Coping with our daughter’s new face – BBC News

Coping with our daughter’s new face – BBC News

Katy’s always been a deep soul Katy was
a deep soul when she was a young kid she started playing soccer when she was
about four years old and she was a very aggressive soccer
player take a while for her to warm up to people but once she did they were
they were best buddies it’s probably very difficult for you to
think about and to talk about back to when you were 18 what was like when I got to Robert’s house she was
sitting in a big fluffy chair with her legs over it and she was texting and I
went over to her and I said how you doing and she just kind of shrugged her
shoulders like a teenager sometimes will and I didn’t feel an alarm I just felt
like my girl had gotten hurt I remember, we were walking out and we heard this and
I got it loud but then I walked in and I looked in the chair and she wasn’t in
the chair didn’t get alarmed then I walked to the kitchen looked went on his
back patio little porch No and I saw the bathroom door shut twisted
the door and I said Katie you okay and she didn’t answer my son picks me up
and takes me through the living room outside in the yard and and just stands
me there and says mom Katie got my gun and I don’t know she’s hurt she’ll never eat she’ll never drink
she’ll never bathe herself she’ll never converse she’ll be a vegetable
she’ll just be in a skilled facility for the rest of her life as I said I’m not
ready to let go my daughter I just not you know I mean you don’t in that moment
you think you’re gonna have the great courage and stamina but you’re just as
feeble as a feather in the wind your heart is in your throat but yet out of
the depths of your of your gut your soul your heart no your we’re not going to
let go Was that a big decision
to make? I think I was trying to look for old
characteristics if I could see anything from the pre-accident Katie of the
pre-injury I don’t think I did it was very surreal
I remember thinking where is Katie you know at the same time so grateful that
she’s alive and so grateful that she didn’t have to walk around the rest of
her life without a face but it was hard I I grieved her old face a lot I have to
be honest Katie do you still think about and long for the things that you wanted when you were 18 like to meet someone and fall in love and I can see you smiling now Of course this is not the story I would have written for her.. but I feel like there’s a reason if she’s here there’s a lot to learn
there’s a lot in this whole story with Katie but I don’t think her life is over you

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  1. Hi… Am from Sri Lanka…. One is keeping your mind very well… Jesus is with you… He is a good friend to you… He always close to you.. Hear you… Love you with everlasting love… God bless you.

  2. I saw the ex-bf’s Facebook, her mom’s facebook, her sister’s, etc., and I did a brief analysis of the timeline (when Katie shot herself, when she got home, when she got her new face, etc.). The boy in question was posting pics of himself with another young woman shortly after his breakup with Katie. He moved on quickly, as men tend to do. This is why you should never give and give and give to anyone without receiving in equal measure. If someone says they don’t love you, be grateful for their honesty and for not wasting more of your time. MOVE ON AND LIVE THE HAPPIEST LIFE YOU CAN CREATE!!

  3. I am actually in middle of getting divorced right now he doesn't want me to move out but I am saving to leave him soon

  4. I love to see so much support in the comments, but I hate to see so much subtle shaming. She is still beautiful, and she cannot turn back time and undo what she did. We shouldn’t put so much emphasis on how much she “ruined her life so young,” we should acknowledge how difficult life must be for her now and be supportive of her survival. When we are 18 we do not think about the future, everything is very intense. We are irrational and depressive states can be absolutely excruciating as were just entering a new chapter. I’m just happy to see her survive it and I hope that she is doing well. 🖤

  5. god I'm just sad about the fact that it's so hard to understand her. I hope her speech can be restored in the future.

  6. The Devil tells you things in your mind and you think it is you…but it is him… and you destroy your life!!! Don’t believe in his lies!!!!

  7. I don't get it. people survive the Rwandan genocide, witnessing their family being slaughtered but this girl shoots herself over a breakup. American teens are so weak.

  8. Someone treated me badly and I was tempted to end it all but I'm glad I didn't, I met a wonderful man and we have a lovely son, there is someone out there for everybody. Nobody is worth taking your life for, they'll be getting on with their life long after you're gone

  9. I would like to understand why Katie try to kill herself she looked so beautiful and happy in the pictures here there didn't seen To be anything for Katie to be depressed over to want to end own life she must of had something more for her

  10. She shouldn't have been allowed access to a gun so easily. But what questions me more is, if she attempting to kill herself, how did she miss her brain? Did she aim the gun in a certain angle when she had the gun in her mouth?

  11. Why is the title coping with our daughters face? Why not the daughters perspective before the parents smh

  12. That's why I got a dog for social needs, and gf for sexual needs. You can't rely on a human to fulfill your social needs.

  13. I'm not even going to finish listening to this. Schools in the United States are prisons. Many children have psychiatric conditions which effect all other students. Fights, drinking, drugs, stress in a giant tumbler. It rubs off on everyone to some degree. My friends kids? They are all home schooled and don't put up with any of it…

  14. This is the problem with living in a society that normalises gun culture. It just takes one idiot to leave their weapon unsecured and you've got the potential for all kinds of bad shit going off.

  15. I wish I can have a little improvement of my nose. I think it can allow a person to breath better? I do not know. I am no doctor. Heheh. Well dreams are free.

  16. Tbh and I'm not being mean but she probably still wants to die with a face like that. Life is gonna be hard for her. People aren't too nice these days, she'll probably end up trying to commit suicide again. But I do hope she actually is happy and not just fronting for the camera. I know it must be hard for her knowning how beautiful she was and what she is now.

  17. This proves Beauty IS on the inside. To all who reads this, May God Bless you & NEVER think of suicide, Life's too short, no 1 & no circumstance is worth it.

  18. This just really goes to show the POWER of what is going on behind the flesh. We may seem normal or even attractive, but suicide may be on the brain. Remember people, love yourself and find some kind of happiness if you can. Whew……this broke my heart!

  19. As a Roman Catholic I would deeply cry, but I would still to choose to keep her b/c I know there is a God, and that he will help me.

  20. The worst thing you can make to yourself is don't value yourself and wait for other people to make it for you

  21. i have an expirence that i wont forget and i will carry it all my life , i will make a video of it after i heal . we are all suffering and i think we must look for help when we need it asap before we cause something we will regret all our lifez

  22. What ever 🙅happens to you ,your parents will be there just for you 😭😭😢😢 May god bless them .😢😢😢👪👪

  23. Medical science is amazing. She looks great considering she almost died. She looks older than her mother. I bet she has a ton of regards. God bless 🙏🙏❣️💌💕😇

  24. I had a patient in nursing school who attempted suicide with shotgun. It was horrific. Had lost his eyes, teeth, nose, etc. Very similar to this young woman. His mother and younger sibling found him. Just horrible. Saddest case I’ve ever had as a nurse. Please everyone, never choose this route to try and solve problems…

  25. It’s already hard to survive in this world. No matter the situation let’s embrace and learn from it. Life is precious in so many ways, let’s find a way to life-Be happy and overall be thankful!!

  26. God bless you dear Katie. You have courage that I have never seen before. May God continue to heal you inside and out. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  27. We all make choices and we live with the results of those choices. It's a shame this girl made such a bad choice over such a trivial thing.

  28. Sad a beautiful girl like her making a silly decision like that.
    We should teach our children never to get in serious relationship until they about 25 years old. I say that as the younger you are the more inexperienced you are. Some people are very mature but depends. I feel real bad for this young lady as I have a daughter growing up who is still a child.
    So sad this is. I hope the best for her as she is a young adult. She is very lucky to have such supporting parents. No man or woman is worth your own life.

  29. Result of so called love affairs. Just get married and don't allow anyone to break your heart.
    Your family is big support. You are lucky. Hope u become a stronger person.

  30. Who shoots there face off from a break up? but had no suicidal tendencies before hand?!, totally impulsive!…. I think in retrospect her ex dodged that bullet.

  31. Have you guys seen that meme that goes like; "awe you're so sexy, dont be depressed".

    That's what majority of you sound like.

    I hope she finds peace all around.

    Her mom seems so I dont know. Not connected. She's talking as if she isn't right there. She is so focused on her appearance.

  32. She ruined her life for what? On her pictures she had a very pretty face that any woman would envy.
    I want to commit suicide because I am ugly and pathetic, but why do people with cute face, nice smile decide to end their life? leave that for the ugly one like us.

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