Corporate Media PANICS Over Bernie Lead

Corporate Media PANICS Over Bernie Lead

Okay. So I have something really interesting for
us to take a look at today. I already told you earlier, one of the most
important polls historically in primary elections is the de Moines register poll of Iowa voters. Shortly before the Iowa caucus, that poll
came out a few days ago. It is shortly before the Iowa caucuses. We already analyzed the poll itself. Bernie Sanders is leading by several points. I already told you this is important. Iowa is not the be all end all the polling
could change between now and the day that, uh, Iowans go to the caucuses. But, uh, the, there is no question whatsoever
that winning the Iowa caucus would be a huge boost of momentum for whoever wins it. And this is a really big deal for Bernie Sanders,
particularly since he’s a candidate that was blacked out by corporate media for a long
time, ignored, uh, made a foregone conclusion that he simply cannot win. And corporate media is in disarray over how
to cover Bernie’s surge. And Bernie’s lead in Iowa and they are doing
trap. He’s artistry to get around and underneath
and over. The reality that Bernie is just doing well
and he may win the Iowa caucus and then he will be in contention for the democratic nomination. Doesn’t mean South Carolina is going to go
his way. I know it’s popular right away to point out
why Iowa is so white. As soon as it gets to South Carolina, Bernie
screwed maybe. Okay, but we’re talking about Iowa right now. I have examples for you from MSNBC and from
CNN. Let’s start with the democratic centrist establishment
channel. MSNBC, which said headline, Iowa poll questioned
by expert. That’s the headline, not Bernie surges to
lead an Iowa poll. It’s Iowa poll question by expert. Here’s the video associated with that story. Joanne Reed interviewing Jimmy Williams to
say, can we trust this poll? Yeah, I guess we can, but the poll can still
change doing everything possible to essentially say, let’s just not really believe that Bernie
is truly in the lead in Iowa. Take a look. I am perplexed by this poll for two reasons. First, either the people of Iowa or schizophrenia
or they just aren’t convinced. They remain skeptical and I don’t think the
people of Iowa or schizophrenia, although they do have two horrifying GOP senators as
their senators, but that’s a separate conversation for a separate day. This poll is not an outlier. This is in fact, as I said, the gold standard. This is it. When it came out last night at seven o’clock
or whatever time it came out, Eastern time, I looked at it went, no way in hell is this
right? But it has to be right because it’s Demoine
right the morning register and see it in and so I mean, I just don’t see this. I think a lot can change between now and the
day of caucuses and I don’t these numbers, they tell me something
at 30,000 feet. They tell me nothing on the ground in Demoine
or Dubuque or anywhere else. That’s my takeaway from it. So he knows. He can’t really say it’s not accurate because
this is a known very solid pole. So it’s more, well, okay, maybe, maybe we
can’t say it’s not accurate, but this can change and we’re three weeks out and whatever. Then income. CNN, remember this is a Des Moines register,
CNN joint poll. CNN is onscreen graphic chooses to say now
that Bernie is winning, the headline is no clear leader. It’s so predictable. Of course the results Bernie 20 Warren 17
booed edge edge 16 and Biden 15 the headline, no clear leader and you know it’s, it’s technically
sort of true. The margin of error is 3.7 Bernie is up by
three but when it was Biden up by three, the headlines weren’t no clear leader. The headlines were Biden’s winning in Iowa
when it was booted. Judge, that took a lead in Iowa. The headlines were not no clear leader. It was booted judge surges from behind to
take a elite in Iowa. So this is not, you know, an unhinged, Bernie’s
obviously going to a win and everyone’s wrong and it’s a conspiracy. This is yet again the different way in which
corporate media will frame a poll depending on whether an establishment candidate is winning
or a progressive candidate is winning. The margin of error in polls in Iowa has been
between three and four for months. That’s not new. So why is the margin of error now relevant
for saying the headline is no clear winner when when it was a different candidate, the
margin of error did not play into the headlines that were chosen by corporate media. And again, I already gave these disclaimers
earlier. Winning Iowa is not the be all end all. You need voters that are very different from
Iowa voters to win the democratic nomination. Bernie may not have them or he might. Iowa is not going to tell us that it is a
close poll, but if you look at the trend line of Iowa polling, you see that Bernie Sanders
bottomed out in Iowa in mid to late September and he’s been up up, up since then. While Biden is down, Buddha judge popped up,
but now is back down. Warren is down from where she was and now
the headline that Bernie is winning is no clear leader when it was always Biden ahead,
booted, judge ahead, Warren surging. So let’s wait and see. This is one primary at a time, but the lesson
is don’t accept corporate media’s characterization of a poll. Just look at the poll yourself. Look at the trend lines yourself. Look at the polling data and the methodology
yourself and be comfortable coming up with the analysis yourself. There’s too much riding on this and it’s too
important to be led by these incorrect narratives and summaries of polls that someone is choosing
to do. Do the work to check it out for yourself and
we will all be far better off. And that gets us now to Trump realizing he
may, he may have to face Bernie Sanders in the general election.

100 thoughts on “Corporate Media PANICS Over Bernie Lead

  1. This is exactly what they did last time. Hillary won by “a razor thin’ margin in Iowa during the last Democratic primaries and yet the press chose Hillary as their favored candidate. All the media focus was if Hillary had solidly won Iowa and Bernie was put on the DNC back burner….and here we are. Lets not repeat mistakes of the past. BTW, I voted for Hillary, and it was out of desperation…and I knew Trump could win. And he did. The mistakes of the past should not be repeated again.

  2. It seems to me that many voters in '16 voted for someone they deemed to be (mostly erroneously!) not 'mainstream', not 'corporate America'…if the DNC did not learn from that… Sanders' positions are quite 'centric' in many ways, compared to Northern European democracies' social programs, but his advantage is that he is NOT an 'establishment' favorite. Hopefully, he would provide an alternative to the lunatic-in-chief, as a non-establishment, but not too, too 'leftist' option. One hopes so…

  3. I almost think it’s better Bernie stays under the radar…if the actual votes are there he will take the nomination, and his supporters don’t watch msnbc regularly anyway. It doesn’t matter. We messed up once let’s not do it again America.

  4. -bernie wins presidency
    mainstream media as bernie gets sworn into office: -no clear winner of the election, shut your eyes and ears to reality people

  5. it is a little funny seeing them wriggle around doing everything to avoid saying bernie is ahead
    but also sad cause i think it has a effect least on some people

  6. Here is Laurence Tribe's Bernie hit piece:
     Always find it interesting when Bernie supporters get called minions by people who have to lie about Bernie constantly lol.
    Yes this asshole actually said Bernie supporters were more vicious than Trump supporters…I don't remember Bernie Sanders supporters punching protesters, cheering on people who did punch protesters, cheering when a man mocks a man with a disability, etc…. etc… but I do know Trump supporters did.

  7. "Bernie Sander" is the name on the first poll. They don't even try to hide it man. They NEVER get the names/photos of establishment-friendly candidates wrong. Sanders/Yang/Gabbard manage to get this "accidental" treatment.

  8. Democrats admitting they rely on minorities and non Americans. If not for demographic change they wouldn’t have a chance.

  9. Again, this is a STATISTICAL FOUR WAY TIE.

    Error margin is 4% and they are all within error margin of the others. We make far too much out of polls with large error margins and people clustered together

  10. Fat bald White guy: "No damnit, polls are ONLY accurate when they say MY candidate is leading, not when they say YOUR candidate is"

  11. Why is the left holding out for Bernie when his major policies are extremely far fetched, and will certainly cause a recession.


  12. I don’t listen to anything the MSM hacks have to say about my boy Bernie! I’m gonna keep on donating monthly and talking him up to family, friends and even strangers. Tunnel vision for Bernie until he’s elected.

  13. The only reason for those polls is to influence the outcome. You could just wait and see the result. (Ok, Russia doesn,t need polls) But this corrupt system is what you are used to! You cannot blame Donald and Vladimir if they use that system, because it is so easy to use. Build your own view and if you don,t like what you see – change it by voting for someone who at least tries to do better. @ David Packman: keep up your very good work!

  14. there is no way my candidate is going to have a gop running mate, and fuck you biden. yeah fuck cnn saying some shit that progressive are worried about a sanders vs biden. if your worried biden could beat bernie your not a progressive.

  15. Dave, maybe you noticed those numbers show,in decreasing order, the candidates self proclaimed lean towards ' socialism'. By demografic, that's young people. So why do you think Bernie's campaign is not really capitalizing on it? Why isn't Bernie separating himself FURTHER to the left?? Wasn't that part of the problem last time? Or have I got this all wrong?

  16. JImmy Williams is a very cool guy. All he is saying is wow, look at how much its changed since last time. which is legit. and its legit to think it may change again. I think david has the wrong take on this one.

  17. Bernie is great and everything but I suspect his chances of being actually voted president, including the necessary ‘centrist’ votes (quotes as American centrists are pretty right wing compared to most western democracies) are about the same as Corbyn’s in the UK. That is, he has two chances – Buckley’s and none. Not because his policies are bad or because he’d not make a good leader but because too many people on the soft right, who are needed to win, are terrified of so-called socialism. Is it worth being right but never getting near the levers of power?

  18. “Bernie and Warren in statistical tie”

    What happened to “Bernie up by several points in important, telling poll”

  19. I don't see why people are so surprised?
    If Bernie would not have gotten screwed in 2016 Donald Trump never would have been the president at all.

  20. It's got to be a little odd the first time Bernie gets polls he is leading all of a sudden Bidden jumps 3 spots to get a poll in 1st in Iowa and 2 spots in New Hampshire?? Something doesn't smell right, but I trust Des Moines Register the most anyways

  21. Joy "I was probably hacked!" Reid was (at least pretending to be) for Kamala. As for Bernie, if Trump can win, Bernie can win. Finally: Ain't nobody got time for trend lines. :p

  22. They put out an article saying that Bernie said women can't be president talking to Warren. And Warren is not saying anything about the lie.

  23. Warren is now knee capping Sanders. I'm trying to get a refund from act blue. It was only $10 but i want that to go to an honest candidate.

  24. Got that right; Chris Mathews actually called him "dangerous" on MSNBC tonight! Man, until this week I was undecided between he and Warren–but if even the supposedly left-leaning corporate network is afraid of Bernie, he must be corruption-proof. My husband and I just decided to vote for Bernie and hope like hell he wins the primary. We really want a progressive agenda in 2020. It's about damn time someone with a conscience and some smarts leads for the many instead of just the big money people.

  25. Don't worry the DNC establishment will fuck him over just like in 2016… Also one poll is not an aggregate… I could make a poll and it would be just as inaccurate in regards to assessing or predicting…. That is why we don't use single polls (well I guess you do…) but look at the aggregate…

  26. You are an educated guy Dave and I love your show. This isn’t to criticize, but I would think someone of your academic background and intellect has a solid comprehensions of statistics. Eg. margin for error or point spread, sample size, type of sample eg. stratified, random, etc…how the data is collected , and the associated confidence levels.

  27. I can't wait to see the faces of MSNBCNN and FoxNews when President Sanders brings corporate taxes back to the Eisenhower level.

  28. DNC.. Find me a more real candidate that has a voting record that backs up their rhetoric. Cant? Then stop wasting money fighting against the best candidate

  29. it was pretty depressing yesterday to see every major network shift gears and begin to smear bernie in a fake bernie vs. warren story…

  30. Besides all the politics… that use of the word "schizophrenic", ugh… that immediately disqualifies his opinions for me.

  31. The Right have lost the argument so will now commence character assassination. Exactly as they did with Corbyn in the UK.

  32. Biden ?, Bernie ?, Warren ?, Bloomberg ?, Which white millionaire will the Democrats nominate ? (The New York Times predicts Yang will drop out by June).

  33. I always used to defend the news when trump attacks them. Im done. No clear leader?? Bernie “Sander”? Wrong pics of yang? They are very sneaky and unethical. They lost the right and left. All they have left are corporate centrists

  34. The only think that may makes me stop having murdering thoughts is that maybe recent events may have spooked people enough to run for Bernie's side. Any other person elected for president will let the USA start another world war.

  35. Bernie Sanders is the best chance for Americans to get their country back into their hands.
    if you want fascism vote for Trump. If you corporate blood oil companies to be your master, vote Republican or corporate Democrat.

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