DAN Management gift announcement

How do you train people to be the managers and the leaders of the future? If you want to look at success in business… what is the common denominator? and that is dealing with people. do you understand the motivations of people. Do you understand how people can rise to the
occasion. When you ‘re studying at Western in the DAN management program you’re not looking at just financials or that bottom line, you’re looking
at those social elements. You’re looking at how much people matter. Is it something that I really believe in? If you’re a people oriented company, you’re
looking out for your employees, then they’re going to take care of the customers and they’re
going to take care of the bottom line and that’s one of the biggest things I learned
at Western. By giving the resources, by giving the tools
and to help the department become the best it can, I hope that will translate into the
students when they graduate to become the future leaders throughout Canada, throughout
the world. I really value having that breadth of experience
that diversity perspective and I think the DAN Management program gives us that flexibility
to really explore different aspects of business beyond what a traditional program would have
done. Look at yourself and look into your passions. It’s looking at what you love to do and those
skill sets are going to be fostered within a program like DAN Management. It isn’t just good enough to just talk about
it. It’s about doing it. It’s about making it happen and having the
drive and the fortitude of forget about what’s in my way I just either going to go over it,
around it, through it, whatever it takes to make it happen. I’ve taken some amazing classes with amazing
professors in this program and I can’t stress enough how much this program meant to me. Each year I have the privilege, the honour,
to hand out 25 scholarships, that little bit of what I call ‘the starter fuel’ to help their
individual rockets fly into space is critical. I was able to put that scholarship money towards
my initial instructor rating which got my career started. Just having someone who really believes in
us and wants to see the program succeed and continues to give back, I think that more
than anything is a big part. They come back as alumni to tell the students
“Wow, I’ve got a great job, I got married, I have a family, I want to send my kids to
the university.” I want to make a difference. If you help and pay it forward, you’re going
to get the benefit many, many more times in return. Anyone who is in school today could be the
next Mark Zuckerberg, could be the next Bill Gates. Supporting them today means supporting your
future. What you’re doing is giving them tools of
how to be the leaders and how to affect change. To think like a manager… not just an employee,
but when you think like a manager, you’re looking at the bigger picture, you’re looking
at the ramifications of what you do, the implications and the benefits. That at the end of the day is the biggest
gift that the university can give to its’ students.

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