Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Family Feud Part 1 – Ep 622 – 3rd October, 2017

Greetings. Welcome
to ‘Crime Patrol Dial 100.’ Relations are an
integral part of our lives in which,
we seek happiness. Whatever may be the label all of them
are important for us and we adore them. But what if these relations
are built on lies greed and betrayal? Can a relation
built on these foundations sustain for long? When we see a conspiracy
of greed and lies in a relation, we lose respect
for that person, forever. That’s why,
they say that it’s possible for us to stand up
after falling down but if you’ve lost
someone’s respect it is impossible
to get it back. Today’s story
will compel you to think that can a person,
for his desires cross the limits of relations and resort to crime? Hey, girl! You were singing, right?
Tell me! What happened, ma’am? She was singing,
wasn’t she? No,
I was the one humming. Don’t lie to me!
I heard it! It was her, not you! What happened,
Mother-in-law? She was singing! No, it was me.
– Quiet! I heard it! Mother-in-law, how can
that mute girl sing? What nonsense! It’s not like
I said something wrong! Your friend stays here
with her daughter! She eats and sleeps here! I can’t even ask her
a question! Mother-in-law, it’s not like
you’re running a dharamshala that you’ll host anyone
for free here. She is paying the rent
to live here. Got it? Come, Pooja.
Come, dear. What! But I heard it..
Why would I lie? What does she think of herself? Ankita..
– Mom. You always scold sister-in-law. Garima, make some tea. Go, do it yourself.
I’m not your servant. Search the area. Kelkar.
– Sir. – Check it. Kelkar.
– Sir! Sir, I didn’t find anything
by the corpse. Look. Tyre marks. Kelkar.
– Sir. Maybe, these tyre marks
were left by the killer. He brought the corpse
in his car dumped it there and then,
washed his car here. Sir, it may be possible
that he was killed elsewhere or in the car itself. Maybe, because we saw
no signs of struggle there. The victim’s throat was slit. Had it been done
by the bushes there we would have seen
a lot of blood nearby {an5}which isn’t the case.
But I don’t know {an5}who this person is
and why was he killed. {an5}Kelkar, the killer dumped
the body in a deserted area {an5}near the Pavana Lake. {an5}Do one thing.
Circulate the photo of the body {an5}in the surrounding areas.
We need to identify the victim. {an5}And take the details of
the guy over there {an5}and send the body
for postmortem. {an5}Right, sir. {an5}Hey, girl!
Where are you going? {an5}Where did you come from?
Go away! It’s the last stop.
Alight the bus. It’s the last stop.
Get down. Come on..
It’s the last stop. Quick! Dear, do you want to go
back in the same bus? Who is with you?
Show me the ticket. Show it to me. Hey! Dear! Sir. Sir, they say that they
have seen this man. Sit. Are you sure it’s him? Yes, sir. It’s the same man,
who travelled in our bus last Saturday. I recognised him the minute
I saw his photo. Last Saturday,
that is on the 22nd where did he board the bus? I don’t remember that, sir.
But yes he got down at the
Kalamboli Bus Stop. He was quite rude.
That’s why I remember him. Hey! Can’t you hear? Hey!
Are you in a hurry or what? Are you in a rush?
I’ll thrash you right here! I’ve been honking! So what? It’s not like
you’re doing me a favour! I’ll break your teeth.
Get lost! Was someone with him? No, sir.
He was all alone. All right. If need be,
we’ll call you again. You may go. Kelkar.
– Sir. where this man
finished his journey. Go to Kalamboli, immediately. Okay, sir. What was the story of
the Sharma family that lived in Panvel,
Maharashtra? And the person
whose corpse was found in the bushes, near Pavana Lake who was he?
In the beginning, we saw Payal, who was living
with her mother, Pooja in Ankita’s house,
where many more lived. So, what happened in her life,
that she was now roaming on the streets? And the person whose corpse
was found in the bushes did he have a connection
to Payal? Enquire in this area.
Go. Sir, listen. Do you know this man? Yes, sir.
He came to our shop. Sir, where is Gurdas Chowk? Take a left at
the crossroads there. The next crossroads
is Gurdas Chowk. Thank you. Sir, I just found out that
this man asked the address for Gurdas Chowk
at a general store. Gurdaspur Chowk?
Let’s go. Sir. Do you know this man? This man? Yes, I saw him here
a couple of days ago. Was someone with him? Yes, sir. He came to me and
asked me about Gurdaspur Chowk. When I told him that this
is Gurdaspur Chowk he went over there
and waited for someone. After sometime,
two women came to meet him. Sir, I know one of them.
She is Ankita Shakuntala’s daughter-in-law. But I know nothing
about the second woman. He was talking about something
to the two ladies. I couldn’t hear anything
from the distance, sir. But he implied something
with his three fingers. Where does Ankita live? Sir, right over there
is Gupta Chaatwala. Her house is right next to it. Is this where Ankita lives?
– Yes, sir. Call her, we need to have
a word with her. She isn’t here right now.
What’s the matter, sir? Do you know this man? No, sir. Looks like you know her. No, sir. I got scared
when I saw the photo. Perhaps, you don’t know
this man, but Ankita does. Because she was seen
with him a few days ago. But at that time, there was
someone else with Ankita. But who is this man, sir? Even we are
looking for the answer but who are you to Ankita? I’m her brother-in-law. All right. Call Ankita
and ask her to come quickly. We need to ask her something. Sir, she hasn’t
been home for the last three days. We
were about to visit the cops but you came here before. What! Ankita hasn’t been
home since last three days and you guys are getting
serious about it now! Sir, ever since my son,
that is, Ankita’s husband passed away that woman hasn’t
spoken properly to me. Sir, we thought that
she has been to her friend’s. It has happened before too, sir when she stayed at her
friend’s place for a few days. We thought that
she’d be back, but she isn’t. Her phone is switched off too. That’s why, we were
going to visit the cops today. Right now, with whom
could Ankita be? I don’t know, sir,
but it may be Pooja. Pooja and Ankita
are childhood friends. And also, Pooja was
living here on a rental basis with her daughter, Payal,
for the last two months. Was living? What do you mean?
Where is she now? We don’t know, sir. Along with Sister-in-law Ankita,
Pooja is missing too. I’ve never seen someone
more reckless than you guys. Ankita has been missing
for three days now. You could have
filed her missing complaint after 24 hours. Well, give us Ankita’s and Pooja’s photographs
and their numbers too. Sir, I’ve Ankita’s
number and photo but I don’t
have the same for Pooja. Can you help us make
Pooja and Payal’s sketch? Yes, sir. All right. You need to come
with us to the police station. Come. Sir.. Here is Pooja’s sketch. The sketches of Pooja
and Payal are underway. Okay. As soon as Payal’s
sketch is ready get both her and Ankita’s sketch distributed to all
the nearby police stations. Get all our informers working. At any cost, we need to find
Ankita, Pooja and Payal. Did their family file
a missing report? – Yes, sir. Sir, Ankita’s family has lodged
all three’s missing complaint. And Ankita’s call records
and her phone’s last active location
has been taken. – Good. Where did Ankita work?
– According to her family she used to work in a clinic
on Market Road. Go to that clinic and find out
about Pooja and Ankita. Sir, we’ll find the clinic only
when Ankita’s family gives us the address.
– I didn’t get you. Ankita’s family claim
that they don’t know in which clinic Ankita worked. I don’t buy this, Kelkar. She has been working
at a place for so many days and her family
has no clue about it. That’s not possible.
Let’s go. Pankaj, how is it possible
that you all don’t know in which clinic Ankita worked? Sir, we never meddled
in her affairs. She used to lead
her own life. By the way, she wouldn’t
have told us the truth. In fact, she would’ve
got furious with us. Any reason for this weird
behaviour of Ankita? She liked freedom, sir. She didn’t like somebody
interfering in her personal life. She used to get irritated
if somebody questioned her. Sir, we only know
that she used to work in some clinic on Market Road. Sir. That’s their features, sir. Okay.
Both of you may leave. Kelkar. – Sir. Show Ankita’s photo
and Pooja’s sketch in every clinic on Market Road
and question everybody. Find out where she
used to work and when she was last
seen there. – Okay, sir. Kelkar, this family is more
than what they appear to be and they have all
the secrets with them. We need to interrogate
their neighbours. – Okay, sir. Quickly have this morsel. The voodoo man will come
if you don’t have your food. Come on. Have a bite. I’m angry with you. Come. At least
have a bite or two. Girl, what do you want? Want a ‘Vada Pav’? Take it. Money? Then get lost! Get the money
and take the ‘Vada Pav’. Now get lost! Yes. The police investigation
is going on. The situation is tense.
Try and understand. Of course. Not a problem. The delivery will be done. Trust me.
I’m giving you my word. I’ll call you back. Garima, where are you going? I’m having a severe headache. So, I’m going to get medicines
from the medical store. Wait. Pankaj, please come here. Tell me, Mom.
What is it? Get some medicines for her
from the store. Nobody needs
to come with me. I can go by myself. Better accompany her.
It’s 9 in the night. It’s only 9 pm, Mother-in-law. Even the store is in
the neighbourhood. I can go by myself. Mom, it’s only
9 in the night. Let her go. Do what I tell you to do. Quickly go with her. Since when do you know Ankita’s
family? – For many years. They’re nice people. I never
faced any problem with them. Sir, the family is nice
but everyday Ankita used to have a fight
with her mother-in-law. What was the reason?
– Sir, I don’t know. I think, it might
because of monetary issue. Everything was fine
till Ankita’s husband was alive. But after his death their condition
became miserable. They used to have problems
every day. Pankaj has a shop
but it gave meagre returns. What kind of girl was Ankita? Sir, she wasn’t a nice girl.
– What do you mean? Sir, to tell you the truth,
every day she used to go out with her brother-in-law
on his bike that too,
after her husband died. Most neighbours
have dirty mindset, sir. That poor guy only used
to drop Ankita to the clinic. The police put
in all their efforts to find Ankita,
Pooja and Payal so that some clue could
come up on that unknown man. On the other hand,
the 8 year old poor Payal was struggling
for a square meal. After all, why was Payal
wandering alone? If she used to go out
with Ankita and Pooja on a daily basis, then where
were Ankita and Pooja right now? And how did Payal
got separated from them? The police got to know
from the tea vendor that the deceased
had an argument with Pooja and Ankita. After all, what was the reason
for that heated argument? Was the murder connected
with Pooja and Ankita? Till now, the police didn’t find
any clue on the deceased and neither they found
any information on Pooja. The police couldn’t take
any chances to trust Ankita’s family. When every day you used
to drop Ankita to her clinic on your bike,
then why did you lie to us that you didn’t know
the address of the clinic? Will you now tell the truth or shall the baton
do the talking? S-Sir, believe me.
I know nothing. I don’t know
where she used to work. I only used to
drop her off on my bike because from there, my shop
was a stone’s throw away. Sir, ever since Pooja
started staying in our house I’d stopped dropping Ankita because both of them
used to leave together. Sir.. Sir, Pankaj isn’t lying.
Why would he lie? Sir, to tell you the truth it was Ankita who was
the bread winner of our family. We couldn’t have made
ends meet without her. Sir, that’s why, we didn’t
use to question her much. Ankita, why did you
come back home late night? Where were you
for such a long time? I go for work
and not entertain others. Your family gets to eat
because I earn. Step aside! Sir, we feared she would
stop giving the expenses. Listen, this is a murder case and also a case of three
people going missing. And still we haven’t
got the identity of the person who was murdered. He was last seen
with Pooja and Ankita. And now,
both the women are missing. So, it’s important for us that we solve this case
as soon as possible. You all still have time.
If you’re hiding something or have any clue,
then tell us now. Yes, sir. I’ve to tell you something. Payal.. Pooja’s daughter. Sir, she wasn’t
vocally challenged. She was just pretending
to be one. Once, I, myself,
heard her singing. Hey, girl! What! Why would a 8 year old girl
pretend to be dumb? I don’t know, sir. Kelkar, I didn’t get
any clue from the Sharmas. Let’s meet Ankita’s relatives.
Maybe we might find something. Sir, Ankita has only an aunt
where relatives are concerned. She doesn’t have
anybody else in her life. Her aunt stays in Pune. Kelkar, let’s go
to Pune immediately and find out whether
Ankita’s aunt knows the man who has been murdered. I am worried about
Pooja’s daughter, Payal. I hope this child
doesn’t reach a wrong place due to the mistakes
made by the elders. Okay, sir.
– Okay. Let’s go. Sharda Sharma? Yes, I’m Sharda. What’s the matter, Inspector? We want to talk to you
about Ankita. About Ankita? When was the last time
you spoke to Ankita? I haven’t spoken to Ankita
since a long time. It’s been almost a year. I met her the last time
during her husband’s last rites. Does Ankita have
any other relatives? No, sir. Her parents passed away
when she was a kid. And she doesn’t have any
other relatives apart from me. Have you seen this man? No, sir. I have not seen him. Look at him carefully. He may be Ankita’s
ex-lover or friend and you might have seen him. Sir, I told you already
that I have not seen him. Ankita was not
that kind of a girl. I took care of her
after her parents’ demise. I have taught her good values. This means,
Ankita stayed with you since her childhood. Yes, sir. She stayed with me. You might have
seen her at least. She is Ankita’s
childhood friend, Pooja. No, sir. Ankita never had
any friend named Pooja. Sir, what is this mystery? Has something bad
happened to Ankita or has she gone somewhere? Kelkar, according to Ms. Sharda Ankita never had
a friend named Pooja who was with her
since her childhood. One more thing. What connection do
Ankita and Pooja have with the man
who has been murdered? According to the tea seller Ankita and Pooja
had an argument with him. Sir, can an argument
become so big where a person
can be murdered? Hello. Sub-Inspector Kelkar, here. Okay. Sir, nothing important was found
from Ankita’s call records. But a surprising fact
has been revealed. There is no number
in her call record which is registered
under Pooja’s name. What?
How is this possible? Did Ankita never call Pooja? What was the last location
of Ankita’s phone? Sir, Ankita’s phone’s
last location at 6 p.m. on the 25th
was Market Road. Market Road? This means, Ankita went missing while returning home
from the clinic. Kelkar, is Ankita’s family
behind her disappearance? According to
the neighbours too there were fights
within the family. Sir, she was the earning
member of the family. Why would they kill her
when they knew she was the breadwinner? Pankaj used to drop off
Ankita at the clinic. He also told us that he never saw
Ankita’s clinic. I can’t understand this logic. Kelkar, has the family
done something to the earning member
of the family? Sir, according to
the neighbours Ankita had an affair
with Pankaj. Did Ankita elope
with Pankaj’s help? Get all the information
about Pankaj immediately. Okay, sir. I told you
that it is not possible now. I will do it in some time. Hey.. Okay,
I’ll do it in some time. Okay. Hold on,
somebody is calling me. Hello. ‘The child was with you, right?’ ‘Isn’t she in your house?’ What? I don’t have any child. Hello. Meet me in some time. Keep updating me. Yes.
– Sir. Okay, I will talk to you later. Sir, this is the victim’s
postmortem report. Sir, according to this report the victim died on the 26th which is around 10 to 12 hours
before the body was found. Sir, the murderer
first slit the victim’s throat then stabbed him twice
in the chest. Kelkar, after studying
this report I feel that he was killed
ruthlessly. Somebody does this when there is an enmity
or a lot of anger. Sir, the postmortem report
also mentions that the victim
was probably a Muslim. Sir, I checked
Pankaj’s phone records. But I didn’t find anything
apart from one number. Is anything suspicious
about that number? Yes, sir. This number is
registered under Bhaskar Apte. Sir, Pankaj and Bhaskar
used to talk frequently. They used to even talk
to each other till late night. Sir, calls were made
to Ankita’s number too from Bhaskar’s number. Hello. Sir, Pankaj has
come to Royal Garden Hotel. Okay. Why are you always worried? I am with you. I know
that you are with me. I’ll check who it is. Sir, I.. – Catch him.
– Sir, what have I done? Pankaj.
– Come with us. What is the matter?
Where.. Where are you taking us? Sir, Sheetal and I
love each other. We are having an affair. Who is Bhaskar Apte? Bhaskar Apte
is my husband’s name. He is no more. I use his number now. So, both of you
used to talk to each other at midnight. Yes. Why did you make calls
to Ankita? Answer me. Sir, Ankita and Pooja
used to work in my parlour. Ankita had joined my parlour
seven months ago. She introduced me to Pooja
last month itself. Ms. Sheetal. Yes, Ankita. Ms. Sheetal,
she is my friend, Pooja. She is in need of a job. Pooja, in which parlour
have you worked earlier? Ms. Sheetal, she has not worked
in any parlour earlier. But I will train her. I will teach her everything. She will work with
total dedication. Ms. Sheetal, you can give her
a meagre salary. But please give her a job. She needs a job desperately.
– Okay. Now that you insist,
I will appoint her. I gave her a job, sir. Had Ankita come to work
on the 26th too? Yes, sir.
She had come. She completed her work as usual
and left for home. But she didn’t come
the next day. I had asked Pankaj
about the same. He told me that Ankita didn’t
reach home that day. Do you have a CCTV camera
in your parlour? – Yes. Kelkar.
– Sir. Check the CCTV footage
of her parlour of the past one month. We will definitely
find something. Pankaj, you will have
to do this. Control your anger
and use your mind. Mom, she won’t agree. You will have to talk
to Garima. We don’t have
any other option. Garima. Garima. Garima, listen to me. Don’t try to touch me again. Understood? Garima, I know
that I have made a mistake. Please forgive me. You are my wife after all. And nothing can happen
without you. We’ll have to do something. I won’t be able
to do this alone, Garima. Please help me. Please. Okay. But you will have to pay
a price for the same. How much? 10 percent more. Okay. Sir, I just received
an important information. Ankita’s phone
had switched on. The location was
Navi Mumbai. Did Ankita and Pooja
kill that man and escape? Contact the local police
of that area immediately and look for Ankita there. Mister,
have you seen her? No, sir. Sir. Sir, nobody in
Mahadev Road has seen Ankita. But I found something
in the CCTV footage of the parlour. Look at this, sir. Kelkar, he is
the same man whose dead body
we had found. Sheetal told us
that she doesn’t know him. Stop. I will leave you with
this constable and go if you lie once more.
– No, sir. Tell me,
who was that man? Sir, that man had come
to my parlour. Why did you lie to us that you don’t know
that man? Because I was scared, sir. The man whom you were
asking about was dead. And I didn’t want
to get involved in all this. That is why I lied to you. Did Pankaj ask you to lie? No, Pankaj didn’t stop me. Instead, I had told him
not to mention about my parlour. My parlour would lose
its reputation in front of you guys. Trust me, sir. I have not done anything. Who was that man and
why had he come to your parlour? Sir, two days before
Ankita and Pooja went missing.. Is Zeenat here? Who Zeenat? Zeenat. Zeenat? There’s nobody named
Zeenat here. Who do you want? Get the oil for the massage. Hey! Where are you going?
– You cannot go inside. Open the door.
– Open the door. Open the door.
– Pooja, I will kill you, understood? I want money. Pooja, are you all right? Did he do something to you? No, Ms. Sheetal. Pooja, who was this man? Who is Zeenat? Zeenat is
my cousin sister’s name. And he was her husband. Who is Zeenat? Sir, Pooja’s real name is
Zeenat. And her daughter’s name is
Zeba. How do you know
all this? Sir, Payal was playing
with the scissors one day. All the girls of the parlour
had gone out for lunch. Allah! One second. Pooja. Can your daughter speak? Why did you lie to everyone
that she cannot speak? And she said Allah
just now. Are you guys Muslims? Ms. Sheetal, I didn’t lie
intentionally. I was helpless. My name is Zeenat. My daughter’s name is Zeba. Ms. Sheetal, you know
the truth now. But I swear on Allah that I did not lie
intentionally, Ms. Sheetal. But you please don’t reveal
this secret to anybody. Please don’t disclose it. Okay. Was Ankita too aware
about all this? I don’t know, sir. Sir. Sir, Ankita’s phone
has switched on in a place named Chausar. This case had become
so complicated for the police that they could not proceed
with one theory. Had Sheetal told the truth
about Pooja, alias Zeenat and Payal, alias Zeba
to the police? If whatever Sheetal told
the police was true why did Zeenat ask
her daughter to pretend to be mute? Was Ankita also aware
about all this? How were Ankita, Zeenat
and Zeba related to the victim? Why and how did he reach
Zeenat’s area in search of her? Every character in the story was placing forth
his own argument. And the police wanted
a masterstroke to win this game. Do one thing. Talk to the people
in this area. Try to find out
some information. You, boy! Stop! Speak!
– No, sir.. You won’t speak, is it?
– No, sir.. Please.. Will you tell us now?
– Yes.. Mr. Pankaj said that a woman
wearing a burka will come and that I should take her
SIM card and put it in a phone for just a second.
That is what I had to do. I know nothing more. Come with us!
Put him in the car. – Sir.. Come on, sit!
– What are you doing, sir? He has done nothing!
Believe me. Sir.. Speak up! Speak up!
Tell us! I will tell you everything, sir. I’ll tell you.
I will say the truth. Sir, you people were coming
to my house time and again. The neighbourhood
started to taunt us. So, just to mislead you,
I sent Garima instead of Ankita to that boy
with the SIM card. I sent Garima, because I knew
people are watching me. Where did you get
Ankita’s SIM card? The day after
Ankita’s disappearance Sheetal found her phone
in the parlour. She gave me the phone and I
used it to mislead you all. Sir, Shakuntala is here. Sir! Sir..
Please let my son go. He has done nothing.
He is innocent. Is it? So, how did he have
Ankita’s phone then? Sir, Sheetal gave him
that phone. You can talk to Sheetal
to confirm that. We know what all has to be done.
Don’t you worry about that. Why are you here?
– I came to tell you that my son is innocent. My daughter-in-law Ankita
was not a nice woman. After my son passed away, she
had relations with many men. She would work at a beauty
parlour but had told us that she worked for a doctor. Pankaj knew this,
but he never told me. He didn’t know
that I already knew this. What more do you know?
– The man who died could either be Ankita’s agent
or her lover. I was quiet, assuming if you find out that my daughter-in-law was engaging in such acts,
we would be humiliated, sir. Really? What proof do you have
that the man was her agent or lover?
– I saw it that night! You tell me, sir.
What am I to understand from an unknown man dropping
this woman on his bike at such a late hour
and giving her money? It is good that I
was fasting that day and before ending the fast,
I was standing by the window. When was this?
– It was the 21st. Yes,
that is when I was fasting. Kelkar, Ms. Shakuntala Devi
is lying to us. Because on the 22nd,
that man came to Kalamboli and he asked a tea vendor
the way to go to Gurdaspur. If he had really gone
to meet Ankita and Zeenat then he should have known
the address because apparently, a night
before he dropped Ankita home. Which means,
Ms. Shakuntala Devi is lying. We didn’t find anything
from the CCTV footage to prove any
prostitution racket. Kelkar, keep an eye
on this woman. Let two constables
tail her. Okay, sir.
But I don’t understand why Zeenat is hiding the fact
that she is Muslim. Kelkar, perhaps,
the man who is murdered was of the same caste. And Sheetal told us that he
had come to meet Zeenat in the parlour and not Ankita. He might have been
Zeenat’s relative. And if that’s true,
how is he connected to Ankita and her family? And
why was he threatening Zeenat? We need to think
who killed this man and why. Your friend
turned out to be a thief. She ran away with the money
and her daughter. The police are looking
for her. No! That is not possible!
You’re lying. No, you must have done
something to Pooja. I need to find Pooja.
Let me go.. Please let me go,
I need to find her. Really? Fine.
I will let you go on one condition. Hello.
– Is someone there? Anyone? Save me!
Help me, someone! Help.. You, girl!
I had told you not to come here. Then why are you here?
Get lost! Hey, what are you doing? Is this
how you behave with a child? Sorry, sir.
– Go inside. What is the matter? Inside? Let’s go. This is your bag, right? Are you hungry?
Would you like to eat? Come. Ankita,
how are you feeling now? Better, sir. – We would like
to know what happened. Who abducted you?
– I don’t know, sir. I couldn’t see the face. Ankita, you don’t have to fear
your in-laws now. You are under our protection
and no one can harm you now. Look, we are aware
that your in-laws had you abducted. We even reached that building
by following your mother-in-law. Dear, what have
you written there? Is it someone’s
contact number? ‘Here, dear. Call me on this
number whenever you need.’ ‘Okay?’ Dear, do you want to call
on this number? My phone is off right now.
Come home with me and we can make a call
from there. What is your name?
– Zeba. What Sheetal told the police,
was the truth. Zeenat and Zeba were Muslims
and Zeba could speak too. But Zeenat would tell people
that her name was Pooja and her daughter was Payal.
The greatest question is did Ankita know this truth? If Ankita knew,
why did she lie to the police? Why did she intentionally hide
the fact that she was abducted? Why didn’t she tell the police
that Pankaj and Shakuntala abducted her?
Who was the man who found Zeba? Did he really want to help Zeba
or did he have other intentions? These questions will be answered
tomorrow in the next and last part of this case.
I, Anup Soni, big your adieu. I will see you again. Until
then, take care of yourself and your family,
and keep watching ‘Crime Patrol Dial 100’. A lesson to one
is a lesson to all. ‘Jai Hind’.

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