100 thoughts on “Congresswoman defends saying Trump should be imprisoned

  1. Maxine is a power hungry hypocrite who is great enemy of the black community.
    She's also a very evil person without a moral compass.
    She and other puppets like her represent Black America who have been feeling.
    This is the person responsible for black suffering in America

  2. Her word doesn't mean a thing to the American public just like yours Anderson we've heard enough fake bull crap over the last couple years! Now we're hearing just a little more bull fake news crap!

  3. Maxine encourage people two step up to conservatives in restaurants and scream at them when they're with their family.
    Probably the most evil person in America.

  4. Mad Max Waters she gets that wig spinning don't she , let's not forget she called for open violence against members of Congress , dog whistle that

  5. mad Max Waters another prime example of a do-nothing congress person, her city has turned into a crap hole while she's been in office she is a prime example why we need term limits

  6. Before M Waters has the pres imprisoned, maybe she could do the nation a favor and help him add more jobs and economic reform to the nation in the meantime. Never want to interfere with a good thing? In her case, as an outspoken promoter of personal public harrassment, physical attacks, civil unrest, her inactions would speak much louder than her words? Who should be arrested and put in prison?

  7. Maxine works hard… shes probably the hardest working man in Rock n Roll. I meant to say hardest working woman in Congress. Sorry, I was looking at her hair

  8. Maxine just like Cummings has held back and Destroy Black Americans for too long. Maxine and Cummings are so unbelievably out of touch and so dumb. I am a Professional Military Veteran Black American and I say time for Maxine to be put to pasture.

  9. Maxine Waters talks sense. Why not elect someone who talks sense instead of a scumbag who is not even fit to be an ordinary citizen.

  10. Why must she defend ANYTHING??? POTUS….or POS doesn't defend his words and actions.
    #TRUE #BLUE 🔵🔷🔵

  11. Same steaming pile of SH!T as the rest of the dumb'o'crap 'leadership.' Useless, ignorant, uneducated, stupid, and hyper-emotional. She needs to leave Congress, as well.

  12. Dumb racist bitch .. focus on the impoverished low lives in your district .. the one you choose not to live in..while you live in your damn multi million dollar mansion.. CNN you make me sick just a propaganda machine for the left and the deep state.. good thing no one is watching .. only the belligerent

  13. Waters is not qualified to work tables in an all night diner filed with the homeless people she created in what WAS California. When she was on the Finance Committee she funneled funds to a bank where her husband worked during the bank bail out. Oh, and she "forget" to mention that to the Committee! Imagine that! Waters is as phony as a Clinton $3 dollar bill and should hang with the rest of the Traitors in Washington DC.

  14. Mad Maxine!! Still bonkers and suffering TDS since 2016. Well, before that. Hey Crazy Maxine , hows your state doing? Cleaned it up yet?

  15. You fucking idiots at CNN are looking at the wrong story I can’t wait for your demise when this all comes out. The last bit of viewership you have is gonna pump their stomach and throw you up. CNN SUCKS

  16. Fuck this 81 year old hag!!! We need term limits without a fucking doubt! 81 year olds still sucking the American peoples money dry!! I want a civil war to purge foul mouthed fucks like this ugly ass corrupt cunt!!! #civilwar #purgethedummocrats #maxinewaters

  17. She is so right ! there are people waiting to get their guns out for trump…not for the country mind you, but for trump.That is just wrong ,wrong wrong on all counts.

  18. CANIBOLER SON POOPER- POTUS didn't not say that he quoted .” Pastor Robert Jeffress, and here it is ==FAKEASS NEWS BAGGG Donald J. Trump


    Replying to @realDonaldTrump

    ….If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.” Pastor Robert Jeffress,

  19. 😂…nobody gives a fuck about anything that drunk old whore Maxine has to say…give her a bottle of ripple, sit her in a corner…she'll be fine.

  20. Maxine Waters is right about the danger of a civil war. Trump is doing the Charles Manson thing to start a race war between white supremacists and black folks. I imagine him giving interviews in prison to the democratic press, which he so despises, and babbling about how he and his white buddies have been treated unfairly by the system. Listen to any old Manson interview on youtube and imagine Trump in his place. You get the picture I have in my head.

  21. Nobody trusts the crap network news or you Maxine.
    Nobody is going to give you a hand any more.
    Everyone has seen through the DNC. The AOC party, way to go, eat your child!
    You are dangerous. Have you ever watched your racist remarks about people other than people of color?
    And yes, those who are watching you better be.

  22. Here it is, one of many infamous and ranting Charles Manson interviews, explaining how everyone was stoned for the race war, how the system has failed him and put him in prison, and how white people have to be prepared for the cause to fight for supremacy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxxH6xm_ZVg
    Basically this is Trump and his far-right supporters today.

  23. What a beast of a old bag this hag is. The wig, fake buck teeth, and the fake hooker eyelashes are hilarious LOL

  24. I'll bet she's a very ugly creature with all her makeup off and her wig off. And she's 100% very racist against white people. She better hope. a Revolution don't start.

  25. This lady is a dumbass trying to say the right wants to fight the government no lol your stupid as cult leftists want to

  26. Read this : https://communistrulesofrevolution.blogspot.com/2019/08/communist-rules-of-revolution.html and my books. Thanks. I wish you all peace.

  27. Maxine Waters is ugly and stupid as shit.They got nothing. Not going to happen, will only get him elected in a landslide.

  28. Maxine it’s pretty bad when dogs have to be careful not to step in Human Poop in your city of LA you Democrats have failed Mankind!!!!!!!

  29. So let me get this straight. She complains about having to pay security for whenever she goes out but she’s the same women who said people in the Trump administration need to be harassed wherever they go. Hypocrite?

  30. Ive lost all faith in Democratic party. Clearly just a witch hunt to gain power. You lost me Democrats. All youve done since day one is try to gain your power back at thr expense of the American people.

  31. Vote Democrat! Support Pedophiles! Support drug dealers! Support homelessness! Support high taxes! Support gender neutrality! Abolish the right to protect your family! Abolish free speech! Abolish your right to eat what you want! Give your job to an illegal! Give your home to an illegal! Abolish the English language! Support Socialism and the right to be oppressed! Support murderers, rapists, burglars, and lawlessness! Support anarchy! You stupid morons!

  32. TRUMP AIN'T GOING NOWHERE! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  33. Why does she think white supremacists?? More like PATRIOTS VS COMMUNIST ,, HEROES VS , SOCIALISTS!! Remember this country was founded on a CIVIL WAR…

  34. Congresswoman Maxine Waters', Shut your big fucking mouth, you obsessive nut, and clean up the disgusting daytime prostitution in your district!!!

  35. Auntie Maxine keep putting the journalists on their toes. I am glad you called out ANDERSON about this hypocrisy.

  36. Maybe maxi pad should have watched the black conservative caucus and what all he's actually doing for blacks and minorities in America

  37. Please try locking up him/Trump and see what happens…. I bet you libtard Demonrats wont survive till the end…Scream all you want you filthy, racist, demoncrap libtards but remember Trump 2020….

  38. Anderson Cooper hasn’t got enough makeup on to cover up his shit freckles from don lemon! These two homosexuals blow each other during the break!

  39. Trump is a criminal he should be impeach and go to jail enough is enough we can not seats down and let Trump destroy our great country.

  40. Oh please let's talk about these African scammers stealing American Identities others foreigners some stealing and working in Americans names really

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