then they'd have to accept that there's only 2 genders and God forbid anyone suggest a solution that would get in the way of your baby killing campaign. The only reason gender exists at all is to facilitate procreation. Nobody gives a fuck what anyone identifies as.

  16. Surprising that someone gives a clever rebuttal to the Green New Deal that is above the IQ level of AOC and everyone rips him. I guess it shows how well the group think is working. 1984 anyone?

  17. Every word that spews from Aoc’s mouth is a cow fart, relative to that you can guess what her face is LoL. Lee is awesome 🙂

  18. the lefty show . The man just made a complete twat out of the dems and yous can’t handle it , your the laughing stock of the world 😂😂😂 wonder why they didn’t show the previous 5 mins of him destroying you all with wit , something the left doesn’t quite get . This is pitiful

  19. Wow…a lot of comments here were left by people soooo stupid and uninforned in their chamber they thought Mike Lee was being super serious

  20. Pretty sad when some milk toast mayonnaise politician is shitposting and is more funny than a paid comedian.

  21. The senate republicans are clearly lacking in even the most basic of critical thinking skills. And holy fuck that’s scary. These people are our fucking government.

  22. You all talk about sheep, but you allow Mr. Colbert to lead you around like he is a sheep dog. I know this is way out there, but maybe you should do your our homework. Watch Sen. Lee’s whole speech in context, and you can see how he is using absurdity to point how absurd the green new deal. The green new deal is not about the environment or climate change… it is all about social justice. If you are fighting for social justice why lie and hide behind global warming? Seems kinda sheepish to me!

  23. “And finally, Mr. T firing a crossbow from the back of a giant sloth. Why? Why, you ask? Because my graphics team got high.”

    One can only hope Mike Lee was too.

  24. So they disagree with and actively shit on the youth of today so their solution is….. more youth?? You’re not going to recreate the baby boomers by demanding people have more babies, god knows y’all didn’t fix anything the first time around and we can’t handle a round 2

  25. Have you guys seen the Whole video? Cause that shit is 1000 times funnier that this video.

  26. Don't know much about Lee except that he seems to understand liberty, while Colbert has the Mailed Fist of the State so far up his rectum he can taste Rustoleum.

  27. Ok, sure, you might not agree with him, but you gotta respect the balls on this man to meme in front of congress

  28. There's no point in even trying to pass the green new deal since we're all going to die anyway in 12 years

  29. https://youtu.be/sK27NZon11w
    If you want to see the whole video not just the short parts that he cuts out to try to imply something that Mike Lee wasn't even saying

  30. Turns out Mike Lee was correct, I went hiking and everything WAS green, everything smelled good the sky was cobalt blue and the air was fresh and my taxes didn't jump one penny to pay for it.

  31. Holy shit…. I just saw this clip and I am so embarrassed for the Democratic Party. He was mocking how ridiculous the Green New Deal was and Colbert takes it seriously.
    Honest question- did you people actually think Mike Lee was serious?

  32. Ever stop to think that Global Warming is being seen by White leaders as a chance to get even richer and exterminate most of the brown people on the planet at the same time? Global Warming as Weather Control for Genocide. It isn't because the White supremacists who run the corporations are simply stupid or callous. It's because they are intentionally working to kill all the brown people in the world, and they are seeing they can use the weather to do it. Win/win for Whitey.
    I'm not joking. You think reason and votes are going to stop Global Warming? The White man wants all the brown people dead, and he is not going to stop until they are. Only, the White man is scared because he realizes he is outnumbered 30 to 1, so he had better exterminate quickly, or he is going to find himself "disappeared."

  33. Mike lee was way funnier. But of course Colbert’s audience is too punch drunk to watch the full presentation. Enjoy Trump for 4 more years guys. You wanted a fight, you’ve already lost.

  34. Not as funny. Lee has made comedy that SNL hasn't done in years. Guess now "comedians" are trying to replicate him.

  35. OMG ..seriously..if nobody found Mikr Lee's speech funny.. Stephen Colbert….this is why ai dont watch you…your an idiot. Did you see the vote on the Green New Deal.??? 0 a big fat Zero.. nobody voted on it. The Green New Deal is dead. you are the biggest idiot on this planet.

  36. Colbert actually used “global warming” instead of Climate change … he’s such a putz can’t even keep up on his own politics

  37. I love how they only show the babies and are talking like he was being serious and that AOC got the better of him……..eehhhh! Lee trolled AOC in probably the most epic congressional trolling in history. Her jab was amateur compared to what Lee did to her "Green New Deal"

  38. 2:03 "..because we're not doing jack." crowd cheers
    As always the crowd does not know when to cheer.
    2:46 "if this guy can be senator, you can do anything."
    We should introduce her to trump because by that logic we are omnipotent.

  39. You're just upset that he cranked out comedy that's 10x funnier than anything you've done in the last 10 years, loser.

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