Cyberpunk 2077 News and Blah – Pijama Rant

Cyberpunk 2077 News and Blah – Pijama Rant

Greetings, Earthlings! Welcome to the Madqueen Show
I am your host the MadQueen. First of all, if you are here to know about
the news you better go to, I don’t know, The Triple S League because they are going to
cover the news and this video is not about the news, this video is going to revolve around
my reasons not to cover them, so yeah. Sorry, go there. This video is also intended for usual suspects The thing is, if you already noticed, I needed some days off. Apart from… Things with my personal life I won’t bore you with I was a little overworking myself I know that while I was off, there were several, let’s call it, important piece of news regarding Cyberpunk 2077 That I didn’t cover and I didn’t cover them because I didn’t want to We are now reaching E3 There’s one problem with that. We are going to find a lot of news and a lot of stuff and a lot of bullshit Some will be invented, some will be real And people just trying to attract attention to themselves using that When it’s real, I’m glad for them But the truth is there are a lot of news that I consider totally irrelevant. For instance, shortly ago it was leaked the plan of E3 Which by the way, I consider it to be totally disrespectful leak Because in the plans you could see the telephone number, the name and the email address of the person who is in charge of shipping of E3 Hello, guys. Sources are kept anonymous for a reason This guy wasn’t even the source of the leak And suddenly the whole Internet had access to the telephone number and email address of a person That just happens to work for E3, so I can only guess the amount of emails and calls he should be having for that for people that want information, for people that want to make him a joke Other news are coming and under my point of view they are not relevant at all to the game We are expecting CD Projekt to present Cyberpunk in E3 I don’t believe the size of the room that they hired to present the game has nothing to do doesn’t tell us anything about the game I don’t consider it to be relevant information. Usually when I give news, there’s one thing i like to do is give information that no one else have And at this moment everybody is talking about that, everybody have the same information, so you really don’t need me to give you the news And i rather focusing on things only I have, like… Lore videos, and talking about the artists behind Cyberpunk 2077 that is something that we are going to start talking about soon And the truth is that I believe and this is a personal belief, obviously, I don’t have any proof to support that CD Projekt will be showing something about Cyberpunk if they are going to introduce it on E3 And they are going to do it a week before E3, more or less. Why do I believe that? Because otherwise if people are not sure that Cyberpunk is going to be on E3 People may not be paying attention to that And it’s a bit weird to make a presentation of a game not putting a lot of effort in making everybody be pending of that presentation Yes, I can guess that we will see something, I don’t know, images, teaser trailer, something some days, more or less a week before E3 so they pick people attention And they keep it for E3, that’s why I believe it’s going to be closer to E3 because if they do it too soon, then people is going to have a peak of attention and then it’s going down just before E3 Under a marketing point of view is not a very smart move But anyway, as I always say, I don’t know what the people of marketing of CD Projekt have in mind, Maybe I am wrong That’s what I am expecting and if we have official information then you can be sure that we are going to be talking about that But until there’s official information or there is some piece of information that I consider relevant enough I am most probably not going to cover any other kind of news. If any, I may be with the Triple S League in their channel commenting about that Yeah, I will most probably not bother do a video by myself because, I just I may not consider it relevant as I said before And second, because I believe that there are other interesting things to talk about than, you know teasing you with info that maybe is correct or maybe not that was my cat What was I going to say? I know that we all want to know things about the game, we are waiting for it for long and well, we hope that we… We are expecting that they are going to introduce the game on E3 As you know, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to be on E3 but I will be able to be On Twitch commenting about it. Well, if they put a trailer out, you can be sure as I promised you I will be doing a reaction trailer which I’m really afraid of that because probably…
My reaction is going to be very passionate And I am not sure if I should share that I am totally positive that these people are going to think that I am exaggerating the reaction I was talking with someone about that and i said “If the trailer doesn’t make me cry, I’m not going to share my reaction to it” because looking it like “mmmm” Nah If the trailer doesn’t make me feel anything at all I’m not going to share my reaction And I’m going to be really disappointed, but I don’t think this is going to happen I trust that. I’m going to like everything about the game Well, not everything, but I’m sure I’m going to like most about the game My break is over I’m going to go back to my usual schedule Maybe is going to be interrupted because I’m not 100% well yet If you follow this channel long enough, you may know by now that every now and then I take some breaks I know that YouTube algorithm doesn’t like me doing that Because It’s supposed to reward channels that put content out everyday and punish the channels who don’t I’m sorry, Mr AI YouTube algorithm. If i need a break, I need a break. And that’s it I’m so glad that you liked my Net videos, you are going to see more from B-62 Because she’s going to be explaining all the… Meow she’s going to be explaining all the lore on the Net she doesn’t want to be in the video b-62 will be explaing all the lore of the Net and this is something that I wanted to do for long.
It took me a little to find the style that I wanted to use on my videos This is the part that I enjoy the most, doing things like that See you tomorrow. B-62 is going to explain you about Netwatch which is the megacorporation that are the cops of the Net And more content soon. And I believe that you are going to like it, I hope See you in next videos
and stay being amazing

62 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 News and Blah – Pijama Rant

  1. Great to know you're recovering now. Get well soon. 😃👍

    E3 is just next month! Absolutely cannot wait to see the first glimpse of CP2077! 🤩

  2. Just rest and take care of your body. We'll still be here after you get better.
    I think their presentation is gonna take a lot of people by susprise.

  3. You are totally correct. I have recently seen a spike in the amount of youtubers covering CP2077, ranging from crappy lore videos to any supposed leaks that may serve as clickbait. I commend you for being professional and sticking to the heart of your channel.

    Personally, I would love to see a live stream of you reacting to CDPR's presentation. We can cry together. Hopefully we get some news directly from them so you can get your healing dose of pure hype.

    Get well soon MQ and don't work too hard. Maybe Mr. Ruvver can make another greatest hits video in the meantime?

  4. justo entre a tu canal para ver si no habías subido algo nuevo y justo me llega la notificación :v

  5. I think many of us will have very passionate reactions to cyberpunk 2077 along with kingdom Hearts 3 if they announce it also.. Rest,relax and get better soon.

  6. I guess i missed it but what cyberpunk 2077 news are you referring to?!?!?! I been so wrapped up in Bethesdas hype train i wasnt paying attention to anything else.

  7. Hello again Queen, I missed you! And be careful with the NetWatch, they are dangerous, don't let them to flatline you! 🙂

  8. Oh, my poor sweet darling baby… stop what you are doing… NOW !!!
    And hop into your nice warm bed, with a warm cup tea, and don't get out of your bed until you feel well and rested.
    We can't all wait until you well rested and feeling fine… for your next great fantastic video art !!!
    With nothing more than all my love, and my strong warm arms full of kisses and hugs… I shall pray and light a candle for your swift recovery and peace of mind… my funny little honey bunny, who always make me feel happy when I feel bad or sad.

  9. Welcome back Madqueen! Good to have you back! Take all the breaks you need if you're (still) unwell or tired cos you you put in alot of effort! That being said, I Love B-62 and can't wait to get to know more about the Netwatch!

  10. We all need a break from time to time if we didn't we wouldn't be able to keep moving forward. I hope that you feel better and try not to push yourself so much.

  11. Espero te sientas mejor. Tu canal es uno de los mejores y tu anterior vídeo lo prueba. Ya quiero que llegue E3 para poder ver tu reacción de las conferencias y sobre "el gran momento". Se vienen muchas cosas emocionantes. Saludos xx

  12. All I do is listen to “Dance with The Dead” while I wait (thank you for that LOL)… and well… cry because of the lack of leaks lately… >.<‘

  13. Get well soon MadQueen, and yes, the Youtube algorithm seriously hates people not uploading, probably buries creators faster than they can say "your algorithm sucks!"

  14. Mad Queen look like you need to take a little bit more days off looking pretty tired I hope everything is going okay in your personal life keep up the good videos

  15. Mad ! Do you think the game should have parkour like running on the top on the rich building and being chase cause ur poor in the game

  16. Hey mad espero que estes bien , pienso que lo mejor en esta epoca antes del E3 es estar Stand-by y no caer en información incorrecta. Ojala tengamos Mad despues de CP 2077.. saludos

  17. At this point, be it games from CDPR or any other game developer, unless it's from their official site, assume it's fake. A month before E3 is going to be full of fake vids and info.

  18. hearing news and small stories about possible leaks and predictions are nice and all, but I really enjoy actually listening and watching your lore videos which help me build up hype in a whole different way.

  19. Take the time you need, your wellbeing is far more important that anything to do with the channel!
    Much love!

  20. Esto no tiene nada que ver con este video. hace tiempo pense que seira fantástico que Cyberpunk 2077 tuviera doblaje al español neutro, español latinoamericano; porque yo me vi todas peliculas de temática cyberpunk en ese doblaje. Ahora con lo que los españoles se andan quejando con el doblaje de Latinoamérica y eso que España es un solo pais frente a mas de 20 Países. Pues ahora quiero que Cyberpunk 2077 solo tenga doblaje latino para que aquellós que se quejan de una mamada tan bana como lo es el doblaje, ahora se traguen el doblaje de este continente asi como yo me trague el castellano en muchos Juegos. Ahora si quieres algo mas turbio, que el doblaje tenga acentos de muchos Países. Te imaginas a las black queens hablando con acento y modismo argentino? Y de paso que la lider tenga la voz de Sabrina Sabrok. Ufffffffffff ewo valdría ¡¡ORO pURO!!

  21. My Queen if you need some rest, take some rest, we still be there when you’ll comme back. : ) Take care.

  22. Hey MQ, take care of yourself please. I found your channel because of the lore. Not the game hints or leaks that everyone else covers. I come here for the art style, the lore, and the imagination you place into your channel. Keep doing what you are doing please. This is the one and only channel I am subscribed to that covers any Cyberpunk content. So you have my full attention and support. Looking forward to more from you, stay well, stay safe. And thank you for working so hard.

  23. You are the kind of person I like to hear. You tell it like it is and don't seem to like just complying with social standards and norms at least on YouTube. I have a few medical issues I deal with that make it very difficult for me to keep my channel consistent, of quality, and varied unfortunately and there have been some (even in my family) who have told me I am wasting my time and should give up. That is always discouraging. And about talking about gaming news and all that: I do wish I could delve into that as well but I would need someone else to collaborate with (a producer) to keep me on track with what is up to date because of my life challenges. That may never happen since my popularity will most likely stay low. But none-the-less I'll keep going as I originally started my channel as a "hobby" and way to record my gaming history. My channel is mostly raw game play so people see how games actually play without much editing and deception. Cyberpunk 2077 is a game I have been waiting for a long time now. I loved the Deus Ex series very much and some other Cyberpunk themed games. Doll-City VR is a game in VR that is being worked on now that I hope does well. The music and atmosphere in the game is simply captivating. Do you have thougts about non cyberpunk games like State of Decay 2? Ok enough talk. Madqueen I hope you get well soon. Keep up the great work on your channel. Glad I found you. Cheers !!!

  24. Hey Madqueen Your Health is number 1! (Long Live The Queen 😉), We will be here when you're ready, as will Cyberpunk 2077. Hope you feel better soon! 🛌🐈🦄

  25. Seriously, it's so f***ing refreshing to NOT be bombarded by non stop HYPE .
    Thanks Madqueen for continuing to share your opinions with us; take care. See you again soon.

  26. Hey when you need a break you need a break. Health first, we still appreciate you and all of your hard work on this!

  27. "If the trailer doesent make me feel anything then I'm not going to share my reaction"
    This is how ALL reaction videos should be made, I cant stand watching reaction videos when people are acting or exaggerating just for the views big respect mq. im pretty sure my view of the game will now be pretty much based on whether or not you make a reaction video to the next teaser trailer 🙂

  28. Less than 3 weeks to go! Hyped for the info that's going to come out from E3 2018 "behind-closed-doors" gameplay showcase!

  29. Latest interview with CDPR.
    CEO Kiciński said that the studio treats the addition to the gwent "Thronebreaker" as an RPG game.

    Hmm…that would be big disappointment if we found out, that actually planned role playing game on E3 will be only story for Gwent and no Cyberpunk presentation at all.

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