Cute: Baby bear wanders into US drug store

Shoppers in Oregon got bit of a surprise when
were joined by a baby bear. It seems that the little one had lost her
bearings as she was seen wondering around the shop over the weekend. In this video taken by customers in the store,
the furry 6-month old black cub is traipsing around the aisle of greeting cards, nappies
and mouthwash. The cub probably wasn’t out doing her weekly
shop, but she didn’t seem to bothered about being near all the customers and was enjoying
a run around the store. At one point police officers try and scoop
up their new grizzly friend in a shopping basket but she doesn’t seem to keen and scampers
off. The cub was first spotted in a hotel in Ashland
a few miles north of the Oregon-Californian boarder and apparently jumped out the window
and ran across the street into the store. Police eventually managed to catch her and
handed the baby bear to wildlife officials.

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