Comedy Short: Leading Lady Parts – BBC

Comedy Short: Leading Lady Parts – BBC

DOOR OPENSFOOTSTEPS APPROACHHi! You must be…Emilia.Stacy.Felicity, for the lady part.I’m Florence. Reading for…The leading lady part. I’m Gemma.And what did you think of it,
the part?
Well, I loved it.It’s just a great part.
I think she’s…
Great.How do you see her?
She was feisty.
Feisty?She’s bold.Huh!Mm…Oh, jeez…She’s the one calling the shots,

I think she’s pretty…Thank God!
..clever, she’s… She’s pretty…

..clever. That’s not what you’re
going for?
Well…No.I mean, we hadn’t really…No.Clever’s not really something we…Want or care about,
at all, actually.
You do realise this is
the leading lady part?
Sh… Shall we have a read?CINEMATIC MUSICIt’s what I’ve always wanted.The chance to speak…
All right, thank you.
I’m not sure that’s quite
what we’re after, really.
Do it again but just this time try
it a bit more…
..smiley.You want me to s-smile?Yeah.Just, you know, more…leading lady.The scene gets quite tragic.So?I…sort of thought she’d be crying.
She could cry.Mm.But not, like,ugly cry.More like sensual, sexy crying,
like, wet…
In a shower.Shower of crying.And smiling.Think of the poster.It’s what I’ve always wanted.The chance to…
And let’s stop you there.
Do it again, only this time could
you try it with a bit more…
..make-up.I’m sorry?She’s our leading lady, she’s got to
If you could just…CINEMATIC MUSICIt’s all I ever…Maybe lose
the jumper.
Sorry?The jumper.And the shirt.The-The shirt, why?
And the rest of it.
Is that really necessary?It’s the
But she’s a doctor.Yes, and it’s very hot –
in the hospital.
In south London?Exactly.It says here that it’s November.
The heating’s broken.
And she’s trying to operate
but all this stuff keeps
getting in the way.
Her clothes?Yes, her clothes!Could we just…CLOTHES CRINKLINGUNZIPPINGIt’s what…I’d always wanted.The chance…Oh, no.That was fine.I mean…fine.But could you just be a bit…..thinner?Thinner?Yeah, we really saw her
Thin.Like a twiglet.
Like a twiglet.
Yeah. You know, feminine,
vulnerable, delicate and…thin.
But with a great rack.What?Stick thin – with boobs.And hips.Oh, but not big hips.
No. Not, you know……
Can you imagine?!Sorry, I don’t really get it.
I… What are you asking me to do?
It’s not rocket science, darling,
we’re just asking you to be thin
AND curvy, sexy AND innocent.So, which?Both.You know, sexy virgin.Thin, sexy hooker virgin with
boobs and hips but not big ones.
She’s never had sex
but she’s all about sex.
She definitely wants it.
Oh, she wants it. But not too much!
Not too much but a bit.
Yeah, like, a lot.
But a bit.Just, you know…..leading lady.SHE EXHALESCINEMATIC MUSICIt’s…OK, stop there.THEY WHISPERI just… I don’t think…WHISPERING INAUDIBLYIs everything all right?WHISPERINGYeah, could you just be a bit
..white?Hi, I’m Lena, it’s really nice to
meet you.
No.Sorry?We’re after leading ladies,
not leading lady’s mum.
Ha!Yeah, I am a leading lady.
No, you’re not.
I AM a leading lady.No, you’re not.Yes, I am.
Mum.Have you seen my IMDb?Yeah, you’re a mum.
Yeah, I’ve played some mums.
Mum.I played a kick-arse mum.Kick-arse
mum’s still a mum.
But you’re hot.Yeah, hot mum!Hot mum, I could get
on board with that.
I can hear you.Next!NE-E-EXT!Wow, what’s wrong with her?!WHISPERING:Menopause.Mm.Oh, thank God.Oh!I’m gagging for a coffee.Three skinny cappuccinos.
Do you want yours extra hot?
Oh, I’m…
I’m actually here to read.
What?I’m here to audition.For…the leading lady?Don’t get it.WHISPERING:She seems to think
she’s here for leading lady.
Yeah, but she’s…This is awkward.Look, it’s not
that kind of film, darling.
Uh, and what kind of film is that?
I know what’s happened.
You’ve been sent to the wrong room.They’re auditioning for that
other film, um… What is it?
Black Panther Returns.That’s it.
That’s in the next suite.
No, I’m not here to addition
for Black Panther Returns,
I’m here to audition for your film.THEY WHISPER, GIGGLEAre you…really not going
to let me read?
SHE SCOFFSWHISPERINGWait.If you’re passing Starbucks on the
way out…
DOOR SLAMSWhat are we going to do?Mm.That first one’s big on Instagram.Yeah, but she’s…meh.I don’t think we’ve…No, I just
don’t think we’ve found
THE ONE.Nope.Hey!Yep?Is that it?Is that everyone?I’m afraid so.Do you think…What?Actually, I’d quite like to read.
I’m just starting out.
Look at my face.Sorry.I think someone else just turned up,
let me check.
THEY LAUGH, WHISPERINGWho is that?!That’s ridiculous!GASPINGOh! He-llo!Hi. I’m Tom,and I’m here to read for
the leading lady.
I’m just going to stop you there.You’ve got the part.Great.Hi.Yeah, yeah, it was…It’s always hard to tell, isn’t it?
But…I think I did all right.
Yeah, I’m…I think I’m in with a shot.Me too.Me…too.

100 thoughts on “Comedy Short: Leading Lady Parts – BBC

  1. This is so brilliant! Even the line they are reading for "its what I've always wanted. The chance…" then immediately gets cut off. Great!! So many layers to this!

  2. there's an amazing amount of iconic actresses in this and i can only imagine how many times all of them have been through similar situations to this.. not only relevant in this industry but outside of it too. this is what women go through on a day-to-day basis.

  3. I just saw it and can’t describe how I feel sad but same time find amazing that short film is. Love it so much. Each act, each mimic.

  4. I didn't quite get the ending. They are looking for a white male to play the leading lady? When does this happen?

  5. Can i just say how much i could relate to emilia clarke's situation? I've legit been to auditions where i was asked to read a particular emotion in a polar opposite emotion. Like wth!

  6. This could have been titled – Actors Strike Back. Jessica Swale knew exactly what she was writing about..profound ignorance mated with supreme arrogance and sublime insensitivity. It'd be funny as anything if it wasn't so deadly accurate.

  7. If only this movies producers knew how hard men are getting it …

    He at least wouldn't have ended the movie like that.

  8. Damn sharp writing, directing, and acting. Of course it's abosolutely accurate which makes it both funny and tragic.

  9. Not sure this is gonna age too well but I get it. Kinda feels hard to feel sorry for actors like they have a shitty life, some people are on the breadline and no one gives a fuck

  10. I get the message, and also the satire, and I was awesome, but I legitimately want to see Tom Hiddleston as Mary Poppins

  11. Thing is, although I love Catherine Tate, I'd find this all more believable if she and the other woman were in male drag. I know women are not always sympathetic to one another, but these three are not believable as dirtbag casting directors.

  12. TH showing up at the end was funny, the rest of the sketch was far too real to be funny. Effective and excellently written.

  13. You'd think typecasting at auditions was the greatest problem of our time from the way actors go on about it. It's our fault for listening, I suppose…

  14. It is not a comedy skit. It is Clickbait! It’s actually quite depressing. Not exactly what you want to see when you’re trying to get your spirit lift in just a tad bit.

  15. So women complain about not having enough parts then complain about parts that come along.

    Women can’t be pleased.

  16. This is absolutely nonsensical. If what the producers are trying to say was true, they would never be able to make such a video. In fact women are no different to men in that they have a time limit on attractiveness . . now I know men tend to get sexy roles when they are older and date younger women but that is true in real life. liberals are in charge of Hollywood and have bought into the Lesbian, feminist narrative hook, line and sinker. . .James Bond, Superheroes are women . . .so despite the enormous changes in outlook they still pedal this shit.

  17. South Asians are the most visible minority in the UK. Not one of those actresses were from South Asia.
    They wanted to criticise prejudices, well they proved to have a lot themselves.

  18. Among other things, if you are even marginally competent at casting, when Felicity Jones turns up, you just say yes. And whatever she wants to do with the part is OK with you.

  19. I've been writing badass female characters for years but these kinds of scripts are so rarely chosen…
    Writers need more support than you think!!!

  20. I get that the message of this video is that the film industry doesn't like its leading ladies to be strong, serious characters with a mind of their own, but… if you then have that illustrated by actresses who are known for playing strong, interesting characters doesn't that rather defeat the point you're trying to make?

  21. It was ok and believe able till they cast a white male, it's like you are saying it's not right to be a white male these days.

  22. And the best actress nominees are:

    Tom Hiddleston in Mary Poppins

    Tom hiddleston in Wonder woman

    And finally…

    Tom Hiddleston in Lo Lo London

  23. This is so relatable. I just had an audition yesterday and the casting director said a lot of dumb things about the monologue what didn’t even make sense.

  24. Ouch. But are women really this brutal to other women? I know this is cranked up for satirical effect. But are there women this cruel on the powerful side of the table usually?

  25. Unfortunately, the ending is really disappointing and completely misses the point. The problem is not women not getting enough roles, the problem is that the type of roles that are assigned to women and men are constantly complying with ridiculous and restrictive sexist ideas of what women and men should act like. I would love to see a man playing Mary Poppins actually!! We need to stop victimizing women's condition and villainizing men's privilege in prol of sensationalization – it divides both sexes even more.

  26. Interesting take to have two women and African American man shooting down actresses due to their race and, ultimately, sex.

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